Experience Using Paid Educational Platforms

Hello everyone!

I’m a new trader that started learning how to trade FOREX over a month ago. So far, I’ve only traded using a demo account and have gone through the education on BabyPips.

My question:

  • have any of you guys taken any paid educational courses?
  • If so, was it worth it?
  • If it wasn’t worth it, what about it wasn’t worth it?
  • (If you don’t mind talking about it) What was the course you took?

I’m just looking to get general information on paid courses and whether they’re worth the price tag or not from your perspectives.


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hello my inexperienced friend, how are you mate

let’s go through your questions…

Hell yes… many of them
what’s your next question… was it worth it ?

let’s see

there you go… exactly

OK, no … Most were absolute and Utter EDIT: THERE WAS A RUDE WORD HERE :stuck_out_tongue: (I Removed it because the SYSTEM doesn’t like rude words hehe)

now let’s have a look at your next question

How about i say this… so as to save you a lot of time and Headache

I’ve been trading for around 8 years now, I’m very profitable, I"m financially free, i know what i’m talking about.
Long story short, you can do this 2 ways

  • Way 1, you can spend like 3 years searching from course to course to course and realize that it’s [EDIT : There was a rude word here as well that i removed.] and come back here and say OH MARTIN , YOU WERE RIGHT , but you will have spent… oh… i don’t know , like $3,000 - $30,000 figuring that out


  • Way 2. i can just tell you DON’T BOTHER WITH THEM because learning it on your own makes you a better trader.
    i can’t do anything but tell you the options… THE CHOICE IS YOURS

but if you are going to liisten

Do the Babypips Course
then Test things on Demo
Give it around a year and then go live ONLY IF YOU ARE CONSISTANT AND PROFITABLE

i don’t mind talking about it but if i put up the name it promotes the course, doesn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

[EDIT : I HAD TO REMOVE THIS PART because the system didn’t like it :stuck_out_tongue: ]
which now also means i can’t give you that list. sorry dude.


answer YES
let’s take a course that is like $5,000
is it worth it… YES


on the condition that the course teaches you to ACTUALLY TRADE PROFITABLY… yes it’s worth it .

but here’s the other catch
it takes time to do that properly, so what most of these courses do … TRUST ME ON THIS… ok
it’s quicker to turn over newbies that don’t know any better
it’s quicker to say , give us $5,000 and we’ll mentor you for a month and give you access to our platform blah blah blah

now, they will teach you to trade… (at least some of them will) BUT TO BE HONEST, the level you get is nothing better than what you get here on babypips FOR FREE
if anything THIS IS PROBABLY BETTER (babypips i mean)

if you want to look into a paid course, and i mean, like , you are hell bent on getting one hehe
[EDIT : there was a lot of good stuff here, i had to remove it because the system didn’t like it :stuck_out_tongue: ]

What you will learn in that course, you can eventually learn for free anyway
the difference is … the guy is not a[EDIT : There was a dirty word here :stuck_out_tongue ] and won’t rip you off, he’s a good guy , but i don’t think you need the course
it’s a pity i can’t actually give you his name :stuck_out_tongue: Bloody system huh oh well , it’s a necessary evil

i think you can do this on your own if you apply yourself and if you believe in yourself and are dedicated… ok
every newbie comes on and asks WHAT IS A GOOD COURSE

Mate, if you research these questions you will find that you come to the conclusion of…

does that help you answer your questions.


Thank you for your quick response! Very thorough (and witty haha). I appreciate everything you’ve said. It seems to me as if not taking a course is the way to go, although I’m slightly interested in the course you mentioned and whether it aligns with what my research has shown!

Since you have so much experience, have there been any tools you paid for (or still do) that has helped you with trading? I would love to hear about any free tools as well.

Also, have you ever tried algo or quant trading?

