Finish This Sentence: “You Know You’ve Successfully Learned How to Trade When ______.”

If you’ve been trading for a while now, this is probably something you can answer. And if you’re just starting to learn how to trade, the answers might be something you want to pay attention to!

“You Know You’ve Successfully Learned How to Trade When ______.”



your margin is steadily increasing over six months.

Then again, how do you define ¨successfully¨? What if you break your strategy but get small profits steadily?

Do you want to be right or make money?

My question is hypothetical, I mean, if you’re constantly breaking your strategy you’re probably not likely to steadily make profits anyway.

The ideal answer for me is when ¨you can follow your strategy, AND your margin is steadily increasing.¨



…it just doesn’t matter that you don’t have a trade open.


…when you consistently trade everyday.

I can enjoy other things in my life without any fear or pain at missing out.


When I can pass my account to a pro trader to manage.



… you’ve blown at least 5 accounts


When you have a working trading plan which you follow at all times, adheres to your risk management criteria and you’re consistently profitable.


When a setup just doesnt matter untill it has fulfilled all requirements.

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You keep your emotions in check all the time. Strategies can be taught or learned within a Month, Emotional intelligence is 10% taught 90% self-learned. The time scale to master Emotional intelligence varies significantly from person to person, it is personal trait kind of a thing.
Others will take a very short period of time other months even years.


Your Real Account balance looks like your Demo Account balance.
Constant Learning…Consistent Earning.

You’ve eventually managed to make money even when the price has not gone the way you were hoping.


when you’re consistent with your trades and aren’t emotional but follow your trading plan, on a consistent basis of course

nothing beats consistency for me

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Minimizing loss and constantly making profits.

you start earn money

You start making consistent profits.

I research the trade and develop strategies, I feel safe in my trade, I want to thank you for all the customer service you taught me

you develop confidence to leave your full time job and become full time trader.

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