EURUSD Analysis (ongoing)

Will placing more buys on the little pullbacks but it’s going long for a while yet. The USD get hammered in the coming weeks

Hammered by what? Risk-on sentiment?

True that, they will overtake China and Italy with the number infected soon I believe… Could be some good longs to be had

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They already passed them i think.

Can’t see anything other than a rise here…

look at that volume off the lows and the reaction and where it closed. defenetly a bullish enviroment in what i m concerned.

also daily chart confirms same massive buying off the lows, and we got into hat daily fib on low volume, no rejection whatsoever. so untill i m gonna see some nice volume coming of the highs rejecting some level my money is on longs. in fact i was long on friday but closed it cos of the possible gaps that may occur on sunday night.

4 shows a bulish engulfing bounce off of 200 ema(support in this case and 14 ema which i use as test for buyers in this case)

and the 1hr chart tells me we managed to close near high of the day on low volume which would suggest very few sellers and no profit taking as it was friday so the smart money are still holdng to those longs positions that they ve build up at around 1.70.
so untill something changes volume wise, i m long, or atleast that s how i see things for now.

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Good stuff. Gives us something to think about