You know you’re a noob when you can’t figure out how to PM on BabyPips… hahahaha. I’ve been clicking on your profile and searched everywhere looking for some messaging icon and still can’t find it.

at least you know it

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see mate, i told you , “THAT THING” that i said, even though well intended and even though i’ve been hear forever and never ripped anyone off

YOU JUST GOT ME FLAGGED DUDE… :stuck_out_tongue:
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I got to read your first reply… Not sure if you were implying that you sent another reply after the first

yeah because they flagged the whole thing and i can’t even edit that big that they don’t like.

basically it was flagged because you were asking about courses and i said i know one and the guy is a good bloke, i didn’t mention the name or give a link, i just… (well i can’t say it again… can i … because if i do, i’ll get flagged)

Point was… it was innocent and not spam, but it was flagged as spam
use your imagination

anyway… all good, ill work it out with the mods

I appreciate your honesty and advice. You’re a good person (although who ever flagged you might not think it hahaha)!

thank you
the bloody SYSTEM flagged me :stuck_out_tongue:
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If you demo trade for practical experience plus learn the stuff on babypips while slowly digesting the material, you’ll know 50% of the stuff in 3 months, if you complete the course. Which would probably lead to a 50% reduction in your learning curve when you go live and reduce your cost of mistakes dramatically. If you try learning a course that will require you to pay 3000 roughly, I’d rather lose $1000 on my own mistakes then go to a course actually. 1/3 of savings and I have gained practical experience.

I have a diary where I consistently write the key points to remember for trading and will continue to do so for many years to come. You have to aim to know everything in trading and not rely too much on educational platforms, to know everything from trading by relying on educational platforms will run up to 10,000s of thousands easily.

yeah, but the catch is , i can’t tell you , can i ?
i’ll get flagged again :stuck_out_tongue:

mate honestly… you don’t need it … Really

yes there have been
they haven’t helped much

but… in saying that. i have received a lot of software THAT IS PAID SOFTWARE,
and i recieved that for free from some institutional traders because the company already paid for them

most were crap, some were good
i mean a cool one is EASY ORDER
mainly because when you place the trade it places a stop loss and take profit AT THE SAME TIME when you hit the enter button

so if your internet connection drops out

  • you either didn’t place the order
  • if you did, both stop loss and take profit are on , regardless of what happens
    that was a pretty cool one in my opinion.

but it’s not the tools mate, it’s the experience that makes you good
as well as testing and proving what works and what doesn’t

yes i have
Major Headache
i wouldn’t advise it

I used PA course of Nail Fuller and I am really frustrated on it! It didn’t work for me.

I originally learned an overall framework for trading, several years go now as I was reskilling from a previous (unrelated) career. I paid around £2000 for the course and around a further £2000 for 1-1 mentoring for 18 months or so after that. For me personally, it was the best money I have ever spent, as it gave me a passion for trading, and I have been trading profitably ever since (so by now the course is free!), but I get that they don’t suit everyone. I just liked getting all of the information in one context, the ability to ask questions, and some structured learning. The coaches I dealt with traded properly for themselves, and I saw them placing profitable trades live umpteen times, so I was convinced (and remain so) of their bona fides. A couple became friends after I had left the formal course. So for me it was life-changing, but I get that many (most?) don’t agree.

Anyway, I think even post-BP redesign you can search my old posts and find places where I have written about it at great length. You can probably also still see where some trolled me for having recommended a course! Just search on threads with titles involving ‘courses’ and similar words and you’ll likely find the posts.

Just do your own research and due diligence rather than becoming one of those who spends money quickly then complains loudly when it isn’t for them. The evidence people use to complain about courses was usually available to them before they signed up in the first place. All courses have a lot of negative press on fora so you will need really to do your research. I’m not recommending a course to anyone, just answering that it worked for me.


There a lot of really god trades here with BP, a lot of great education as well. However most Forex educational programs are BS. There instructors are usually great show and spokespersons but can you look see there lifetime win-loss ratio or edge? enen the last 1,000 trades I think not. A lot of courses have good information in them for this and that. Have you traded enough to know what type of strategy or strategies you like or want to learn?

There is a lot of good and some not so good information on YouTube. Sorting thru it may be an issue especially if time is a constraint. There are also several very good books available from traders that really do know what they are talking about.

I’m not allowed to mention the name of the fund I am getting a super education from (last time I did I got shut down for a time) because some of the mates here are a tad set in there boot strapped ways and will not take the time to sort out their issues.

I have made a few posts since then in replied to questions. I have yet to see any trader tear apart what I have posted. Because it is right on. Are their other ways certainly. But there is one fund that will teach you at your own pace and introduce you to many trading strategies so you can learn to make one of them or many your own so that you know what you’re doing with confidence so you can become a consistently profitable trader.

There is not multi contract just a small monthly cost (less than a 100 buck)that includes all a trader needs except his PC and personal internet connection. These folks have aa track respond and will back it up with cash. You show me any other company, firm, fund, brokerage house you name it that can match that. There is none.

