FP market as a trusted broker?

Does anyone trade with FP market if so have you had any problems with them or are they a good broker to be with?

Have personally never heard of them :sweat_smile: but there’s this thread of reviews. :smiley: Haha. There are people there who are using them so maybe you can ask them about their experience in the more recent months or if their reviews have changed. :smiley:

From my experience, FP Markets has definitely been good, their trading conditions have been very reliable even during high volatile events.

Another advantage is that FP Markets is regulated by ASIC so they have to be very compliant, so clients can be rest assured that their funds are safe

How are the spreads in FP Markets when compared with other ECN brokers like pepperstone and ICM, I currently trade with Pepperstone but the spreads are not consistent, especially during volatile markets.

I’ve shortlisted FP Markets based on the reviews and considering that they are regulated by ASIC from 2005.

In their ECN account, I can see that the commission per lot is $3, is this standard across pairs? (Including minors and exotics?)

I think no broker could give you consistent spreads all time, pepper and icm have decent spreads. However you can look for fxview, started using them recently and noticed that their spreads including commissions are lower than others.

I opened acount 3 weeks ago, negative surprised cause trading indices only full lots possoble, minimum deposit each time 50 EUR, no bonus program. ( I trade mainly indices, didn’t know that, when I find another broker I change)

What I like about FP Markets - they are a CFD broker, an account can easily be opened with just $100, and the spreads are low.
What I don’t like about them - outdated technology and limited portfolio.
To negate the minus points you could check out Fxview or XTB…

As I have known it to be a regulated broker, you could perhaps consider it to be trustworthy. For me personally any broker that is transparent in policies and is customer-centric is reliable. Low fees, joining bonus, and quick response to queries are some of the trader-friendly features of Turnkey forex and IB. If FP Markets checks these parameters then they’ll be worth trusting in my book.