EURUSD is uptrend and signal from MACD and other indicators

Hi all guys here at babypips,
I would like to share some analysis so far I have and I make profit, :slight_smile: those with EURUSD if you expect longer short term in a few days or a week, here is some info to be confirm it moving uptrend,
Or just buy and sell, as you see it fit!

Because I am new user here I can not upload more indicators picture of analysis, but this one is it all about!

Please share your comments!
Cheers all

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Now EURUDS is climbing up 1.2, any one benefit from that, as my analysis above, now it reach it peak, there will be another attempt in the next day to 1.204, and second one at 1.208, wait and see,

Please share and like I will put more analysis views how it move!


now it testing 1.204, ready to fallback to between 1.1990 and 1.9800 today close.

Sell is recommend, after it break 1.20300, it a signal guys, let enjoy, I mad 1000 points today Thank God

This is the key uptrend and signal using volume base indicator,

and as I said it fallback with the same key downtrend using volume key indicator as in picture

This is how 1 minute timeframe it look like falling back side way, and also Close price today is estimate around here

Let me know if anyone made profit from here,


Guys, after several tests, and new support level been developed and it might not be expect to fallback under 1.2, and also base on the fundamental side of UD and EU countries, it going to back uptrend, thus consider buy option at the lowest level above 1.203


Guys, just now what I told you, here it is! straight up shoot the moon baby


Hi Guys,
Has anyone been to the moon? EURUSD up to 1.206 shoot the moon baby,
Those come late, please see my analysis above,

and here how it shooting the moon, rocketing woooow, another 1500 points

Please comments or say somethings to that I can put more strategies of wining!


after testing R2 at 1.2113, now it descending back, possibly this will ran down somewhere 1.19…strong down trend, but need confirmation of breakdown support level 1.207 pivot

Enjoy more pips guys!


Guys, the EURUSD now completed it SHS, and it retracement is strongly expected downtrend, with Fibo at 61.8 at 1.1908 and can be low to 1.14

Let landing the rocket after Elon fly to the moon, Juuuuuuue
Sell is strong at the moment to get Maximum profit! let do that guys!

And do let me know if any question, and please please have some comments


Guy I told ya, early entry sell, take maximum profit, I am did make it and continue to generate more profit from the EURop landing spaceship by Elon Muk ahahahha weeeeee,
The only possible to recover this is another fund allocate from ECB, otherwise it will explode from the landing,


Nothing to say,

Good day guys

Exactly move as predicted line!

I have small money, It I have bigger budget I would entry sell 100 lot site for this, in a few days or a week you will generate 100 times profit!


The 3 Flags and White soldiers have save the day, yesterday for EURUSD,

Now it time for those who lost yesterday! as soon as you can entry is best!


Did anyone enjoy 1000 pips as my mentioned above a day ago?
If noT, now it’s time to enjoy another 1500 pips, and more!!! as following analysis. It will take sometime next week.


Hi guys,
See what going to happened


Strong sell option, only entry buy when the price breach the resistance level around 1.203, otherwise sell is the most feasible option and take profit when it arrive each Fibo level,

  1. Currently the price is formed as Shark Pattern, and already confirmed downtrend but yet to finish it down trend.
  2. the additional downtrend aim to complete the golden rectangle PHi at the 61.8 Fibo level and that were the reversal taking place, (WILL SEE), If not the trend is changing it direction.


Hi Guys,
has anyone in here trade with EURUSD got baited by the short momentum of bullish? or about to pee and poop on the pant when EURO jumping rise quickly yesterday about 200 pips in few minutes (for those entry sell)? hahaha! :rofl: if not, I really almost pee on my pant :smile: , I hold 2 position worth negative 4 pips!! and now it comeback !

But I am pretty sure, it clearly a bearish trend, and now it falling back after the big shoot yesterday around 200 pips @ 9.55 GMT MT4 time. (but total about 700 pips of the day)
Here the reasons that it will fall!

  1. in the longer hours time both RSI, SMA, MA…etc showing bearish trend and EURO hardly to recover after the strong hit and breach last week Friday and present more strong Sup side than Dem,
  2. Secondly, from the price action pattern (Cypher) the downtrend should be more, not just that length, it would be at least @ the level of 38, 50 to 61 Fibo retracement
  3. Thirdly, base only previous Cypher pattern from Jan-March (as you can see from the picture) it down even more lower to 141.4 Fibo level. If this second pattern follow the trend of the first one, we might expect the EURO fall even more lower to 1.153
  4. For now we don’t expect it to fall that low, if the trend moving as expect of this analysis to 38, or 50 or 61 Fibo level, be watch out at 61.8 level fibo this might be a strong reversal and bullish if it cannot breach that level of 1.187 or 1.186, as the pattern will trensform into another bullish 5-0 pattern golden triangle of Phi, BUT if it breach that level then we can expect 1.15
  5. Last but not least this is the big timeframe of 4 hours chart, and it consider to be more valid, the only thing is it take sometime, and that during that “take sometime” the rise and fall will be there.

Sometime SL strategy it eat up your money, imagine if you put 30 or 50 pips SL, after quick move it already take your SL, and then the price returned or fall back! and you already lost. BUT if you pretty sure with your strategy and knowing the price move, you can hold and wait!

Cheers, and please have comments and like, share to other!

1.20345 is key signal sell, when it breach that strong support! and that implication of strong downtrend

See what happened after it breached 1.20345 as mentioned above!
Let storm it guys!

EURUSD find it hard to correct back uptrend, most of yesterday the price move under 1.2025, and this is the signal of even more downtrend, while from the fundamental analysis, also EU struggling in economic, for examples during this time of the third wave C19, while US is recover back and the economic starting uptake to normal

On the other thing, the downtrend yesterday nearly or it almost complete it first level retracement @ 38.2, and yet to be finished! and possibility of 61.8 level

in the short term, bullish under 1.203 is good for those swings (I did make reasonable from that, within 60-100 pips swing). And in the long term run position downtrend is ideally!


The EURUSD almost completed the 38.2 Fibo retracement, touched 1.19865 areas and consider valid and test support areas.
Now it time for reversal, the signal will be when the price breach 1.19995 level, (Note, it will be a little bit pull back after breach and then shooting the moon bullish trend!