FDA clears lab-grown meat for human consumption

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FDA clears lab-grown meat for human consumption

For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration has cleared lab-grown meat, created from cultured animal cells, for human consumption, the agency announced on Wednesday.

The FDA green light applies only to chicken products made by Upside Foods, a California-based company founded in 2015, though in its announcement the FDA said it is ready to work with other firms that are developing cultured animal cell food.

The agency said that it had evaluated information submitted by Upside Foods as part of a pre-market consultation, and that it had “no further questions at this time about the firm’s safety conclusion.”

The company can begin selling its product after inspection and label approval by the Department of Agriculture. Upside makes cell-cultivated meat using biopsies from living animals as well as “recently slaughtered animals who were already a part of the food system.” It expects these cells to be capable of indefinitely self-renewing, with the goal of eventually phasing out all animal components.

“Cultivated meat has never been closer to the U.S. market than it is today,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that in addition to eliminating “the need to raise and slaughter billions of animals,” cultivated meat is projected to use substantially less water and land than farmed meat, and producing meat in a controlled environment may reduce the risk of harmful bacterial contamination.

Welcome to the Future of Food

I don’t mind it but it’s so new who knows what the long-term effects are on the human body…


It’ real meat without the bone, lol

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Would love to try it for sure and see if I can even tell the difference!


Everything can be enhanced, I guess :open_mouth:

To quote the old Indian fella in "Outlaw Josey Wales"


lol good one, What will the choices be if this type of meat dominates the market / is forced on us?

"Forced "- by whom ?

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No one can force you to do anything, but most of our food will be processed in this way one day

Gravitas: Lab-grown meat debuts at Singapore diner

A restaurant in Singapore became the first to commercially serve lab-grown chicken. While the restaurant owner swears by the taste and quality, concerns remain over affordability and safety standards. WION’s Palki Sharma Upadhyay gets you the whole story.

There could be a day when you eat lab-grown meat at a restaurant because they are not required to disclose it.

How Lab-grown meat is made

After a long day, you are finally at your favorite restaurant and you order the burger you have been dreaming of the whole time. The burger is gone within minutes, or seconds depending on your appetite. You call the waiter to send compliments to the chef for that delicious burger but are surprised to learn that your burger’s meat has been grown in a laboratory. How would you feel about eating lab-grown meat? Would you even care or does this scenario not make sense because you would have understood in the first bite that you are not eating “real meat”? What is lab-grown meat, anyway?

In the same way you could be eating meat glue steaks

Chefs Are Caught Selling Fake Steak Using ‘Meat Glue’

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michael jackson popcorn leaving

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A bit like one of these - you mean ?


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Great! I can’t wait.


I also think the Titanic was a brilliant ship all the way until it sank.

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The Meat Lobby: How the Meat Industry Hides the Truth

the WHO listed one of the additives in processed meats as carcinogenic. That same additive was nearly banned in America in the 1970s – until lobbying from the meat industry discredited the scientists. We reveal how, to impede or halt regulations on certain additives, lobbyists have been working in the shadows for decades. At the heart of this strategy are the scientists who collaborate, who receive generous compensation for studies that promote meat consumption. In conjunction with this, those whose work finds health risks associated with meat are ‘shut down’.

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