FP Markets - Review?

Anyone have experience Trading with FP Markets? The ASIC regulated one, seems reviews online are pretty good and they seem to be active for 15 years now.

I am mainly a scalper and want a broker that has tight spreads and good execution speeds. So shortlisted them based on these factors.

Any suggestions welcome, positive & negative.

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HI Zacko FP Markets are a good choice, If you’re a scalper then FP Markets is the right choice to use.

It has tight spreads and fast execution than any other broker. There is a certain criterion to be met if you want Free VPN cause they do provide free VPN.

The only drawback is that they do not accept the US and Canadians.

Hey, FP Markets are the most reliable brokers. A good choice of broker.
You can check its reviews they are really good in customer support and with spreads.

FP Markets do not charge any commission on the withdrawal of amounts.

And if a certain lot is maintained free VPS access would be provided.

It has low spreads, slippage, and fast execution. FP Markets are better compared to several top ASIC regulated brokers.

FP Markets increased activity in all forums and I thought it was a new broker, they also sent mass mailing. I didn’t use a broker, so I can’t share my opinion.

Good broker to start off with.

They provide with demo so you can practice and low spreads if you go live.

Good reviews on several sites for FP Markets.

Been using them for a while and they have the best execution, good broker for scalping.

Started trading with FP Markets,lower spreads and Slippage.

Good broker to choose if your a scalper.

How can you say it is the best broker ? On what bases is this the best broker ?

Does FP Market offer any discount of provide with offers on the initial joining stage ?

I’m currently using FP Markets and have been trading with them for the last few months, I started using FP Markets mainly for scalping strategy as they have some of the lowest spreads starting from 0.0 pips. I also got a free VPS from them which i can retain as long as i maintain a minimum of 10 Lots per month.

Is it just good for scalping, I’m mostly a trader that trades for longer time, like in days, not a quick scalper.

I have never thought, that I’ll know something new from it.

It definitely is one of the best broker for scalping as they have the tightest spreads from what i’ve seen, as low as 0.0 pips in a lot of Major pairs.
However, even when you are trading long term (swing trading) the low spreads and commissions is definitely a advantage for you as you will be paying less.

Is anyone able to reach the customer service for FP Markets other than the online chat ?

Nope, I have tried a couple of times and I could not manage

Hi Cardonacarlos where did you try to reach them. My suggestion is to try and get in touch with their live chat in website, you’ll get a response from their support staff within a minute or two.

I’ve read several reviews about FP Markets and have decided to trade using them, but wanted to know how the experience is while trading events/news with them and are the spreads tight even when markets are volatile?

I’m currently trading with FP Markets and the main advantage compared to the other brokers is that they have a hughe number of Instruments available to Trade, I think its over 10000 different products.

Even though i mostly trade Forex using FP Markets, they do have a huge list of global stocks and commodities to trade with.

I’m new to FX trading and was looking around for a reliable broker. Based on the reviews online, considered FP Markets as they are regulated by ASIC and are in business for 15 years. Signed up in their website and was surprised to get a call from one of the customer support member within a few minutes. They were transparent and clarified all required details, i will be depositing soon with them. Will keep you all updated on how it goes