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Hi everyone, I am thinking about investing in EMT Forex, does anyone have any information on this? Good or bad. Thanks,

I have a managed account with emtforex and am having difficulty with their committment to contacting me. They have made some good trades and I have withdrawn some profit but currently they are not contacting me! They have a call options trade running at the moment that I do not totally understand and want them to give me some information on this but as of yet they havent got back to me.I am getting a little worried! I will keep you updated to what happens.

Not sure if this is going to get to you but i am having the same problem.Ars we talking about the same company? email me at <[email protected]>

My wife and I have invested our life-savings into a company going by the name of EMT trading.(WHY TRADE THE FOREX) They are foreign exchange trading company, based out of Barcelona.

A friend of mine,had heard them on the 640 am radiostation in Toronto and got called by a man named Andrew Wasserman in Florida after sending for information.
He decided to invest with them and after a short while he was up quite substantial as the British Pound got shorted and the GBP indeed fell.

Thats when we decided we needed to get in on this as well. We talked to Andrew Wasserman as well and wired our first wire on the 9th of October 2008.

Shortly after that Andrews phone got disconnected. After inquiring at the 800 number we finally got called by another man called Justin Alexander from the UK, who usually only deals with clients of $250,000 and up but due to all the turmoil had agreed “to put us under his wing” . He was apologetic and was saying how the North American office is poorly organized etc… Justin called frequently and kept us up to date.

We are able to monitor the account on-line and were getting excited about the returns to a point were we decided to another wire . The market continued to be in our favor .

On the 30 th of December we decided to cash in some of our profits for the first time. Our emails weren’t returned , nor the phone calls. We finally spoke to Justin Alexander who assured that there was no problem getting some funds returned and that we would be called by Mark Sawyer. He did call but said all our money was in a pool and that the trade would end in two weeks. Our second wire was NEVER used in the trade and he was contradicting himself on another couple of points and finally said he would be in touch on monday at 0700. It is the 20 th of January 2009 today and still no reply.
We have now retained a lawyer and will be taking additional action if they don’t comply.

Wow this is not good if it’s true.


You must very careful about the persons you put in your savings.
I suggest you to contact a lawyer now. There are very formal and legal FX brokers you could check on internet and ask for the most popular.
Tell if I could help you!

Steve Robinson
Deutsche Bank
Financial Advisor

I began trading with European Marketing Team (EMT Forex) last July 2008. I have since been passed on from person to person (FIVE people) for the entire time to date. I have seen Andrew Wasserman disappear off the face of the earth along with three other people from this company. At present I am dealing with a Justin Alexander and still it’s hit and miss with communication.

Frankly I am very worried at this point about my funds and if I will ever see them again because each time I ask for any funds it is either deflected or ignored or excuses are given why I can’t get them at this point.

Now the North American office of EMT Forex has also disappeared off the face of the earth. No longer at the address listed on their website and their phone number has also been disconnected. An answering service never seems to pass messages and if they do, EMT chooses NOT to call me back.

There has been an incredible amount of ‘cat and mouse’ runaround with these people and I would advise in NOT dealing with EMT Forex AT ALL!

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your advice and your prompt reply . I am new to this forum, so please do not take this not the wrong way but I would be glad to discuss this further but need to be careful what I disclose. I do not want to show all off my cards while this is in progress. I hope that makes sense to you. I intend to get all of my funds back and have a significant support to my aide if it does seem to be necessary.
I Would be happy to call you or leave you my phone number if you would be comfortable wit that. If not please feel free to leave an additional recommended FX lawyer. They need to be either in the US or Spain.

Best Regards,


You must very careful about the persons you put in your savings.
I suggest you to contact a lawyer now. There are very formal and legal FX brokers you could check on internet and ask for the most popular.
Tell if I could help you!

Steve Robinson
Deutsche Bank
Financial Advisor[/QUOTE]

I have a friend involved with EMT and he has made significant returns on paper. He has not yet tried to pull any funds out but he is going to today. I was about to put a large amount in with them myself until I found this forum. Now i am not so sure. Are there any legitimate Forex traders out there? I do not have the time to watch the charts all day.

Same here. On paper it looks great. Please google EMTFOREX (one word) and check for the additional information. Strongly recommend not investing with them, unless you like headaches. In addition have your friend contact me and I will be glad to give him my insight.

I have traded with emtforex and from my standpoint my account has been well managed. Any withdrawals are sent promptly and contact is regular and informative. There trades ,GBP included, are well positioned and so far so good. I would certainly recommend them to anyone wishing to trade with them.

trading with emtforex
Very interesting…
You are either a breath of fresh air or full of BS and posting this as you work for with emtforex.com europeanmarketingteam.com or emttrading.
I will IMMEDIATELY adjust my postings the moment
I receive the funds I requested since the 30 th of December,2008.
Till that time I have been forced and ready to, cover my bases, in case this turns out to be a bad day…Ball is in their court.

If Nick Carter has found nothing in the least suspicious with EMT Forex then he has either done NO investigating and snooping around or works for EMT which is what I suspect. For instance the address and local phone number on their web site under Contact. GONE !

