ForexMATA, My Unique Signal System

Hi all,
In short I want to share the predictions/projections which my unique system ForexMATA generates for different forex pairs. ForexMATA or MATA is a tool/software/indicator to analyze the market and find buying and selling opportunities. It uses a totally new concept of technical analysis. Will tell you more about it in my next post…

Here is my first prediction to start with…first see how it will do then I will continue the story of ForexMATA…

Cool so how does it work?

Can you elaborate this system a bit ? Thanks

To be able to analyze the market technically, it needs years of experience and knowledge of technical tools or indicators with no guarantee to be successful at the end. Moreover most of the traders are not able to  expertise all of the  available indicators or tools. Mostly different indicators or tools may have different price indications/projections for the same market at the same time. It makes the technical analysis even more complex because a particular indicator may not be reliable for all market conditions. Thorough study of various types of indicators and trading strategies including their limitations is all required to become a trader. Becoming a trader is easy but its not always easy for everyone to find a specific profitable technique or strategy.

                          Considering the importance & effectiveness of the technical analysis we decided to design/develop some technique which can be understood by even novice traders without any study of technical tools and technical indicators. So after a research work of around three years it was found that market behavior can be predicted significantly using rigorous technical data. Future testing of these conditions in technical data gave excellent results. But this was not the end of the story because this technical data can not be accessed and processed manually. We had to code a program to access and process  this data using MQL4 so that  it can be used by newbies or inexperienced traders also. Ultimately we finished the coding part of the technique which is giving us results like shown in chart above.

                    It can be easily noticed in the chart below that no other indicators have been used which makes the chart easy to understand as compared to the chart shown above. Here in chart 2 we have only to notice the particular SIGNALS without bothering about  various types of technical indicators and tools.

                    Hope you have got the basic idea...

Some of the earlier predictions by ForexMATA

We know, that is why we gather here to share knowledge.

Isn’t this the same for all EAs being sold? Out of the package script that can be run by almost eveybody?

So, what are the results? All we see now is a potential trade setup based on your tool and a handpicked example to show that it worked somewhere in the future. We have nothing to asses the accuracy of your system.

And your purpose is to sell this to us? I see a lot of we but no free script to trade.

I disagree, all I can see that not indicators are visible. That doesn’t mean the the script doesn’t use it. Also, I presume that the blue and red thingies aren’t randomly chosen.

The guy ask to give a short explanation about the system you used. This forum is to share information, and you shared something with us, but gave little to help us understand it.

Let me see:

  • Trading is hard and requires experience and knowledge of tools.
  • We programmed a script that appears not to be using indicators.
  • The succes of this system is shown by a yet to happen trade setup and a handpicked examples from the past that aren’t clear about what has been identified by the system, and also don’t show the end result or an entry/exit point.

Nope, I don’t get the basic idea here… But I have to agree that it certainly looks unique from a praphical point of view.

You are wrong it is not being sold… You cannot buy it even if you offer $100 million(I know you cannot pay this much). Everything about ForexMATA is uploaded on internet. I cannot post a URL here to tell you where you can find it free…

Is this one hand picked ?.. Toaken

You will get more in future… Keep a watch here…

Eurgbp signal… Type-ii forexmata chart signal

Are you here to tell us about this system or just post charts all day?

Who cares? It’s quite amusing in it’s own little way, been there, done that.

ForexMATA is available on internet. But one must have knowledge how to interpret its charts to trade its signals.

where are there no detailed explanations as to how this specific system and/or indicator works?
where’s the math part?

even the most simple indicator simple moving average gives you detailed info on how it’s used, how to calculate it, how to interpret it and etc.
A simple, or arithmetic, moving average that is calculated by adding the closing price of the security for a number of time periods and then dividing this total by the number of time periods. Short-term averages respond quickly to changes in the price of the underlying, while long-term averages are slow to react.

where are ur explanations!!!

Would you care to share that knowledge?

Well, if it is free and freely available on the web and it was good, we would probably have heard about it.

Let me think, the system is free and you can download it, but we have to pay someone to get the address?

I don;t see a prediction that I cannot do in another way. My concentration span for this thread has ended.

Dear Toekan, posting a url here is prohibited. No need to pay anyone. google it

www(dot)google(dot)com. It is not that hard.

…and so I googled it and found it !!!

Next step.

I googled it. I saw no reference to that you need to pay something. But where can we download the EA to test? No use to look at your site without the script. As it is free, perhaps you can point us towards the script.