Full-Time traders: What do you trade? How many hours do you trade per day?

I am new to Fx and trading. I wish to understand the minds of full-time trading gurus:

  1. What do you trade? Fx? Commodities? Crypto? Stocks? Options? Or anything that could make money?

  2. Do you focus on specific pairs?

  3. How many hours do you spend in-front of your terminals per work day?


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I trade Forex ( 8 pairs ).
Trade Semi automatic so not to often in-front of any terminal.
Look at the market on my Ipag mini

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What indicators do you use?

I go to my Metatrader terminal once every 4 hrs Basically I use Magic Panel Trend Scanner to find trading opportunities in all symbols. it takes just around 5 minutes to know any trading opportunities are there…

I’ve heard about the fact that in trading it’s best to stick to a certain schedule, because it allows you to calmly distribute your forces and not create psychological difficulties.
But the market position also decides a lot - sometimes you see great potential. And sometimes you can’t even find a couple of profitable positions.

I do not think that this information can help you in any way.
Because we’re all so different, that for some people working with eurusd is a constant profit and a confident position in the market, and for others it’s not necessary at all.


I agree with you

i trade options. Mainly indices.

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You are right. everyone has there different trading strategies.

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Mostly trade USD/JPY and I don’t stay glued to my terminal. Rely heavily on EAs on turnkeyforex and fxpro and have set up alerts for closing a trade at a set price level. Wish I could be more actively involved in trading but as of now this is how it is.
PS. I’m no trading guru, just started off about 2 years back, still 10% away from my profit target. Just happy that I’m not on the losing side.

  1. Forex and options
  2. I tend to look for the most volatile pairs of the week/month
  3. I trade 4-5 days a month

The conclusion you can draw is that you can be profitable without being a day trader.


For me it’s not uniform on all days. It depends on the market conditions. When there is high liquidity in the market and the spreads are low, I make a lot of trades, and some days are completely inactive.

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I am wondering that you are new un trading and you are already interested with what the full traders do. I am a full time trader and I would like to advise you to relax as you wait for your elevation. You should begin by knowing the work of the part time traders. Then you can now proceed to the ones for the full time traders.

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I usually trade with 4 pairs and try to analyze the front of the platform for 4-5 hours a day. If any analysis seems perfect to me, I participate in that trade.


Thats a nice approach. But sometimes i really struggle managing time, some days are just too busy for a good analysis.

I trade forex (2 pairs) and trade only a day or two in a week. But try to keep a watch on all the economic events.


I trade according to the ongoing market. Sometimes, I trade the whole day and sometimes I become fully idle.

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There are 4 sessions in Forex trading. This session is Tokyo Session / Sydney Session / London Session and / New Work Session. Of these 4 sessions, the London session is the perfect time to enter the trade.

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i look at pairs on the weekend looking and analising pairs and moves that could come in to my area of interest. i set alerts on my platform and then action if the right time and moves i was looking for.


I see. thanks for sharing, I’ll try this too.