Free EUR USD 9000001 Strategy

Hi BP community :slight_smile: today, I am sharing one of my strategies. EUR USD 9000001 Strategy is extremely simple, built from TEMA and Hekin Ashi using pending orders and trading on the H1 chart. The strategy has been created for the trading conditions of the ECN broker and the GMT time zone (especially important information when setting the “Friday exit time” parameter).

Verifying results


Available variables to modify

EA for MT4 download

EUR USD 9000001 H1.rar (2.1 MB)

Oooh! :blush: Maybe I can give this a try on my demo and see if it would work for me. Thank you Professor! :smiley: What inspired you to share this? :smiley:

sure, all information is in package. It is good to education about settings the terminal trading, familiar with algo trading.

The internet is full of scam EA’s and “dream sellers” I am on the other side. Traders, especially novice, should see how retail trading looks like, what traders should look for - stability, not a hundred of transactions per month and risk diversification. Imagine you have 20 strategies in portfolio which are profitable during crisis time, you can sleep well because risk is very low. I also opened “leave emotions behind” program where traders can familiar and handle with emotions during trading.

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