Finally a site that might be helpful!

hello everyone, i am a new trader and i have been reading all around the internet trying to figure out how to break into this market. ATM i have a job and i don’t have many expenses so i’m looking to turn my money into something more. sadly i tend to spend alot i’m a huge gamer as well so more often then not i’m using the money i do have for my entertainment.

Now that i’m older (28) i feel like i need to start investing not only to make money but to save money (money i can’t just touch). so that one day i can provide for a family and have freedom doing so.

so i guess i have a few questions.

  1. what broker should i go with if i don’t have a lot of money in my pocket.

  2. what are some good ideas on strata

i don’t know… i just need some guidelines to follow. i learn by doing not by reading really. i have searched all over the internet just to find people trying to sell me things when i don’t know if it’s going to work for me in the first place.

Go through the school of pipology. After that there are many good threads to read on to sharpen the skills acquired in the school

Dear Shin, as mentioned by BobManiac - you can use I am also a beginner and doing that. Reached to high school level and find it very interesting and useful. I will instead say IT IS MUST TO READ ALL LEVELS to make yourself ready to jump in forex market.

Here is a thread with a list of what I think are the best resources on the World Wide Web. My advice would be to go through the school here on babypips then start checking out the forums. Lots of cool info to be found for free. Good luck.

I second what everyone else said in this thread, the school is the best way forward, go right from the start right to the finish and take in stuff. Alot of it will be really really hard to take in (was for me) but the best thing to do is to go away for a few hours let it sink in and then come back to it and carry on reading.

I knew nothing about trading before i read this course but since getting to high school level i have successfully made some profitable trades on demo

Thanks guys just got home from work, after some sleep i think i shall do what was said :slight_smile: i’m hoping to see a bright future as a home trader.

  1. You can choose any broker which offer macro trading account or less initial deposit.
  2. Visit Babypips School as you are new in trading.

I like Oanda as a broker because they not only allow small deposits, but also offer nano lots, which can allow you to manage risk properly with a small account. Keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to learn completely for free. If you are serious, you will have to pay for some quality education and see what works for you.

I think may brokers have micro account which you can choose as you start from small amount of money.

My broker hotforex also offer such kind account.

I wouldnt say thats entirely true mate, there is so many free resources on the web. Webinars are good but far to expensive for the newbie