EUR/USD Prediction thread

starting today, I will be posting my daily predictions and trade plans for this pair, as it is the only pair that I trade on.

I have been recently introduced to FX trading. Even I deal with EUR/USD pair only. I would to love to hear more from the experience members and gurus.

hi that good… would like to hear stories from you too for me to get ideas and possible strategies on FX tradings.

eurusd is down trend today

Long this pair lets see how it goes.

Ive grabbed about 120 pips of the last downward rally and its already giving me more downward signals. Strong resistance is forming at 1.302 and once the support is broken, Ill be in again.

I grabbed 165 pips :rolleyes:
I see strong support at 1.28 and zone to 1.29, i’m waiting some consolidation there and go short too :wink:

im put some buck in this one tonight ,
tp 1.3100

Good luck all

I’m taking profits @ 1.3087 or 1.3004. I will short this pair around those area.

i dont like this one, it is slow, but i dont mind to let it hit home’s run, it is low risk
last night i got good return on EURCHF 125 pips

how about you

Yea this pair does move pretty slow but I had a setup. I rather trade the pound. I had a usd/chf divergance on the 4hr that got stopped out but I re-entered @ 0.9772

i dont see it get weak yet, but stick with your plan

do you trade stocks too ?

No experience in stocks just currency’s. What strategy do you use?

I used Trend Line, i like something simple, it is easy to spot

what do we have tonight ?, im going long
usdjpy TP 84.20

I see, I see… I’m taking profits and shorting the euro @ 1.31. I see a confluence of resistance.

I set stopout @ even, and low TP to 1.3070

1.3070 - 1.3100 is a good zone.

the right time had come, time to short USDCHF

good luck on your USDCHF

Thanks… I’ll probably take my profits around 0.9567 but I got blown out earlier on my pound trade @ 1.57 but I re-entered @ 1.5779.

EUR/USD - I entered another position @ 1.3133 ready to drop?