EURUSD Analysis (ongoing)

Seems like it`s paused its sinking but i think next week will continue.

Yeah it’s not committal at the moment to any type of reversal and signs are still bearish

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EUR/USD - 26.02.2020 - Seems to be no signs of reversal again.

Got sells on the go.

Seems Eurozone stocks are all declining, maybe still being hit by further coronavirus news.

We’ve hit important resistance and think we may have further to go.

My MA has been hit on the chart and thinking further move downwards.

How you all trading? Think there are buys coming up? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the analysis. It’s just one big SELL. I’m hoping for reversal some point :grimacing:


You were spot on there good call

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I think it’s a pullback in price , if it moves back up a buy until it hits Resistance than wait and see how price reacts

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I think a lot of people are buddy !

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My main MAs in H4 and D1 are holding strongly, so I also tend to think that the upward pullback is about to end soon…

EDIT: Thank God my goal is to be profitable and not right every time :joy: Still, I don’t see a major change in direction…

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Heading South again soon…

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No change in general direction for now. EUR is in the toilet and the spread of CV in Europe won’t help that.

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Will be waiting for the 1.07850 level to break before taking any sells

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EUR/USD - 27.02.2020 - Some strength back for the EURO.

Switched to buys Wednesday and caught this little spike today.

Waiting for retrace and USD news then probably back on the buys.

Testing res around 1.096

Coronavirus spreading faster outside of China and first confirmed case in US today.

USD news mostly negative whilst EUR sable to positive.

Are you guys in the buys this week? How you trading? :slight_smile:


Still skeptic on a long term reversal, will wait for some significant signal in daily and weekly levels

Did you catch tonight’s move massive retrace and push up straight through the resistance levels all the way past!

Expecting a small retrace then another push, but not sure how far it will go

Can’t see it maintaining this push north…

i can’t see it maintaining that rate of reversal especially with Covid-19 getting around in Europe but if you got on that move from the bottom your laughing!

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Had a buy on this too. There was some decent movement.

It was a very impulsive move.

EMA was a buy @ 1.09344 :sunglasses: