Experience with Turnkey Forex, Hankotrade, Fair Forex, CoinExx and others accepting "untouchables"

Greetings to the community.
Want to start a thread of those using offshore brokers accepting certain “untouchables”. Other threads are too big and contain too much fluff.

If you have traded on a LIVE/REAL account with any of the above brokers, please share your experiences here. If there’s a similar one not mentioned in the subject, you can mention it but let’s keep the overall list limited to 10 brokers or so.

I have been live-trading with TKF, FF, and Hanky. I like Fair Forex the best for now – quick and free deposit methods, including bank-to-bank, ECN spreads on FX, etc. But their commissions on crypto are unsustainable. Won’t be trading crypto with them.

Turnkey – has the best trading conditions at first glance, but in MT4 it often looks like SL triggers slightly sooner than it’s set. The record of the trade shows that the price reached the SL, but visually it looks very funky – compared to the others I’m using. Great commissions here on crypto, so would like to keep using them and would like for my concerns to turn out false.

Hanko has somewhat higher commissions than TKF, but if their SL ends up acting better than TKF in the long run, I’ll just pay their slightly higher commissions and stick to them.

Thant’s about it for now.