Does anyone have something to comment on the FBS brokerage?

Be positive or negative leave your opinion, but only be sincere and do not invent something that does not proceed.

U.S. citizens cannot trade with this broker – Who can become a FBS client?

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Is it due to being from Russia?

FBS is a reliable Forex broker trusted by millions of traders around the world. The company has been in business since 2009 and our offices are open in 8 countries worldwide. They offer unique trading condition on forex trading formate. I hope this information will fulfil your need.

I had bad experiences with FBS. after 12 months of trading with FBS. When I plan to make partial withdraw they made this process very difficult and complicate for more than week I am trying without any success. I don’t recommend FBS for any one. Those who are in the state they are lucky since it’s not active there

I think that you should always look for legitimate broker. This should be starting point when choosing a broker. Then you need to see if he fits to your trading strategy in terms of services he is providing and spreads he is charging

Bad experience with scalping trading- was my first broker, started scalping strategies, Take Profit one pip. When i began to trade good, suddenly order execution lasted longer, and i always got a “strange worse price” when i closed in profit, so that i did not close in profit anymore.( I do not speak about slippage, that was not slippage)

If you plan to trade the same way- leave it!!

this’s a broker with high fee when we withdraw. that’s not good

Do you have a recommended scalping broker?

I scalp since 3 weeks at roboforex , on a real account called ECN pro, spread EUR/USD from 0,4 pip, commission 20 Bucks for 1000000 worth position, and untill now not one problem which i had with FBS, scalping Take Profit 0,5 pips worked perfect. Actually i did not request cashout because i just test the system with micro lots.
Fast order execution, good spread, no “mystical” interrutions.

They did not even give me a no deposit bonus as at the time I wanted to test their platform. They are so strict and customer service to rude.