I’m lucky if I get past the Answering Service.

I think if you look under contact that you will find that their numbers are quite clear and concise. I do not work for them and just wish to express my opinion as to my account and its subsequent handling. I have done well, as have a few of my associates. We have not encountered any of the problems you have and wish to make that very clear. It seems that yours is a single or abnormal instance.

You will notice that ALL the postings here except Nick Carter’s are complaining about the unprofessional mode of business and contact that exists with EMT Forex.
I consider myself VERY lucky if I get a response from anyone at EMT Forex.

I have been shovelled from one broker to another for 6 months now and am on my 5th person.
If Nick Carter or anyone took the time they would find the North American Office closed down and disappeared. According to property management EMT Forex left during the night and owing a LOT of money late Sep. 08’. Very professional… You will also find their local phone number disconnected. Hmmmm, another sign.

No EMT Forex employee has EVER answered the phone. Instead you will ALWAYS get an answering service. Yet another sign.
People should definitely look into this company and stand by the slogan, “Buyer Beware!” Go ahead, try the number and address in Jupiter FL. Vanished.
Sure they can play the numbers game and make gain and profit with my money. But try and get it back, that is the PROBLEM! Nick Carter should read ALL these postings and better yet contact these people before you tell me that I am an exception or an ‘abnormal’ case. Fact is that I am the norm and YOU seem to be the exception with this company.


“It seems that yours is a single or abnormal instance”?
Perhaps you haven’t read that two other people in Canada are having identical issues with EMTFOREX in addition to THREE others elsewhere.
Perhaps I should make you aware of the fact that a well known member of the EU and in addition a USA citizen was affected.
We should not have to explain to you the way jurisdictions apply when these nationalities are involved/affected in addition to advertising options trading.
Once again, I will be immediately adjusting my postings the moment I have my funds back. Starting this friday the 30th of January which is when 10% of my investment is supposed to be wired back into my account. Until then please do not continue to provoke and insult our intelligence as we from our side still have hopes of solving our disputes and continuing our relationship amicably for future trades.

I find it very insulting that you assume I work for EMT. I am client like yourself and in doing my homework came across these forums. Just because my experience differs from yours, you default to a worse case scenario,that I am a shill for them. I will help anyway I can. But understand that my issue is just seeing your issues resolved. They have done well so far and until I am dissatisfied, I will continue to post my appreciation. If you disagree, this is your perrogative. Be open-minded and I am sure this will conclude for the better.

Nick, you will be going to loose ground here very soon. Perhaps EMTForex could make an attempt in replying themselves instead of you.

The time has come to get down to the real facts:

  • The EMTwebsite is a clip-art website. Oliver Richter, who owns the domain is likely behind the site. They have been stolen from other sites. For what it matters the IP location is in Cleveland and their website is registered in Mumbai.

  • EMT left their office in Jupiter FL at the end of September in the middle of the night and they owe Adele George, the property manager, heaps of money still. There is NO office on the address anymore despite Justin Alexander, the so called broker, saying the opposite in a recent conversation with Gil Tremewan. A New Zealand citizen who has the same problems with EMTforex.

  • Emtforex is not even registered as a trading company but a management consultancy company. Mint Portal - EUROPEAN MARKETING TEAM
    or check European Marketing Team (Single location) - 900 E Indiantown Rd - Jupiter - USA - D&B - AlacraStore.com

Our request for funds has been flatly denied and slowly but surely we will expose EMT for who they are.
We are currently notifying all authorities in regards to EMT.

For those of you who have invested funds with EMTFOREX, PLEASE do your due diligence as we have, but too late it appears, as they are now saying that there is no funds left in my account today. They have done EXACTLY the same with Tim Wills from New Zealand the moment he requested funds out of his account.

All phone conversations with EMT are on mp3 format, which we started to record after the first request, to get our funds back, was ignored. It will proof that they never had any intention of returning any funds. In addition another victim in Canada has done the same.

Anyone who wishes to sent me an email with questions or assistance in our case against emtforex please sent your email to <[email protected]>. There is three other victims of this scam so far.
Our lawyer in Canada has been given all the information.
Keep you posted…

So I closed my account as per Clause C in the contract. Faxed from my bank, EMT Forex received my request to close my account and transfer the funds back. It has been well over a week now and no one has responded or gotten back to me. All e-mail responses have always been Auto-Reply. NEVER a real follow-up.

Both ‘Mark Sawyer’ and a ‘Manfred’ seem to be the people most avoiding us at the Barcelona office. Be aware that the fax number EMT Forex uses is also the same fax number for dozens and dozens of businesses and companies. I was told by 2 different people that there are 30 companies in that business centre and a receptionist told me there are 200 companies. EMT Forex is sleazy and do NOT expect a call to help you from any of these clowns.

Have you ever phoned the Jupiter office? They moved out overnight owing money. The UK office is registered to a house address. Earth Google it and see. The Barcelona office shares a fax number with 200 other companies. No wonder they lost all my paperwork requesting closure 3 weeks ago. They have all disappeared. Beware EMT Forex Scammers therwise known as European Marketing Team. S C A M