European Football back in action!

I like watching football. I watch online that there would be no unnecessary information during the broadcast of the match. I hooked up the mag box from the Now I enjoy watching those games that I’m interested in, not that gave cable TV.
My favourites are English teams. Liverpool and Manchester City are showing a great game. You don’t have to be bored. I watched their home games. It would seem that not a big win is at stake. But we showed a great game.

Pretty cool. I have a similar box, running Android. Does yours come with a specific app that streams the games you watch? Or something you added yourself? Luckily, EPL games are shown here on cable TV very often. It’s not helping that Arsenal is moving down the table, which I think translates to less TV time. Hopefully they can sort out their issues.

New profile pic, go me! No, I’m not a die hard fan of the French Football Federation. They just decided to use the same 3 letters as me. So unoriginal!

Yup, this just happened.

3 year deal. Wow. Now, what happens to Ljungberg?

Big game today. Chelsea will be looking for a win after the loss. Arteta as well. Should be a good one!

The blunder against Chelsea needed a fitting rebuttal by the team. And what better opponent to get a win against than Man U! Great game today. Lots of positives all around. Man U didn’t play their best at all, so that definitely helped. But great signs from the team, and the first win for Arteta!

Any Leeds fans out there? You’re giving it to Arsenal through the first 30. No score just yet. Good stuff!

1-0 win. I’ll take it!

Arsenal v. Chelsea?. Who’s watching?

And what can I say about David Luiz?!?!? It’s a conspiracy!

Martinelli! This kid is only 18.

Ummm, you all are missing a crazy great game!

Man City fans, sorry for you. Bye bye CL for now. I bet you appeal and win, but still. Pretty big development.

Arsenal in for a win. Looks a bit more like the old Arsenal, at least the 2nd half of the game against Newcastle. Hopefully the W’s become a trend!

Big fan of Liverpool, both happy and sad they didn’t win to continue the streak. Arsenal knows what Watford can do all to well, so while their win was surprising, it wasn’t completely a shock. Also goes to show, if you’re having a great day, and the other team is having the exact opposite day, anything is possible!

This just in:

Decided: All events in Bavaria, Germany with over 1000 guests will be banned in the next 4 weeks. FC Bayern Munchen will therefore play their home games during that period (Chelsea, Frankfurt, potentially CL quarterfinal first leg) behind closed doors

Arsenal Man City game postponed as Arsenal players were in contact with owner of Olympiakos during Europa League match, who now has tested positive for Covid-19. He also owns Nottingham Forest. in the Championship. Craziness.

Arsenal’s coach tests positive. This will undoubtedly lead to the suspension of the season. Best wishes to all those sick.

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Euros are rescheduled to next year, June to July. Gives room to maybe finish up European domestic leagues. UEFA is giving that until the end of June. Hmmm, don’t know if that will possible given the estimates of how long the virus will be around. Hoping for the best for us all!

I just hope this crisis will end by next year.

I’m hoping for someone smart to get it right with a working vaccine. Lots of smart people around. Hopefully the one who makes the discovery isn’t focused on monetary ambitions.