Does anyone here pay for Tradingview Premium?

Helloooo! :open_mouth: I hope this is not a violation or anything. :sweat_smile: But, since I want to really invest more time and effort into my trading, I’m thinking of also expanding my resources and tools. :open_mouth: I’ve said a lot of times before that I used Tradingview quite a lot to check on charts and even trading ideas. :sweat_smile: So, now, I’m wondering if there’s any merit in paying for their premium subscription. :open_mouth: Are there any paying Tradingview members here? Or would you not suggest going through with this decision? :thinking: I’m just considering it but I just wanted to hear what you guys think. Thank youuuu!

If this is a violation, I’m sorry and I’m okay with the post being taken down! :pray:

I have the Essential package. I use Alerts & bar replay mostly. Enough for what I need. May need more Alerts soon.

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If you just want it for checking/practice, you can get it free, just by opening a demo account at Oanda (it’s called “advanced charting”). And those accounts never expire.


I’m quite interested in this too because I’ve also been using TradingView for chart analysis. The basic version has been helpful, but I’ve also run into the limitation of only being able to use two indicators at a time.

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I think it’s mainly about the indicators per chart and alert limits. Once you hit those, time to move up if you’re willing.

Not sure how much more of the other stuff you’re using.


I subscribed for a year in 2021 at a cost of $179. This was because I wanted to make comments on lots of charts and keep them for back reference as I was creating crypto trading plans. After the first year of subscription I found that I could annotate the charts with the unsubscribed version provided I saved the screenshot before I exited the application, so I did not renew the subscription. Those charts for back reference were useful at the time, but once I had established the trading plans for both my long term crypto holdings and for the first short term trading strategy, the actual trading results were sufficient for my needs. In 2024, my interest in new strategies continues, but I have not yet established my set of rules for my third and fourth trading strategies. They remain work in progress, and I use the screenshots for interim back records, whilst I continue to modify some of the trading rules associated with these two strategies.

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Allow me to play devil’s advocate. What if less is more? Perhaps what you need is not more tools and resources, but a deeper understanding of what you already have.


I have the Essentials plan, and like someone said it is mainly because of the number of indicators you can have on a chart (5). Also, I signed up with Oanda, and they reimbursed me 1 year of Essential subscription. So I signed up for Essentials, sent the receipt to Oanda, and they deposited the amount into my trading account. I think TW is the best product since sliced bread, so highly recommend it.

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Ooh! :open_mouth: If you don’t mind, what made you decide to get this package? :open_mouth: I’m also thinking of getting just the cheapest one, mainly so I can also get alerts and add more indicators to my chart. :open_mouth:

I got locked out of my Oanda account for a while :sweat_smile: but I created a new one recently. So I’ll go check this out soon! :blush: Thanks Jane! :smiley:

Yeah. :confused: Hopefully we get to decide by after reading through the responses. :pray: Right now, I’m still thinking we might not have to pay for it. :thinking:

Yeah. For Tradingview, I’m either just at the trade ideas section or the charts with my 2 indicators so I’m wondering if it’s worth it. :confused: I’m sure there are a lot of other cool features but I might not be able to maximize those. :open_mouth:

Thanks for this, Mondeo! :open_mouth: I’d want to say “that’s a reasonable price!” cause it’s for a year. But, for us here in the PH, that’s quite a huge sum. :confused: I’ll try to look into the monthly options, but I’m getting more and more convinced that I might not need Tradingview premium after all. :thinking:

That also makes sense. :confused: I feel like I wanted to try the “safer” route with all of the resources available to me, hoping they would give me the guidance I need. :confused:

Thanks for the reco, Dawn! :blush: It’s definitely still on the table! :smiley: I might just need to save up for it a bit longer, and get my own trading strategy and priorities straight so I can really make the most out of it once I subscribe. :smiley: Thank youuuu!

I think more resources will only bring you more confusion, not guidance.

Answer this for me, please: Why would you need more resources if you don’t have a strategy that calls for them?

I subscribe to Premium, but it’s mostly because I always renewed my Pro Plus subscription during the Black Friday deal and this last time I renewed the Premium cost the same as Pro Plus.

I don’t use enough indicators to hit the limit and even if I did I can code my own indicators to combine multiple indicators into one to stay under the limit.

My reason for keeping Premium:

  • Being able to have multiple alerts across many instruments
  • It also allows for me to generate revenue from custom coded indicators
  • Intraday bar replay mode
  • Seconds timeframes
  • Much more historical price data

If backtesting is the deal maker or breaker, you can use which is free and uses TradingView charting.

Like someone else mentioned, you probably want to get your strategy set and only pay for what you need to support your strategy.

Watching charts is free so why? They offer some features but maybe only creators like technical analysis features will find it useful

Oh that’s a great idea! Are you doing that now?