Forex broker with Lowest Spread

Hello colleagues, I need helping finding the Lowest Spread for the Pair AUDUSD. We are working on a trade system that requires low spread, especially for this pair, but so far I have not seen anything satisfying.

I checked Oanda, what I saw was an average spread of 1.3 on 5 digit quote. I don’t know if this includes commission or not, but it is too high.

Exness has a minimum commission of 0.5 for this pair; this is just minimum, I wonder what the average spread is. Then what is the commission like. I already registered here to find at, but please fill me in if you trade with exness.

Hotforex has average spread 0.8 and a commission structure of 0.8 per round turn. This is still too high, unless there are other account types and plans with lower spread and commission on their platform. I I need help with this too.

Profiforex has an average spread of 0.6 for AUDUSD and a commission of 0.3 per round turn, and there is a 0.1 pip rebate for each trade, which lowers the spread further. This is a good deal, but for this pair, it just won’t work. I have made 4 trades here, great platform, but broker says that is the best they’ve got.

Is there no way to get a 0.2 spread for AUDUSD? Please help me find a broker with spread as low as that.

There is no such thing as a 0.2 spread for AUDUSD.You had better go with the best deal of 0.6 and less commission. Unless you don’t know what you are doing

JustForex has floating spreads from 0 pips on ECN account. The average spread for AUDUSD is 0.75. Is it low enough?

Jonmie, please ignore this
Find yourself a reputable broker who are regulated in your own country, not some cowboys based in Belize
It doesn’t matter how low the spread is when you cant withdraw your money

You are probably right. Profiforex? hmmm… I did not have any isses with my first trades though, but was hoping to find lower spreads. I looked hard, 0.6 seems to be the lowest average spread so far. why do the small brokers get to offer the lowest spreads anyway?

Thanks for the advice. If the broker allows me to withdraw all the time, I’ll probably stay with it. Forex is “No risk no reward”. Low spread is very beneficial for my short small trades…

Will be very fair to say that I have traded very minimum on AU, as my major focus is on EU, GU, UJ and EJ. However, I believe you should check Octafx – Real-time Live Quotes – OctaFX here is the page where you can check the spread – I am not sure if the link is allowed or not but still I have added it, but if this is against the rules then please remove the link …. Hope it helps…

Lowest spread is not always best. Stability of the broker is much more important on the long term.
We need to know that a broker is financially sound, is regulated, and is fair with clients.
So often the low spread brokers cheat the traders by using software to alter the trades…

Do your diligence before making broker decisions!

Really? Have you seen such software or have you been cheated with such? If you open a trade at a particular price, and your trade was closed at another price, am sure you can calculate your profit or loss, does the software block your brain from calculating how much you made or lost? It is hard for a broker to cheat people, even slippage is a normal thing with all brokers, especially the larger platforms. And if a broker cheats you, it is easy to get data from mt4 or whatever platform you use.

So coming up with the idea of a scam bot is a propaganda promoted by whom I don’t know. DONT BELIEVE everything you read. Here is a quote from digitalforum:

There are so many fake and false reviews on the Internet even scam reports that are faked by competitors and con’s themself that you want to make your own picture of a service… you need to validate the reviews you find and read and see the case from both sides…

Most of the bad reviews we read about brokers are without proof. If a trader is serious about having his scam claim resolved, he will come up with hard evidence to support his claim. Where is the screenshot of his account with the broker, screenshot of affected trade, or even myfxbook account for all to see.

Forexpeacearmy is full of biased reviews, good and bad. All fake reviews and not worth following anymore. I just do my due diligence by checking how long the broker had been and deposit 1 or 2 dollars to test the platform (But this done only after narrowing out the list to one or two best).

Stop spread what you don’t have proof of and don’t know.

Actually, I will be VERY honest, it is not incorrect what he said but what he mentioned was INCORRECT, it’s rarely about software that you see scamming happening; it’s more about other stuff. However, it is sad yet truth that often there is too much unnecessary praise for any certain broker while often too much hate for others. But, be fair with yourself too that if you completely listen to anyone in real or online, it’s not going to be good. Outside the family, it’s not too many people you should trust especially online; you should always test it out yourself!

Freshforex got zero spread, so it can’t get lower than this. But, there is commission but the question was just about spread only so I am just talking about that only…

The commission for even EURUSD is $6.52 and AUDUSD is $6.64 in square, which means I would pay this amount twice. Zero Spread indeed. If a broker is not taking money from spread, they are taking money from commission, but this is outrageous commission. Thanks, but I’ll pass

Zero spread basically means broker takes spread risks onto themselves which is very unusual and odd practice considering that during abnormal market conditions it can widen to 2-3 figures size. Do you think revenue from those clients can cover spread costs (which can be really large especially during news trading)? Providing zero spread account to clients means they make market for traders what is not a very good sign if you want to play serious game with them. As for me I prefer to trade with raw spreads + small commission with Tickmill, execution is good so far, although it’s been only a year I trade with them.

We the traders who are particularly scalpers have to choose the broker which does not restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. As a scalper from my first day of trading I have been using AAFX Trading which is regulated and permits scalping including lowest trading spreads devoid of any restrictions. So, my trading life is very much comfortable.

Yes, zero spread doesn’t sound good. No genuine and trustworthy broker will offer this. Only a market maker type of broker can afford such practice. What’s the point of zero spread if the commission is too high and the broker has conflict of interest with its clients? Better to choose a well regulated broker, DMA if possible with core spreads.

Yeah I found something like that on Hotforex on Tickmill they both offer raw spreads, although commissions are slightly different (hotforex charges higher). But we all know trading costs matter a lot but sometimes its a place where you can find an edge in execution speed, or other trading features, so its a kind of one-side conclusion when you talk about how cheap is broker.

I am forced to agree with you. Brokers that offer accounts with Zero Spreads can be quite tricky. new traders who have not gained enough experience should stay clear.

Yeah they’d better to start practicing on micro accounts. At the onset of my trading career my second platform after demo was micro account with lot size capped at 10 lots.

The problem is people are mad talking about zero spread, I mean there is NO SUCH thing. Do you think zero spread means we trade for FREE? 100% not! If there is zero spread then there is certainly commission along with it, so please explain anyone who feels happy with zero spread that what’s the difference?

If you eventually paying something then what’s the drama over zero spread. I am with Octafx where they have LOW spread not ZERO spread, so I am paying MUCH LESSER than people working with ZERO SPREAD brokers. However, I only am talking from my point of view with no intention of having dart at anyone.

like to know which account you are using? I think there are different types of account here with different spreads. So I don’t know if you know but there is zero spread account present here too where you will pay commission just like other brokers. I use cTrader account where it’s zero spread with commission; I am absolutely fine with it because it’s within manageable range, at least for me personally.

what is the amount of commission you pay to trade zero spread for Major pairs?