Forexhub six week course

Hi all, I’m very new to this but something I have always wanted to learn more about.
A James Watts Advert crossed my social media with a 6 week course £300 odd I think. Is this a scam- so much conflicting info.

Thanks all.

I have no experience with this course, you can take it but also you can learn Forex without spending any penny on paid courses and learn free like you can go babypips school and learn Forex.

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you can learn about the trading without paying anything and you can practice in demo account

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Never heard of it.

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Hundreds of courses out there. Very few if any are any good.

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The Baby Pip course is as good and free, once complete make a simple business plan and stick to it , there is no magic pill in trading and if there was it is discipline to follow your rules. If looking to pay for education look at a mentor rather than a course , much better in the long run. First though get a basic education from that is free then decide

Finish the course here and then see if anybody else is offering something relevant in addition. Why go for a paid course when so much information is freely available?

Please tell me you haven’t given that muppet any money. I’ve done a bit of research on him and he is a scam artist, along with Dan Legg and Ashley Richards. The only wealth he has is from taking other peoples money. There is a website here Forex Crypt that I stumbled across which has information on his scam ring along with information about other scammers. Stay well clear from him and any Instagram traders.

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LordJohn is correct, check out this post too

Thanks to everyone. Being new and somewhat naive I knew forex itself wasn’t the ‘scam’ and knew there was one but couldn’t pinpoint where because of all the positive endorsements of these types of sales pitches, I started checking out the ‘buy our course and get rich’ type ads.
I really do appreciate the time you all take to reply, read and impart knowledge.
Thanks again.

Basically you have to use a bit of common sense with adverts like these. Scammers tend to make three types of advert.

  1. They sell software systems to do automated trading. Being that it costs banks hundreds of thousands possibly into the millions of pounds to develop their systems it is highly dubious that the £350 system being advertised to beat/predict the system is legit and anyone selling them is either talking out their arse or a lot smarter than the banks and there are not many people smarter than the banks when it comes to finance.

  2. They say they can turn a £350 investment into thousands within weeks is again talking out of there arse as those type of returns just aren’t realisticaly attainable without being leveraged so high that your account gets wiped with a bad trade. That’s akin to making £1k-2k a week. You need to be a really really good trader with i’d hazard a guess £50k+ in your account.

  3. They offer training and sell signals, the training I’m going to say they copy and paste from this site and then bastardise it a little and the signals that they give are what you will learn from reading the candlesticks and learning about trends.

Forex is not a get rich quick and if you look at it as though it is then you’re going to lose a lot of money a lot of the time either through bad trades or from scams and may as well flush your money down the toilet. It’s not a race and you really do need to study and practice on a demo account, then when you think you’re ready study and practice some more. Sorry if it sounds like I have given you a lecture but sometimes a lecture is needed to snap someone away from the dream of the Ferrari in the driveway next year from all the fx gains. If anyone has trader in their Instagram bio too then they’re a scammer too. Just go ahead and swerve past those fake ass mofos. #instatraders can’t trade for ■■■■.

Thank you. Certainly not starting this as a get rich scheme. More a steep learning curve of discovery…
From acorns… maybe…

James Watts - The Forex Hub sells sham forex courses - he is an internet marketer/scammer from southampton UK - I had his ‘colleague’ Ashley Richards taken down by the BBC.

Bottom line you are not going to make money retail trading forex - don’t bother trying.

There are a lot of so called experts out there. Almost all of them are marketing and advertising geniuses but don’t have any proven professional forex trading career history. Always do your research before signing up for such courses. Most of them won’t teach anything about fundamentally how the market works and is driven by the Central Banks, Geopolitical News and Macroeconomic Data. Make sure any forex educator you choose has first hand knowledge and teaches technical and fundamental.