Do you use AI chatbots (ChatGPT, Bard, etc.)?

Not to write for the forums lol although if you are one those, we can tell, trust me.

But more like for everyday use. The other day, it actually helped me write an email response for an invoice I needed to get adjusted. And while I don’t use the response word for word, it does make things easier for me since it gives me phrases I can readily insert in a sentence.

How about you?


I used ChatGPT to write a complete thesis,from the cover page to ordering the references in alphabetical order. It was amazing. I’ve written a thesis before AI bots became popular and I ccouldn’t believe how I did that. It took like a whole month then. But this I did under 48h :grinning:

Also I use ChatGPT to find the names of movies sometimes and even just chat.


I recently used it to create a complete Korean learning course. From the very beginner to advanced level. Including assessments for each section and a final assessment. I am planning to use to to create other language courses and learn them too. (ChatGPT).Also to write official letters and once I used it to write an essay, but I didn’t like the first one very much, it took me few tries to get it to where I want.

Since ChatGPT free version only have information available until 2022 January, I use Bing AI to search for any current events. Also used their image generator a few times too.

I haven’t actually used Bard till now, but have to try that too.


Ooh do you mean like when you remember a plot? What’s the use case like?

Insanely helpful. But also concerning because now idk if I’m talking to humans or chatbots lol


Did you use this for teaching or more for lesson structuring for your own use?

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My own use, I asked ChatGPT,

“For a long time I wanted to learn Korean Language, but I couldn’t find a course tailored to my own needs, Can you provide me a proper syllabus for someone who doesn’t know anything about Korean language to learn from the very beginning to expert level, please divide the lesson into main topics, and sub-topics as necessary. it would also be helpful if you can add an assignment/assessment at the end of each lesson where I can self check my answers. shall we begin?”

When I gave this, it provided me with a very comprehensive course :slightly_smiling_face:

After writing my reply yesterday, I opened a new chat on ChatGPT to learn about "FengShui too. and it provided me with another very good syllabus to learn it from the beginner stage to advance.

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That’s amazing. And then what did you do with the response? Did you copy and paste it somewhere so you can reference it?

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Yeah, Copied the responses to a word file for now, and after adjusting and some formatting hope to save it to a PDF. so it’s easy to use. Already have plans for few PDF’s like that this year :grinning:

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Yes. Sometimes I remember only parts of something I watched a long time ago, or it could be a part of a video I saw on my fb wall, I just type in every detail I remember and most of the times it gives the right movie, sometimes it provides few suggestions.

Not chatbots particularly but AI image generators like Bing AI image generator and Some of the images they provide when a descriptive explanation is given is unbelievable.

This piqued my interest to give ChatGPT a go. I will try some AI chatbots too, so far haven’t given much thought to them.

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Omg. :open_mouth: That takes a lot of balls. :sweat_smile: Hahaha. How do you make sure you don’t get found out? :open_mouth: I’m a bit of an overthinker so I don’t think I’d have the guts to try this for any formal document. :sweat_smile:

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When I’m also unsure about how to respond to emails, I sometimes use ChatGPT to sound more professional. :sweat_smile: Sometimes, I use it to also find better ways to say certain sentences I have in mind. :open_mouth: I’d admit that as a frustrated writer, I consider having ChatGPT both as a tool and a threat. :sweat_smile:

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Curious - how many pages is the doc? :open_mouth:

Okay, I will have to try this out next time I have this same conundrum. Thanks for the tip!

Ah haven’t tried this one! Will have to play around with it. Thanks!

Yup, this is exactly how I use it!

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A4 page, Font size 12, times new roman, around 100 pages, I have bit more editing to do. It may be around 120-130 in total. :innocent:

I’ve been trying to figure out how to become a millionaire using chatGPT. Not going well. But I’m learning a lot!


I used grammarly to check for plaiarism and made sure I added all in-text citations, Also sometimes I paraphrased what it gave me. No problem occured :relieved:

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I have been working with a leading ai development services company for a while and think AI can help simplify many things in life. Altogether, artificial intelligence can transform the information exchange and content generation for good. The following points can be taken as the positives.

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I find it interesting that by and large our lady members are in favour of taking up a resource designed to make their own input to society redundant - most of the degree subjects women undertake revolve around the use of words to manipulate opinions - which they admit in this thread that this AI can do better than they can - including cheating in an assignment by having the bot write a whole thesis !

We know that traditionally 'Tech is the province of somewhat autistic and rather dishevelled men with pop-bottle glasses and a lack of wordsmithing ability. - Perhaps this is the start of the “revenge of the nerds” ?

We know that AI can outperform in other largely female occupations ; teaching, medicine and law to state but a few - but all of these are currently being occupied by militant and demanding practitioners who are forever “going on strike” - Time then ladies to rethink your enthuisiastic adoption of these new programmes ? - Link is green writing


Perhaps then we shall see another interesting shift in societal demands for yet more discrimination against men to “resolve this issue” :wink:


I’m curious, what would you rather have us, “lady members” do instead?

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