First Priority in Trading

What is your first priority in trading? :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

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to be able to trade again tomorrow just as i did today - i.e. by having avoided any disasters or serious accidents (unless it’s Thursday today, of course, in which case i wouldn’t normally bother, the next day)

what’s yours?

Patient mindset

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Choose today’s products and setting up today´s match(es) is my first priority i will say and for that i need a my coffee :laughing: :sweat_smile:

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Don’t loose all funds on account

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Protect capital by managing risk.

the first step should not be emotional at all , beginners always try to make money from trading without zero learning but this is a insane mentality and no way to implement at all. they should learn first of all market basic principles and others issue , otherwise the result of trading can be useless.

trade without leverage at the first stage of trading

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so many important things there are but according to my trading experience i think money management is too much important, otherwise no way to survive with successfully.

agree , but if you are a new in trading and zero knowledge and experience almost , that will be a difficult situation to make a money management.

Learn how not to lose money

I know this will upset a lot of my “friends” on here but for me the first priority in trading is to WIN EVERY TRADE. I have slightly modified my mindset somewhat, however, because I have learned by experience that at times you have to give up 2 in order to get 6. One of these days though I really will have to get up off my lazy ass and organize for my strategy to be made into an EA.

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Preserving capital is my top priority in trading. Managing risk and maintaining discipline are crucial to ensure long-term success and avoid significant losses.

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My top priority is making sure that I trade with regulated trusted broker that won’t scam me once upon a time. It’s because I trade with low leverage and hence to earn decent money I had to make substantial deposit.

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that is okay and before choosing a broker it is more appropriate to check reviews from FPA.

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Do not get nervous or sad when you lose.


Not investing money that you can not afford to lose , that is a part of risk management.


For me, it’s having a solid reason before I even think about jumping into a trade. You know what they say, “Plan your trade, and trade your plan!” I believe in thoroughly backtesting my strategies to ensure I’ve got a statistical edge. This where I learn to properly implement backtesting in TradingView.

And I believe having a well-defined trading plan with clear entry and exit criteria based on solid analysis is essential before engaging in any trade.

I give priority to my mindset because I don’t want to trade Forex with upset mindset as it leads to losses.