For those who have mentors, how did you find them?

Helloooo. :blush: I’ve been reading and replying to posts on one of my threads, and I just noticed that a lot of them talked about having mentors and all. :open_mouth: I’ve always been for self-learning, especially because there are a lot of scamming “mentors” out there. :open_mouth: Now, I’m curious. For those who do have trustworthy mentors, how did you find them? :thinking:


i dont have any Mentor but i believe the importance of that. right now in online so many Mentors are available and most of them are found to be scams.

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This is something I’ve looked into and can be very costly.

I think a lot of the information is out there for free. I feel mentors are just there for motivation more than anything

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I think its incredible if any new trader believes they need a paid mentor in order to learn how to trade. All the information concerning trading is out there in the public domain for free. with a demo account you can trial as many techniques as you wish at no cost and no risk.

But most importantly, if a trading technique or strategy is so complicated that it needs a mentor looking over your shoulder to make it work, then its not for newbies anyway.


thanks for your nice reply

I find that when learning new skills it is best to learn from someone who knows what they are doing, and then adapt it to suit myself when I know what i am doing works. :relaxed:

This is the reason I was about to ask the same question as you did.
Has anyone here had any good experience with these programs?
I have been looking at:

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Rather than searching for a mentor online, try to look for someone in your connections. Ask your friends and famly.My friend’s dad is a forex trader. So whenever he has time I ask a few things from him.

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its okay . we basically think Mentor is needed for only beginners level but this is not true , we all have to make sure a real Mentor even for successful traders , otherwise success will not stay . but Good Mentor are expensive and rarely to maintain for a long time.

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Although mentoring can skyrocket your learning process, finding a good mentor is not an easy task. So meanwhile, learn from wherever you can. All the trading information is available online. You just need to pick the right one and begin trading.

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During my self-studies I came across a youtuber from my country who also had a free telegram group. I joined the group and was able to see how he trades and so on. Then I saw a post that he had a few mentoring spots open. At first I hesitated because of the costs, but then I thought that you need to take risks sometimes. Now I’m really glad I did it.

It’s something special to learn from a person that already has a lot of knowledge and can shorten your own learning curve. In addition the mentoring and teachings are customised to your own level, if you have questions you get answers… It is right that all knowledge is already out there for free, but you have to find the right one first, then understand it by yourself, apply it and have to do everything on your own.

A mentor takes you by your hand, guides you and also takes note of your worries and how your feeling.

There are a lot of scammers out there, but if you ever get the chance to meet a trustworthy mentor, take it.


By trial and error. Also part of taking calculated risks. What I did was study the material that I found here and there. Then study the charts of these ‘‘mentors’’. Eventually I noticed the truth in their charts and that is how I got hooked to study what they teach.

Just like trading itself it is a matter of risk, studying and experience.

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Mine was pretty easy, he has always been a friend but I wasn’t really buying into the forex till he literally convinced me and automatically became my mentor lol

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Took a LOT of searching and using crap mentors.

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Don’t worry. You’ll get somebody messaging you soon here. :joy:

But seriously. There’s so many people here. Ask all the questions you need! Probably not the answer you wanted to hear.

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You are your own mentor here! Take slow steps. And mentors can only guide you. You have to do trading on your own. The community has some good traders. If you have any doubts, you just need to post it

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In the beginning, I too wanted a forex mentor but couldn’t find one and so, took up self-learning. It went well and in some time, I didn’t even feel the need for a mentor, maybe because babypips helped me with all the information I needed.

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As they say, you don’t find a forex mentor, they find you. Scammers will message you once they know that you are looking for a mentor. Try not to believe everything they say. Learn on your own to make a difference.

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That’s also why I’ve been a little worried when newbies talk about their mentors. :confused: But of course, I know there are also some legit ones out there. :open_mouth:

I haven’t actually looked into the costs. :thinking: How much would you say is the average charge of typical mentors out there? :open_mouth: I’m just very curious, but I don’t plan on actually getting one for myself. :sweat_smile:

I am always curious to know where would you be able to find the mentors, I am guessing on facebook or instagram, but I wouldn’t be sure about that.