Thanks BP for the opportunity to be a part of these forums.

Well here’s my 2 cents. Most courses and mentors are not BS; what in experienced people expect from them is BS. The short cut,instant profitability, no risk, no worry, here’s the secret weapon, one of a kind indicator/mentor/trader, never before seen whatever and one of my personal favorites, "make 10 pips a day and turn $2.00 into $2,000,000 in a year, is what’s BS and doensn’t exist.

You can learn the mechanics of trading for free by taking the baby pips course. If you don’t understand a part of the course you can come here and ask questions for free. I’m sure you can find someone who knows the mechanics of trading to message you whenever you have a question. What you can’t learn here for free is the part which makes and/or costs you money; “judgement” For judgement you need as Simon told you “1 to 1” mentoring, or you do what most do. Learn the mechanics first, practice on a demo account and then begin trading live and start down the path of forever learning how to improve judgement.

But in my opinion you will get more out of a mentor is you have a basic understanding of the mechanics of trading. Again just a thought. Good Luck

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First of all you are practicing in the demo platform only for a month. You need to practice more at least 3 to 6 months practice can make you able to walk in the forex market. Well, about your first question I am not interested to take any paid educational course. Because online has huge resources of forex education. First go for those. Than if you learn enough you can look for paid course.

@gp, I have no problem with that logic and have done many of the BP lessons and have had and still do have simulated forex trading accounts. One can take what ever time they have available to leaner the basics and climb the ladder to profitability of becoming a consistently profitable trader. Unfortunately most new traders ans many broke trades or disillusioned trades either don’t know what is available or do not have the time and many seasoned trader just want to become better traders and don’t traders or have become frustrated and need a helping hand.

Basically a mentor or mentorship program that shows many different strategies for a trader to make their own choice and make the strategy their own. Naturally this mentoring needs to also teach proper money management and trading rules that have been proven out over time. This mentoring service must also provide the necessary tools for this trader no matter what level of experience they are at to monitor the progress and succeed if that student has the fortitude to complete the program. The fund does all of that and more with dedicated instructors available to all. IS there a charge yes howbeit a very small one less than most folks spend on a dinner out. No contracts just a simple we will provide this service to you for a small nominal fee and you will be mentored at your own pace with all the support you can handle by the staff and fellow traders.

Bottom line instead of taking ten years to maybe figure it out and spend and or lose whatever amounts learning and struggling and maye putting yourself or family at risk you can do something to shorten that process and receive professional instruction from proven traders with exceptional trading records.

That to me is a win win is a proposition. Not being personal here and you can look up my sign up date. I am new to trading with about a year under my belt and in that time I also took 5 months off. But I know zip when I started now I have experienced or have been exposed to most trading strategies to formulate, test and learn how to make a successful trading plan and a successful trading strategy with about 5,000 live simulated trades. With the goal to learn how to be a consistently profitable trader. To that end I have a proven win-loss ratio of almost 80% and an expectancy of -11 cents. Am I there yet? no but I ill be when I keep applying the money management and a rules based system I have learned at my own pace and at a cost less than most folks cable TV monthly invoice.

I think it is more than an valuable service it is almost indispensable for thoses who have limited resources or simply want o be a consistently profitable trader.

Does the fund that offers this have an other motive. Yes and only if you chose to take advantage of there funded program at no cost or risk to the trader. In a few weeks I will be able to access this funded program and will do so.I know many traders and thanks to the internet world wide that have completed this program and have gone on thru the years of trading to have rather substantial incomes and consistently profitable money management professions with expectancies above $20.00 and some well above that mark. There is no rule that says how much you have to trade that’s up to you, nor is there a rule that say you must make XX or increase by XX every month but you must maintain consistently profitability as you would desire in you own personal account!

Oh BTW my plan not my strategy or goal after funding is to use the income to fund my own personal trading account with a different firm as the fund is not a brokerage house, While I am not rich I don’t need the income to live on so I can put more funds into the account monthly as well as roll the account proceeds back into the account every trading day and watch the miracle of compound interest work along with maybe a little help of 50:1 leverage (USA). Do the math it will not be a long process to a more comfortable lifestyle.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.Hope that helps answer your question.

@gp, I have no problem with that logic and have done many of the BP lessons and have had and still do have simulated forex trading accounts.
:confused: I’,\m nor auew id you’e poar