Fund raising for funded account

Hi guys, I’m here for a help guys, I blewed 2 funded challenges now I only left with $10 on my crypto wallet. So no money to buy a new challenge. I have practiced alot and now I’m ready for a new challenge. So I’m here to ask for a funding help. Do you guys have any type of job that I can do for you and you buy me an at least $5K funded account. I’m ready to work for it. Please guys help me need your help to earn couple of bucks so that I can buy a new challenge again. Thank you. Your one help can really boost my trading journey.

Your track record is not good.

Therefore do you have a new strategy?
If you do not, surely you will end up doing the same thing as the last two times and get the same results?


I’m here after lots of practice. Give me a chance to prove man. If you have any job for me like freelancing please provide me. I only need $30 bucks.

Are you able to show any results from your practice?

Where do you prefer to work, are you willing to travel or are you talking about working online.

Are you in the U.S.?

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Sir I worked as a freelancer 1.5 years ago. Holding over 2 years of experience in content writing, wordpress customization, Basic SEO, MS Word and Excel. Etc. I left because of online classes for Govt. Exam. Then I got introduced to forex trading. I can’t show you any sample of previous work cause those got deleted as I left freelancing. But you can test me with any computer related work.

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I was talking about forex practice results

You’re making two mistakes, here. One is easy to correct; the other not so easy.

The easy one: there’s no point at all in paying any funding company anything to take their challenge until you’ve proved (to yourself, and/or to anyone lending you money to buy a challenge) on a free demo account, at least a coupe of times, that you can reliably pass it under exactly the same challenge rules. If you don’t start that way, and make whatever changes are needed in your trading, to be able to stop paying and failing, then exactly as @tommor rightly explains above, the outcome will be no different in future. In other words, you need to improve your skill-set before you can make realistic progress.

The less easy one: you need to improve your belief-set, too: at the moment, you are (like thousands of other people) labouring under the misapprehension that if you can just pass the $5,000-account challenge, that will magically sort out your financial situation and enable you to make money trading, by using small profits to pay for a higher-level challenge until you have a big account to trade, which you’ll magically, suddenly, be able to do successfully. That isn’t true.

Three things are certain, here:-

  1. These funding companies are making millions because tens of thousands of people wrongly believe exactly what you do, and they keep paying challenge fees and keep failing

  2. If you can’t trade a demo/small account with consistent success then you can’t trade a funded/big one with consistent success either - and you really will need to be able to do it with consistent success

  3. Undercapitalisation is NOT your real problem, though at the moment you mistakenly believe it is


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I’m currently growing this demo account.
I’m not lying sir, almost 2.5 years in trading. I don’t have job so finding a job for raising money. Im living in a village where no jobs were available. There 2 more accounts that I have grown but unlucky I forgot the password otherwise I would have shown you. Thank you

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What country are you in?

Do you know how to build a E.A.?

No sir, I don’t know coding.

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If you’re making money, keep doing what you’re doing.

But be careful because if you can’t explain what you’re doing, it’s possible you won’t recognise when you’re doing it and when you’re not. And if you’re not doing it, you probably won’t make money.

Don’t get me wrong.
But here is the simple thing
I’m confident to pass the prop firm challenge.
If you guys don’t have any job for me or even can’t lend some bucks, then why are you wasting your and my time?

You seems to be having a misconception here which makes your whole lots of begging to look fishy — some were trying to help with the little piece of advice they can so you won’t make the same mistake over again, and another trying to leverage on your computer-based skill which you claim to have but you seem to have failed those offers just like you did your PropFirm challenges.

Here’s my take, if you’ve proven to have grown your demo account over the longrun, then your $10 should be useful.

Open a cent account, applied the method you’ve been using on your demo to grow your cent account.

Then use this money to buy yourself a new PropFirm challenge.

Simple as ABC right?


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