Forex challenge starting with 4 EUR

Hello traders and traders to be,

In my trading journey I have motivated and helped traders to be part of the succes story of forex. One thing I noticed is the fear of not having enough money to start a forex business. With my youtube channel I will proof to all of you a few euro’s/usd/or whatever is enough to start trading. COMPOUND COMPOUND COMPOUND

I upload every day I take a trade. Analysis will be given as well starting 20-4-21!

I hope you will be inspired by these. Be blessed.

Apparently I can not post my Youtube link here. Look up Forex Identity on Youtube for the challenge and analyses. Check out my Instagram as well: forex_identity ( has Youtube link )

15-4-21 ( Hit BE )

I should have taken these TP as daytrades, but tried to swing it. Hit BE, which was a waste.

19-4-21 ( 23,7% gain )


EURCHF Challenge day 3

Very inspirational journey. Thanks for sharing with us.

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I am very happy to hear to this. Thank you!

USDCAD Challenge day 3


USDCAD Closed live


Challenge day 4 video is online!

  1. USDMXN break even
  2. AUDNZD take profit

EURJPY ( my main account )
H4 channel

GBPCHF short day trade went even lower than my TP

Challenge day 5 27-4-21 loss day

Challenge day 6

  1. GBPAUD take profit
  2. AUDUSD stop loss

Did your 4 Euro account survive or crash yet?

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As you can see in the videos, it is compounding with profit :wink:
Slowly, but steady

Maybe I don’t know how to navigate, but all I see is static images, not videos. Can anyone else see videos?

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Aah yes this is true. Let me try again. If the link/video gets deleted, please search Forex Identity on Youtube or go to the link on my Instagram @forex_identity. I also have explanations and journals on my channel you can backtest.

If this plays out well, it will be a good growth in this challenge. It is one of the possible, my most preferred, scenarios

NZDUSD Forecast in detail!

I can see the vids now. If I zoom in to 150% I can see the text you are typing. Nice background music. Great reporting, thanks.

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Thank you as well. Would you prefer if I zoom more in in the videos, when I type and analyse?