Forex Ebooks

I’m have been learning about the FX for about 1/2 a year now, and I have ran across some ebooks, this site is where I started learing about the forex market. Thought I would share them with you guys, figured someone might be interested in some.

Thanks for the list.

It’s always good to find new books.

Knowledge is power, right?


Here is a better look at the ebooks

:eek::eek:That’s alot of ebooks! You read all of them yet!?:eek:

of course :smiley:


maybe not ALL of them…

If I read that many book I’ll go crazy…

When I get the chance I’ll like to find them and scheme through them though, there’s always something one can learn…

I found most of them a only a few weeks ago and only have read a few. I just got them all, just in case if I wanted to check them out in the future.

thanks for sending the book :slight_smile:


2 minutes must be a darn scalper… I guess it’s good to have deep pockets…

I sent it to your email

am interested in:
trading GBPJPY,
make the trend your friend,
the new science of technical analysis - De mark
currency forecasting - Merill Lynch

please send 'em to <[email protected]>


am not scalper at all , i use 4hr and daily time frames :wink:


Please could you send the ones that you think a beginner should start off with to nmartin178[at]

Thanks a lot


I just sent them to you Blackpip :slight_smile:

It all depends on what your looking for. . .

Just look at the list and see if there are any titles that stand out, something you would want to read.

Hey blackpip. My connection isn’t that strong right now, I will have to send them to you in the morning. Sorry for the delay.

I appreciate man, hope to get it soon

Maybe it would be easier to tell us where you got these books and we could just go get them.I mean if you just got them from one place you know?

I did get the all from one place, but the link doesn’t work anymore. When I ran across them I knew it would be a good idea to download them all, just in case if that did happen. Good thing I did :smiley:

I figured because It did not seem like all those books were free (as a matter of fact, they are not)

I recognize some of them and do not like them because they are these so called forex gurus who really don’t want to teach you all they know but make you dependent on them.

How can one contact you texpip…