EURUSD Analysis (ongoing)

im in, who else has entered?

Strange but it was a good week for the pair. :thinking:

The euro has had a strong couple of days on Thursday and Friday. It will be interesting to see how the markets open on Monday. A gap up will suggest that strength in still there.

I see it falling next week. Virus dependant though so could do anything.

Big moves and more daily cases. Sure EUR will be dropping again as these cases pick up in key areas of the mainland. USD are not ready for a breakout but hear a vaccination is soon on the cards. Hopefully will stabilise these pairs. Tradings hard enough without being at the mercy of covid19

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Good job with the switch, this pair is going to be my main focus this week so will be following closely


Coronavirus aside, technically I see this as a short this week, potential 3rd hit on trend line and still in overall down trend.

Showing signs of rejection one hour, but needs to break down a little further for confirmation


bang on!! good analysis. i am short this week also. good work.

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EUR/USD - 03/03/2020 - Sells in from the retrace yesterday, looking at 1.104 for support.

Awaiting EUR news and G7 talks.

Sticking to charts and awaiting change of pace once support levels hit.

Think we’re gonna hit more bullish momentum? :slight_smile:

I’m currently short on this pair, but keeping a close eye on it to see where we go from here.

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Hoping for more bullish momentum for sure

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EUR/USD - 06/03/2020 - NFP at 1:30pm GMT!

Buys still have it, I’m in from 1.111 can’t see much change happening soon as the bull heard seem strong.

Global equities in the toilet and coronavirus mainly to blame.

I’m sticking to the big ol’ channel and may hold buys through the NFP announcement.

How are you guys all trading? :slight_smile:

Well done Sir!

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Was a great buy after :stuck_out_tongue:

EUR/USD - 10/03/2020 - Feels like a good place to buy!

EUR news was wet flannel, and trend seems to be continuing.

Need to keep an eye on rate cuts for EUR this Thursday, though already seen a couple of rate cuts with no major affect.

USD continues to be weak, watching economic news today to see if sells arise but remaining bullish.

How you guys trading? Think we’re gonna see an end to the bull run anytime soon? :slight_smile:

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Good down move today but i want more. :smiling_imp:

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Was looking like it was heading down to the 1.12813 support level you markeked up but bounced back above the 1.13 level again now. Possibly run out of steam heding down so could be time to start planning those buys

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EUR/USD - 13/03/2020 - I’ve pretty much been selling everything all week :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of the bull run and looking for further sells.

Think a lot of people putting money into EUR due to negative interest policy from ECB.

Talks of recessions ahead, didn’t expect coronavirus to kick things off, have been moving money into indices trading the last couple of weeks and going for shorts.

Some big moves up for grabs.

How you all trading? Think talks of recession warranted? :slight_smile:


I heard prior to it all kicking off that it looked like we were ttetering on the brink of a global recession and could see the point then. Now it seems like corona is the catalyst for it. I’m still very much learning the markets and I must admit it has been ahrd the last two weeks to get a handle on some trades as even some of the technicals have been completely ignored and the market has done what it wants anyway. Or at least it has seemed that way. How have you found it as a more experienced trader?

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atleast that s how i look at the chart. cheers