Forex Samurai Robot 2013

hello traders

I found pretty good EA - Forex Samurai Robot(2013). Looks like perfect tool. I tried it out on my account few days ago - really glad. 7 wins in 10(EUR/USD).

Does any one use it? Any results?


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Great job, thanks for sharing

Got my 1st PIPs :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I got 2018 year version after one year gap in trading. Since 2 weeks I got 6 trades. Almost 1 trade in 2 days normally. I will upload one month recorded data here…
Was surprised to see such an old topic.

can’t attach the picture and link, since about a month around +250 Pips… not bad at all, but will see how it goes…

since August to September - only 95 Pips… quite slow, but keep going. This time I decided to change
some sets based on my own view as well as ask team to add new option (avoid trading on Monday and Friday - not full time, but at least a hald). I made a huge analytics and found that most of the time losses happend on Mondays…

I will keep share details, use latest version (2018).

Hi all,

have been off for a while… started again with same old things… + few new ones for manual trading. At the final, setted up Samurai robot 2019 version on my VPS (actually, totally avoid vps now - just bought very simple pc and keep it on balcony).

Cross my fingers and waiting for results. Will post it here, maybe somebody will find it useful. Topic is quite old, I will keep it update :slight_smile:


slowly… but 2 trades done with light profit (both by trailing SL) and one is running… will upload results next week (clear 1 week).

Hey all,

my own vps was a bad choice :slight_smile: after 1 week of 24h activity - pc was quite hot and I decided to off it and avoid using while I’m out.

Anyway, here is few feedbacks on samurai, that I found on another source.

One month made lite profit, but it’s still doesnt loss anything - which is very good for any free EA :slight_smile:

Doesn any one can recommend me cheap VPS? I want to use it for testing mainly, not serious trading… and actually, need something cheap and good :slight_smile:
Any idea?

eh, looks like VPS are quite common or not popular…

still searching for a good one with low price

Find good vps, if anyone needs - will share a link in direct message


since this topic made a long time ago - did you find Samurai as useful tool and how long did you use it? Let me know, please… answer here or DM.

can you give us link where to get Forex Samurai robot?

Doing some looking around on the FXSR bot, what bothers me, there is NO INFO on the developer or the software for that matter.

Where security protocols are they using?
How often is the software updated?
What, if any, security holes does it open up into my FX Account?
When I see FREE BOTS, I cannot help but wonder if they are scrapping FREE PIP’s off my wins?

Be careful with free toys that make you money!

hello is it a free EA? can you please share the link?


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I’m using it now, looks not bad. Start my FX again since January.
It done 2 trades, but I was active only for few days… now will be
active longer.

You can simply google it, search fx samurai robot. I don’t remember
the sourcesamurai

Forgot to add - I have downloaded 2019 version, which is available

Can you share me the EA ROBOT

Hi Donald,

I have it on office computer. You can simple google it… forex samurai robot. I have downloaded 2020 version few days ago. Not sure, seems to me very similar - maybe some updates due MT4 upgrades.


Little update: samurai was updated. It got close on opposite signal option, lot2x (increase lot after loss trade) and few more options. Sounds good and still free