EUR/USD Prediction thread

Gơod luck, i think it will hit 1.3230

Another short position @1.3282

daily is show reverting signal, if you success short, you are trying to catch the knife falling, which i mean you are short the DIP

“prediction” thread? I don’t think this is an apt name.

u don’t predict in fx. you study.

I don’t see a reverting signal. This thing blew all the technical levels I was looking at. I was looking for a AB=CD pattern playing out on the daily because AB=CD pattern on the weekly is on it’s way. After a sharp move down last week on the 4hr I was looking for a pullback this time it did not work.

Studying is totally different from trading it’s self. Studying is learning how the market moves and identifying patterns. But actual trading is all about anticipation and being prepared for what ever might happen next.

Anything gơod tonight ?

im going long UsdCad TP 9950

so the EUR/USD dropped roughly 500 pips over the course of a week and then rose 500 pips the following week. what direction do you predict this week?

i think it will rise further, but before that i’m waiting for pullback to ~1.3230 witch is 140 pips lower… so i will try to go short tomorow.

but if it breaks this big resistance at 1.3410/30 then go long…


anybody esle??? :slight_smile:

I would like to see a double top on 1hr chart @1.345 before resuming it’s overall bearish sentiment.

from what i can see, bearish is the way today.

Short @1.345 double top, bearish butterfly and 5th wolfe wave will it hold? We will see.

I’ve recently put together a couple of pages on my 10 key considerations and views for EURUSD in 2011 - in a nutshell, I’m a USD bear and EUR bull

2011 will certainly not be a bullish year for EURO but january will certainly be!!!

Bearish three drive pattern

Short @ 1.3706

Gơod luck

im going long
TP 1.3820

tonight it is hard to trade for me, im going stay away from market tonight

im out, good luck with your trade

This week is the prefect example why I don’t like trading this pair. It chops around too much. At times this pair doesn’t make sense to me. But when you catch a new trend you can hold it for a couple of weeks or so. I also shorted EUR/JPY yesterday the time cycle on that pair is way overdue.

Double top on 4hr?

EUR/USD is obvious now suffering from a drop for an adjustment wave, right now a 5 impulsive down going is on, later would be a 3 wave up, and then 5 or 3 wave down. Apparently, I can say it’ll be a 5-3-5 or a 5-3-3 standard zigzag structure in Elliott wave count.