EUR/USD pls help

hi just an update of the head and shoulders somewhat confirmed alongside some fundamental anayslsi of recent CPI USA and unemployment

majority was played by fundamental but head & shoulders lines up

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what would you say is the most important inflation. Trimmed inflation, median inflation or just general inflation (cpi)


What’s Bloomberg hosts talk about the most. That’s the one.

That depends on the functionality.
For general purpose, we only refers to general inflation. It’s the most used data. Others is used for statistical prediction by comparing with others data.

Initially, it was confusing🤔 even for me to understand how news affects price movements!

After studying market trends before and after the news, I learned that the market looks ahead and adjusts prices based on expectations.

If the market predicted a lower unemployment rate and higher GDP, this was already reflected in the currency pair.

When the news came out, people took their profits. It’s like the saying, “Buy on rumour, sell on news.”