Experience with Turnkey Forex, Hankotrade, Fair Forex, CoinExx and others accepting "untouchables"

Greetings to the community.
Want to start a thread of those using offshore brokers accepting certain “untouchables”. Other threads are too big and contain too much fluff.

If you have traded on a LIVE/REAL account with any of the above brokers, please share your experiences here. If there’s a similar one not mentioned in the subject, you can mention it but let’s keep the overall list limited to 10 brokers or so.

I have been live-trading with TKF, FF, and Hanky. I like Fair Forex the best for now – quick and free deposit methods, including bank-to-bank, ECN spreads on FX, etc. But their commissions on crypto are unsustainable. Won’t be trading crypto with them.

Turnkey – has the best trading conditions at first glance, but in MT4 it often looks like SL triggers slightly sooner than it’s set. The record of the trade shows that the price reached the SL, but visually it looks very funky – compared to the others I’m using. Great commissions here on crypto, so would like to keep using them and would like for my concerns to turn out false.

Hanko has somewhat higher commissions than TKF, but if their SL ends up acting better than TKF in the long run, I’ll just pay their slightly higher commissions and stick to them.

Thant’s about it for now.

I have an experience with EagleFX and Coinexx. In short, it was going well wit Eagle Fx but suddenly I started facing latency issues with EagleFx along with some withdrawal issues, so I thought to switch my broker because I was not finding them reliable anymore.
Now, I am trading with Coinexx. They have the best trading conditions I would say. Great spreads with great services, I am quite comfortable with them.

@AnthonyBrown @sunnyTrades . I am using coinexx live. So far its been ok, however after I made my live MT5 account on their dashboard I changed its password via MT5. I figured that would be the right thing to do as you never know if they have clear text access to your password. Since then my MT5 and the account works fine. However I can no longer access the account from their dashboard. I can log in, and i can select my demo accounts, however I cannot actually select the live account with in their dashboard. I’ve tried resetting the password with in the portal to the password which i changed to, but still no luck. Working with support At the moment. Any help is appreciated

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@AnthonyBrown @sunnyTrades , my feedback on Coinexx is that their spreads are low, not as low as Darwinex or other brokers which US clients cant trade on, but they do charge comission and swap.

Turnkey, is the EXACT same price / spreads as coinexx. Ive done analysis on the spread and their data and its identical. Not much experience with them except demo account , but the prices and instruments and spreads are identical.

Fairforex, I dont know, i read alot of bad things about them on trust pilot, but dont know much about them.

AAFX, has much higher spread, but they dont charge comissioon or swap.

all and all, here is what I have read about these brokers, most people who write bad review about them are ones who blew their account and say they got scammed, however I really want review from real profitable traders who know what they are doing, but see shady ■■■■. such as:

  1. SLs not being triggered
  2. orders being closed for them
  3. **and the most important, its all fun and games until you want to withdrawal **. I have read that once you start winning and winning big, they give you the run around with withdrawals.
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Well, this happened with me as well. I was not able to access my trading account on the Portal and I checked with their support team. They created a new trading account for me and transferred my funds to it and it is working fine now. You can always check with the support team they will give you a right solution.

What an honest review from @darealjakesh Well, I have not checked Darwinex and other brokers on which US residents can’t trade on. As I am a resident of US, I have very limited options and I make sure I choose the best from what I am getting. So, if I compare the spreads of ■■■■■■■ with others, ■■■■■■■ is offering me good spreads with low commissions, not restricting any trading style and I am having no issues in withdrawals. So, that’s a win win for me. Apart from this, I have also used Turnkey’s demo, their spreads were also quite good.

I am with Coinexx and Turnkey Forex, and quite happy with both.

Coinexx has great customer support. Spreads are good, the commission structure is the best till now. The only issue with them is they don’t offer crypto trading on weekends and their website sucks.

Turnkey Forex: They are good. Spreads almost the same as Coinexx. The best thing about them is that I have never faced any slippage or latency while trading. But they also don’t offer crypto trading on weekends. Withdrawals are super fast.

FXglory: I traded for a month with them and decided to withdraw all my funds from there which in itself was not that easy.

As others have mentioned. Coinexx has super-tight spreads. I have been with the broker for some time now and never faced any major issues. Yes, their website is very slow and at times, you have to reach out to their customer service for minor issues which at times bugs me, but I tell myself every time my priority, which is me making money in trading and second safety of my funds. Coinexx has not even once rejected my withdrawal till now and that is why I will stick to them.

Yeah, I like Coinexx’ spreads. I just couldn’t live with the execution delay on MT5.

Really? I have an MT5 account with Coinexx and rarely faced any execution delay on the platform. I think you should speak to their customer support regarding this and check if it is just you facing the issue or are other traders facing the same. If it is just you, then I am assuming the problem could be fixed.

I have traded on Turnkey forex’s platform and I would recommend that.Their platform is very reliable. Their EURUSD spread is very low as compared to many brokers that I have used before. I use various indicators so that works well on their platform. I haven’t tried withdrawing as yet but I hope that works well too.

In this lot of brokers mentioned by you, I have had an account with Coinexx for quite some time now and I have had one of the most amazing trading experiences. The broker has tight commissions, especially for the major currency pairs, it is about 0.3-0.6 pips. For commission, they charged me $2/lot of forex and commodities, which worked fine for me but the best part was the execution of the trades. Maybe , it is something with their servers, it is rapid. I started with the demo account and then later shifted to the live one, and I am affirmative that, the demo account gave the same experience as the live account.

does any trade in hanko?

turnkey is not working, it was merged by coinexx.

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hankotrade, coinexx are quite similar brokers: both don’t have kyc, easy to deposit and withdraw crypto.