EUR / USD and the Majors in a hypothetical War Scenario WWIII

i have a question, about a war scenario !! i am totally sold on the conspiracy theory by the illuminati, NWO organizations, anti-christ,…etc

So let us say WWIII could break while Obama is in office, within the next 4 years, will that factor in rise of USD as a safety currency or the opposite as the US will lose a lot of money financing that hypothetical war ?! thanks for the insight :33::33:

Comments and ideas are welcome

You completely lost me after the first paragraph.


Okay, u’re probably not familiar with the following theory then and didn’t read about it before.

In short, there is a theory, that very powerful people control the world today and have their own agenda.

Basically those people are world bankers, like the Rothchilds and Rockefeller’s among others. They’re part of the free mason group and the agenda they try to push is a “New World Order” which is written on the dollar bill and not a secret, it is a well known fact

One world, one government.

Some go as far as saying, that the leader of this one government will be the anti-christ, and those people who control the world now are actually preparing the stage for his arrival by pushing some agendas

Some further go and say that to prepare the stage for him it’s to be through creative chaos, that Condi pushed back in the days in the middle east, pushing sex to children ( Disney movies and their hidden sexual refrences " you can google that to find out more " ) , also World War III is on the agenda, which will end by ACTUAL ALIENS according to the theory.

While i know this might sound like total nonsense to some, but if u research it and google it and read some of the evidence, u’ll find out, this is probably actually happening and is not non-sense at all, evidence is every where

the ties go very deep with such a consiperacy to include most world leaders, and hollywood actors and singers, mainly :

Obama - Beyonce - Lady Gaga - Disney - Konye West

google any of the above name together with the word “Occult” or “illuminati” … Michael Moore did pieces on that, evidence is really everywhere

and a major part of their agenda is World War III while Obama is in office !! Aliens that will come later on are basically an excuse to end the War after killing many people helping with their agenda of bringing down the world population to HALF A BILLION people instead of 7 billion within the next few hundred years !!!

The heads of this consiperacy are supposedly 13 families, which are actually direct blood lines of satan, or his fallen angels, when the story in the bible goes like the fallen angels took the form of men and mated with the women of earth back in the days, they created 13 blood lines, from them are Rockefeller’s Rothschild’s Queen Elizabeth and 10 other families ruling the world today preparing it for the anti-christ’s rule that is soon to come

After you research all this and find enough “coincidences” to think it might be true!! the question is:

If World War III were to come, how would the currency market react ?

As an example, George Bush, don’t remember senior or junior, but if u google it u will find it, was a skull member, which is a very shady occult organisation with sacrifices and everything, and his father in law was Aleister Crowly, named " the most evil man who ever lived " , occult leader, pedofile, wrote books about how to properly worship satan, this man practically raised George Bush and was like a father to him, and that is actually not a secret or some hidden info ! that is info available to whomever is interested in knowing it. A man with that mindset governed the most powerful country in the world

If you look at history, wars tend to strengthen economies afterwards. I can see WWIII happening with so much unrest in the Middle East, North Korea trialling their nuclear arsenal … the only saving grace is that the US president isn’t a nutcase loose canon so maybe we’ll be OK for the next 5 years …

i dont get it my buddy. Seems my head gonna bleed due to ur post… :slight_smile:

I think gold, silver and land will replace usd a safe haven if that happens in the near term.

By the way the Bible says that in the 7 years after antichrist emerges 1/3 of the Human population will die. And i think that is going to start in the NeXT jubilee.

I understand now when people say they stumbled into the weird part of the internet. You folks are nuts.

I will not be denying that now :18:

Yea, i think it’ll probably be bad for currencies, not sure tho how it will play out, thanks for the input about LAND, it didn’t cross my mind actually.

And yea, the way i see it, i see this starting to unveil sooner than most people think :frowning: , rough times.

A one world government equals one currency… Which means no forex trading… If you believe that’s going to happen then probably shouldn’t be wasting time learning forex trading.

Guns, ammo, food, water,and clothes would be the currencies of choice to trade in a post apocalyptic world though… Come on 1st grade doomsday prepper question right there

Interesting,… but before and during the WAR, currencies will still exist, until AFTER the war if they managed to succeed in creating a one world government, then yes, they might produce one currency then, not sure if i will be around to see that day, i don’t see them succeeding at a one world government anytime soon, however, war seems to be imminent if u chech the global news these days

But if the one government scenario happens, many suggest this one currency will be an electronic currency, in the form of credits, added to a scanable microship implanted in the web of your hands, without it ( the mark of the beast ) from the bible, no one will be able to buy or sell, there won’t even be money, only electronic money and credits and if u disobey, they shut down your chip remotely !!!

I don’t know… We are living in the most peaceful era of probably the last 5,000 years by most metrics. Hyper global news awareness is a recent development that panders to mass hysteria over the events that have occurred regularly for ages…mutual assurance of destruction will keep major conflicts largely at bay for many many years to come

Why would they go through all that trouble when everyone already has a credit card lol… 6 billion surgeries to implant a chip that would only last a few years, could be easily hacked, creates opportunity for infection… Not happening

Well, i really wish you’re right, and if you were wrong i hope non of us see that day !!

I only disagree about the peace part, i don’t see it as the most peaceful era, sure news amplifies things, but still, too many conflicts arising, the middle east is boiling now, and every other major country in the world is interested in the middle east so they will be involved one by one. Russia already sent its arsenal to Syria… not so sure about it being a peaceful era when radical islamists are taking over the middle east now as part of the creative chaos agenda

As for the chip, i agree with you that it is a pointless idea, but nevertheless, they already did it, and they already tried it, and even had the first kid injected with it in Opera. Why would they do that and spend a whole lot of money to achieve it if they thought it was that pointless ? It must serve them some purpose or they’d not have done it

There has always been turmoil there… Remember the Crusades??? About 900 years ago… Nothing new… The fewest people per capita are being killed in conflict now then at nearly anytime for thousands of years…

Governments and people spend tons of money to do pointless things all the time… There is a dog training school in California that teaches dogs to drive… It’s a safe bet to say you aren’t going to see dogs driving down the street… However successful the program is