Does anyone have any experience with the following brokers

Dose anyone have any experience with the following brokers:

  1. bitcoinevolution
  2. ironefx
    actually both are same but in different platforms.
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Googling bitcoin one is not showing me any answers, so I guess we will scratch that one.
Ironfx seems to be multiregulated which is good, but is it just me or the spreads looks insanely bad?

Neither one. As for my knowledge, ironfx has declare bankruptcy during the “black swan” event. Try look for others. I would suggest Pacific Union.

No wonder their website looks outdated, in term of spreads. Thanks for the headup!

Since how long have you been using them?

Do not go for any of these. There are so many other brokers out there with better market conditions and offers.

Pretty much it is confirmed that they are no longer good option.