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So guys after using a couple of trade managers I was trying out the one at [Removed for forums policy violation]. I am going to detail all the pros and cons so that you can have a better understanding of it.
You can control trades on multiple MetaTrader platforms with the software.
There Is an option to control risk using fixed lots of risk management function
The best part is that it is possible to create custom shortcuts and use specific risk management for a symbol
You can witness the bid and asking price within the software so no need to peek at the MT 4. This can reduce latency for scalpers
The interface can be improved. I hope they manage to make it more user-friendly in the future.
Overall the product is quite good and I believe it can help many of you guys. You can get the demo version before purchasing it to try it out. I hope my review helps you guys.


Pls tell more about risk calculation. Is it manual?

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nope it is automatic. you have to enter the risk percentage and the software will calculate it automatically.

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yeap but the pro one has more features…there is also a free demo that you can use as you like

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This software has already been discussed here
FREE tool for MT4 users

Wow, thanks for sharing, a fascinating tool!

Close all loss or profitable orders with one click - features that speed up my trading process!

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