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Eur usd will continue to fall Monday along with Eur jpy

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Ooh what makes you say this?

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My special strategy :wink:

I think we have seen a BOS on DXY and so it follows on EURUSD as well. Just seen it hit 50% retracement on the large range from low to the high of the week (so far)

Today, fiber has really mesmerized me. It was so promising that it was going to fall. With very little moves in the market and failed retracement, EUR/USD was not good for scalpers today. But hoping to see what tomorrow will bring. Did you have any experience with EUR/USD in today’s market?

Been staying away from EUR/USD lately. Will check again tomorrow though! TY for reminder.

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Hi all!
I believe we are going to see bearish waves again soon.
See my newest chart:
Bears are recharging and are about to take action!

Looks like there is another opportunity to go short on eurusd.
US elections, should the dollar strengthen again?

Hi all!
I hope you are doing well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

See my SL and TPs in the chart below.

EURUSD in the Spotlight! (H4)

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Hi @CRtrader, how do you manage your TPs? Do you set it on the position you took or you just sit watching the screen and when it reaches at your TP then you close the positions.

Let take for instance, if price hit your TP1 at 1.0212 then it start showing bullish candles at that level, do you close the position and wait for the price to start showing some bearish sign then you enter a new position aiming at TP2 1.00473?

Then you continue the same process until it hits you TP3.

I just don’t know how does this multiple level of TP works


Thank you for your interest. The take-profit lines are the areas I scale down my position. Let’s say I have a 10 lots position and the price reaches TP1 then I reduce my position to 6 lots and when it reaches TP2 I reduce my position to 2 lots.

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Thanks @CRtrader, I get it clear now.

What was the outcome of the position your took?

I had to close it when an inverted H&S was created on the M15 chart. At the moment, there are more traders betting against the dollar.

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So, when you take a position you sit there and observe if there will be no market change?

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Whenever I take a position I have to reassess the market conditions constantly; this is not a static process but an ever-changing medium and what applies to an instrument in the morning might not apply in the evening.

Ok. I think this strategy is mostly used by day traders right?

Not necessarily, swing traders have to take into account economic data and technical formations too.

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Ok @CRtrader . Thanks for the insight :beers: