Fastest way to trading success is

Yes 100% get a mentor!

But, ensure they walk the walk not just talk the talk.

Many educators have large followings and polished social media. They make a huge effort if offering a simple pure price action systems to sell more subs and post luxury posts but they mostly never have REAL PROOF THEY CAN TRADE OR THEIR SYSTEM works.

100% Proof - live account statements, sharing trades in real time with all details over a prolonged period of time 12 months plus!

Definitely Not proof - forecasts (emotion plays a huge part in trading, execution is vital forecasts are useless and not proof they are trading), post trade captain hindsight videos, screen shots of profits, videos showing live trading periodically (you need to see this consistently for at least 12 months) periodic videos are cherry picked trades. funded members and trust pilot reviews, CV (worked at investment bank etc

All of the Not proof list is very famously used as proof BUT none of it helps you learn to trade and you’ll be wasting your time with these so called educators who mostly offer pure price action as a simple system because it appeals as the path of least resistance to newbies yet as simple as they say it is they mostly will never provide creditable proof.

Your fastest way to success is learning form a trader not a sales person who simply makes money from subs.

It’s common sense but people really believe what they want not the truth.

If you want to learn to fly a plane you learn from a pilot not a clown who says they’re a pilot and you would be damn sure make sure he could fly the f***ing plane!

Why people approach trading any different is beyond me.


Do you really think it’s an easy path to findout a good mentor? Most of the scam markers are selling their valuless courses by adding extra color! Bersides, if a new trader try to rely on others skill, then surely his/her manual learning process will be danger!


Yes if you look properly and do your homework.

Easy to spot. I just covered it in the post.

Just like a trainee pilot relies on an experienced pilots skill to learn to fly it’s the same for a new trader.

No it’s not the same, try and go talk to Elon Musk and convince im to teach you everything he knows about building electric cars.
Say I’ll pay you to teach me, he’ll say ok, if you pay me 10 billion dollars I’ll teach you how to build electric cars.
Or do you think he will waste 2 or 3 hours of his day to teach you for 1k or 2k.
Sucessfull traders have money, if any of them decides to teach someone it probably won’t be because of the money or that person will have deep pockets and will throw a good amount of money to convince them.
That’s how the real world works, if someone finds a mentor online there’s a 99.9999999% chance he’s a scammer.


Lolz, are you sure what you are talking about? Maybe you live in a place where tons of sucessful trainers are avbailable! But the reality is different! Most of the Forex paid courses are meaningless!


a mentor is the fastest way and theres no way to qualify them, just go through a few until you land a good one, its like finding a therapist


Tom Hougaard


No, it’s called an analogy. Your example is null and void. Elon Musk doesn’t teach. A trainee pilot will learn from a pilot trainer that can fly a plane. It’s a pretty clear example.

Free signals is great!

you simply follow their live trades over an extended period of time. Demo, then you’ll soon see if they have a profitable system.

Bit rude aren’t you.

That was the point of my post. If you really want to learn to trade, you really will need to make much more effort than replying in a forum with a defeatist attitude. You’ll have no chance as a trader with that mindset

No , it’s called reality. Sucessfull traders make money trading, traders trainee’s make money scamming people.
There is, there is, i know there is, i know, i know.
Are you going to show us where those trader’s trainee’s are? Are you going to show us a trader with a considerable track record that proves he’s been profitable for a considerable time and that’s willing to teach?
Do we have to pay you something for you to show us where they are? Are you the one that can do it? Looking for costumer’s?
I’ve seen many stories about unicorn’s in trading but haven’t got the chance to actually see one.
It’s always the going in circles conversation, i can, i know, there is, but it never gets to the part where we actually see something.
Its not hard to find a pilot trainee and actually see him flying a plane which proves he can actually do it, but it’s pretty hard to find a profitable trader that can prove to you they can actually trade.
I’ve been trading for almost 5 years and ALL the trainee’s I’ve found are scammers.


incorrect. backtesting the process yourself on a big enough sample size. thats the only way

dont worry you’re still learning as we all are. but you’re not on my level son

you are scamming yourself out of opportunities by giving into fear. the truth is you have no other choice because figuring it out yourself is a rare thing, and even if you are one of the few that can, it will take much longer than digging for a mentor and getting scammed a few times along the way.

the biggest scammer robbing you of your time and money is in the mirror

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I’m not convinced they are all scammers but I suppose it depends on your definition of what a scammer is.

For me, someone who packages, markets and sells something that is freely available elsewhere is not a scammer, that’s just business.

If a mentor sells a strategy that cannot possibly be made to work, that’s a scam.

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Sorry, and this is not personal, but i will never respect people with your way of thinking.
You say im scamming myself out of opportunities by giving into fear, or is you that is scamming yourself by giving into fear of putting in the hard work necessary to achieve your goals?

One day you will realize that you wasted time looking for a mentor, and know you have 2 choices, you either quit trading or you go and put in the hard work necessary to get there.

Working for your goals even tho it takes times it’s not a waste of time, you’re at least getting closer to where you want to get, losing some money while trying to het there is also part of the process, i see it as paying for your education and the price you have to pay to get to your goal.

Waiting to find a mentor, and getting ripped off by some of them along the way, that’s a huge waste of time and money. You might learn how to spot fake mentors, you might get really good at it, but will it serve you anything in becoming a profitable trader?


Yeah, there’s no short cut to success and people shouldn’t be pressured into thinking they won’t succeed without mentoring - that’s a classic hard-sale tactic.


No one is pressuring anyone. The pressure come from the person that wants to learn in the most efficient manner and in the shortest time scale. You can become a self taught lawyer, will likely take you 10 years or you can get educated by the right person/institution and do it in 3. There is always a choice. Trouble is, there is so much crap out there that is invalid and unproven it dominates you tube, social media and people believe what they want. You’re spot on there is no short cut. But the shortest most direct way to learn is to learn from someone who walks the walk and not just talks the talk.

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You’re right about that. I’m not on your level.

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Your definitely right about that and I agree with all of your last post. I guess there’s alot of ingrained pessimism about mentors, of which I am also guilty, but I have to admit, if I had had a truly good mentor who had the same mind-shape as me when it came to trading, perhaps I would have lost less money on the journey to becoming profitable.

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