Favorite vacation destination when you're not busy analyzing charts

What’s your favorite vacation destination when you’re not busy analyzing charts?coz I was some days off wanna know what you do?

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Ooooh. :thinking: Hmm. You should check out the beaches here in the Philippines. :smiley: They’re very beautiful. :blush: OH. Just not right now cause it’s literally 48 degree Celsius in some areas here. :sweat_smile:

I look forward to exploring Philippines someday.

Ilaje-akpoi, Nigeria; where the rivers never lacks fishes and the breeze the mints of nature. One challenge here is mosquitoes; two Egyptians couldn’t survived their bites last year and died while on treatment. If you can get your malaria vaccines, then trust me you’ll love every bits.
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Oh my goodness, you’re from the Philippines?
The best place is always on a beach.
When is the best time of year to travel there?

Take me with you. :))