FTMO $100K Challenge: My journey

Hey traders,
I recently started my FTMO challenge, trying to get my $100K account with them.

A bit about me:
My name is Federico, I’m from Italy, but moved to the UK a few years ago.
I started Forex Trading in 2007. Today, I’m a full-time trader and a certified Wealth Manager under MiFID II and ESMA regulations.
I trade my own funds, plus a small public fund that I started two years ago.

Why the FTMO challenge?
I’m a Forex instructor on Udemy and some of my students attempted to pass the challenge recently, but some of them failed, so I decided to put my own money on the line.

What do I think it takes to pass the challenge?
The main obstacle, in my opinion, is to recognise that this is not normal trading. In trading, you usually are not profitable every single month… bad periods can happen (and they will).
For the challenge, you cannot afford to have a bad month, since you only have 30 days to complete it.
This leads to some necessary adjustments to your strategy and risk management in order to maximise the chances of successfully completing the challenge.

I broadcast my FTMO challenge on Twitch, every Monday (2pm, GMT), Wednesday and Friday (4pm, GMT). You can find the time table on my Twitch channel.
If you are interested, feel free to stop by: Live Trading Room

Good luck everyone!


We start the second week of the FTMO challenge at 2pm (GTM, UK time): Live Trading Room

First week closed with a loss of -1.81%, but it’s not a reason to be discouraged or change something in the approach.
The challenge is to reach 10% profit with 10% max drawdown, it’s not about closing all the four weeks with a profit :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support and see you soon!


Starting our third week, currently at +5.10%.
15 days left and 4.90% to go.
Maximum drawdown so far is -3%, so very far from the -10% allowance.

Happy New Year everyone. If you are moving forward with a target, that target must be met one day.

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Risk Rewards and Money Management agree to accept any challenge. It is possible for every trader to work according to discipline and plan.

Proper plan leads to better trades and best results.

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Maybe could you share with us any update of your challenge? You’re on the right way to finish it successfully, hence it’s interesting how it has eventually ended?

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how did you get on have you finished and managed to complete?


Oh I thought no one was following :slight_smile:
Last week of the challenge was not great and I ended up with $105K in my last day of the challenge.
I risked the $5K profit, since $100,001 or $105,000 doesn’t make any difference and they both allow you to restart the challenge for free.
I lost the $5K in my last day and I restarted for free. Currently in the middle of the first week with +$1,200.
Hoping for better luck this time :slight_smile:

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Keep on my friend!

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A quick update of my journey:

  • 4 Jan - I started the $100K FTMO challenge
  • 27 Jan - I faced my last week of the challenge with $6K profit
  • 02 Feb - Last week went bad, I decided not to force my hands and take advantage of the free month that they give you if you close in profit and without breaking any rule
  • 12 Feb - Closed the first week with +$3K
  • 17 Feb - In the middle of my second week with +$5K

I’ll keep this thread up to date, hoping it will be useful for other traders who are considering going through it.

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Thanks for the update of your journey. Please confirm when you start a new free month to retry the challenge your profits from previous period are cancelled and you start from scratch?

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Yes, they give you a brand new demo account.
It actually confused me at the beginning. I started trading with my old account, when, after a couple of days, I read in my emails that they had sent me the new login details to start over again :slight_smile:

How was your result this week? You’re really close to 10% at its beginning.

What I don’t like regarding FTMO programm is that as long as I understand rules from their site once a trader will be funded he cannot trade 2 minutes before and after some news announcements, which are restricted by FTMO to trade, but it is related also to the situation when stop loss or take profit will be executed during such time span. From their point of view it can be taken as an agreement violation.

For me it’s quite strange rule and bearing in mind how rapid price movement can be during news release the safest approach would be to close all positions, which can be affected at least for these several minutes. Have you any thoughts about this issue, maybe I’m missing sth?

So You would think this guy would be able to pull something out the had Wouldn’t you. !!

Thats the Trouble with this “TRADE” “Domain” too many Big shots looking for attention. AND your Money sooner or later…

Money Management system must not be very good… 100K capital Risk say “2-3%” over 30days so say risk 2000 to gain 6000 1:3 R/R and he blew it… Wealth Manager yeah MIFD II and ESMA… . SUCKER

@A1lenTrader, you really would risk 2-3% knowing that max daily DD is set by the investor/founder on 5% and max loss 10%. Probably you’ve not read what this thread is about otherwise come back to earth.

In my opinion, you should make yourself a hot cup of tea, calm a bit down and try to understand that not everyone in this world is trying to scam people.
I’m just sharing for free my experience, plain and simple.
I have had no problem sharing that the first month I ended up far from the $10K profit and so took the chance to restart for free.
This is my second month and I’m just starting the third week of trading.

If you have any useful comment or question, I welcome you, otherwise I don’t respond to hate.

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Last time i came on here was to ask about NZD/CHF …
The followimg week i took 3 trades…
Starting with £1000 capital and Risked 2.5% on each trade.
Position size was equal to £1 per pip…
Made £225 = 25% Return on my 1000.

Now if i Upscaled that to the £100.000 challenge it would be £22.500.

Now maybe i should be getting into “WEALTH MANAGEMENT”

If i would have lost then Daily DrawDown would have been £2.500 2.5%

Already Here on earth mate.

Don’t Drink Tea… Just maybe some Louis Roederer champagne,
and a Mayan Sicar cigar on occasion thanks anyway…

Yeah yeah yeah, whatever man, you are the best :rofl:

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For serious people who are following the thread to know how the FTMO challenge is going, a quick update.
I passed the step 1 of the challenge and I will be starting the step 2 on Monday on my Twitch channel.
Step 2 is easier than step 1, but still a very tough challenge in my opinion, so it’s far from being over :slight_smile: