Full-Time traders: What do you trade? How many hours do you trade per day?

I am new to Fx and trading. I wish to understand the minds of full-time trading gurus:

  1. What do you trade? Fx? Commodities? Crypto? Stocks? Options? Or anything that could make money?

  2. Do you focus on specific pairs?

  3. How many hours do you spend in-front of your terminals per work day?



I trade Forex ( 8 pairs ).
Trade Semi automatic so not to often in-front of any terminal.
Look at the market on my Ipag mini

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What indicators do you use?

I go to my Metatrader terminal once every 4 hrs Basically I use Magic Panel Trend Scanner to find trading opportunities in all symbols. it takes just around 5 minutes to know any trading opportunities are there…

I’ve heard about the fact that in trading it’s best to stick to a certain schedule, because it allows you to calmly distribute your forces and not create psychological difficulties.
But the market position also decides a lot - sometimes you see great potential. And sometimes you can’t even find a couple of profitable positions.

I do not think that this information can help you in any way.
Because we’re all so different, that for some people working with eurusd is a constant profit and a confident position in the market, and for others it’s not necessary at all.

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I agree with you

i trade options. Mainly indices.

You are right. everyone has there different trading strategies.

Mostly trade USD/JPY and I don’t stay glued to my terminal. Rely heavily on EAs on turnkeyforex and fxpro and have set up alerts for closing a trade at a set price level. Wish I could be more actively involved in trading but as of now this is how it is.
PS. I’m no trading guru, just started off about 2 years back, still 10% away from my profit target. Just happy that I’m not on the losing side.