EUR/USD dipped to 5-year lows: Time to buy?

EURUSD plunged to its lowest level since the beginning of April 2017. The currency pair hits a 5-year low of 1.0540 on Wednesday. At the time of wiring, the currency pair traded at 1.0545. The strong bearish momentum is driven by the US dollar rally.

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Buy here and in a month’s time you could look like a super-trader. Or you could have wiped out.

Right now 72% of clients with open EUR/USD positions with the same broker as me are long. But the broker also declare that 66% of their clients are losers. Does anyone agree its hard not to think it might just be the same people?


It’s the old FALSE adage

I’m going to look awfully stupid if EUR/USD hits 1.60 this time next week.


In Jan 2015 you could also say it’s historical low and… get carried by the market for 700+ pips more to the downisd :slight_smile:
If anyone would hold this 700+ pips ride, he would find himself in over two years range with only few occasions to break even… If someone endured the 700+ and crazy range for two years, he earned a prize of 1000+ pips before market took us where we are here :wink: So yeah, historical low means nothing :smiley:

For stocks it’s easier to say if price is high or low (knowing the fundamentals)
For EURUSD I have no idea if current price is low or high given the current geopolitical environment.


We are in exceptional times we all have a finger ready when peace is declared

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I agree. The well informed traders were/are short. It could reverse, but I am not at that level yet were I can call tops and bottoms without any issues. This week my long term targets have been hit. I will continue selling Eu till I see otherwise.


Looking at the weekly EUR index I would say it looks overextended, but I am not going to try to “catch a knife” as I’ve heard it put. Patience till the signs of a turnaround and an entry point. Already made money on this downtrend.


The trend is your friend.


I’ve read that for those Daily and higher time scale traders that following the 200SMA is a long term profitable signal used by financial institutions. In other words, it’s not profitable to go against the trend long term.

At the moment this pair is well below the 200 and in a bearsh trend. While the Ukraine war is ongoing, I can’t see any EUR bullish prospects.


Strong levels always provide the best investment opportunity.
The amount of news happening in the market today is off the charts and that is probably why we see what we see on the charts and what is sometimes highly questionable.
Everything looks too, too good…

It all depends on the strategy and on your amount of money you use in trading.

Two months after original post still there is no severe attack to break the downtrend.
What I see is that there was not enough power to continue the strong downtrend, but this may be just a range or distribution phase. I’m waiting to see what will happen around 1.08 and 1.035 (my market structure boundaries).

An all time low is not a strong level, it’s just a point where the fundamentals changed in the past. That means absolutely nothing for the future, and USD strength looks very likely to continue and push new lows in the coming weeks and months. More bad data from Europe this morning looks like a recession is nailed on despite what the central banks are telling us

No, don’t buy it because it’s a “5 year low” this isn’t the Bank of America stock… this is FX, we have cycles, this cycle USD is going to win, past Parity. So NO don’t buy it and hold with a stop loss of 1.033 like a tweaker In the 90s. God Bless,


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definately time to buy ,but what would you do if things dont work out as you wish?

I suppose your advice is to just hold it?

Did any of you get in a trade on this? Just wondering what you think now considering where we are today.

Why would anybody buy right now? At least wait until there’s a sign of a direction change change. You’ll guess the bottom right maybe 1% of the time

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Continuing with selling I did. This is why it is important to follow the higher timeframe trend. Trying to catch the tops and bottoms of major reversals will burn you. The biggest picture story is bearish. After price has reversed, I will look for buys.