FX Free Signals Telegram Channel (SCAM BEWARE) George Hudson aka Danny Somerhalder

FX Free Signals Telegram (SCAM BEWARE) George Hudson aka Danny Somerhalder

The Scammer Intagram page

Telegram Username :
@Georgehudson ( George Hudson)
@the_fx_signals ( Danny Somerhalder)

I found this channel and join it via instagram ads. this channel offering forex signal service and investment opportunity !
But the main Purpose of this channel is to Phishing and scam new innocent member who join the channel.once you have send fund to the admin he will block you and you can’t communicate or recover your money

Telegram Username :
@Georgehudson ( George Hudson)
@the_fx_signals ( Danny Somerhalder)

Below is the scammer offer on his channel

50% profit in 5 trading days
Minimum investment - $100
Maximum investment - $20,000
60% profit in 5 trading days
Minimum investment - $150
Maximum investment - $35,000
70% profit in 5 trading days
Minimum investment - $300
Maximum investment - $50,000
80% profit in 5 trading days
Minimum investment - $500
Maximum investment - 100,000
For any of the investment packages, we take 5% trading commission at the end of the contract and send the rest to you as profit
You can make an investment with either;

Once received fund They will the blocked you from the channel and you will never get you fund back and no reply from the owner

Here is the scammer email :[email protected]
Skrill email :[email protected]

PerfectMoney: U15373946


After received your fund they will blocked you from the channel
You will not get your fund or dispute and you can’t communicate with them
so do not deal with this scammer an do not send fund to this scammer especially via crypto currency
you will sure lose and kiss your money 100% Goodbye

i loss 2LTC litecoin to this scammer

Here is the image proof of the scammer conversation with me


It’s obviously a scam. If you had mentioned it here many people would’ve told you not to do it. Hope you get your money back.


Wonderful irony. The scammer is using the same name as the real George Hudson, 1800-1871, investment fraudster, known as “The Railway King”.

If that’s not a clue, I don’t know what is.

Keep away from anyone who wants payments by crypto. For anything.

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So true. And you know: aside from anything else these things are so volatile. So what happens with these bright sparks that fund a trading account in Bitcoin and then the POS rat poison crashes or loses 10% in a day. So even if they’re making profits trading by the time they withdraw they’re at BE or worse.

As for the above: it is too ironic. Or is it??? I’d wager a small amount that the scammer is using that name tongue in cheek and having laugh!!! LOL!!!

And tell you another thing:

One of these fine days I’m going to sit down and go through these threads and tally up the losses to scammers (whether it be out and out scammers or scammy brokers or some other clever idea). There’s another thread started just earlier today. $50K USD gone. And I can think of a few more just in the last three months. Pretty sure the rough tally is in excess of $150K USD already. And that’s only what we KNOW about i.e. most people keep quiet about this stuff. Makes me want to cry (almost literally). Do you know what I could do with $150K USD??? By my calcs. and being VERY conservative: it’d equate to at VERY least $7.5K USD per month. With that kind of money these dudes could to take this property deal and shove it sideways. But comes next week there’ll be another one i.e. another good few thousand gone down the pan.

Aye, it’s a thing they have, they call it their card.

First time it happened to me, about 20 years, a guy paid for a product, before the current money laundering regulations - in those times not unusual to get paid in notes.

We wrote his docket, name? - Bill Cash.

The notes turned out to be fake.

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thanks for the reply
yes i admit this is my mistake
but i hope with this post no more victims fall for this scammer

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The Scammer Still Active on Telegram for New Victims. Here is the new Post on this Scam Channel.
I warn you don not send fund or payment to this scam investment


By the way. Nobody is chastising you for falling for this or reveling in your loss. Apparently over another 43 000 people fell for it too.

How much is 2LTC worth in USD anyway as a matter of interest???

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Lol there are basically few spammers a day with their telegram channel links everywhere and you do see all that and still some people really do fall for that ? Unbelievable case for everything else out there ? What do you say about that anyway ?

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Awww. :open_mouth: It’s because of scammers like these that people are super negative about crypto. :frowning: But, I hope you get your money back. :frowning: Thank you for warning us about these things. :open_mouth:

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update his telegram channel picture to the following after realized his scam channel is being exposed

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The new SCAM investment package From this Scammer
Beware This is a Scam channel i warn your
Do not send fund or money to this scammer
or you you will kiss all your money goodbye

There is one called DILIGENTFX,
Got blocked right after i send my money $500 for account management service
50% for two weeks, 150% for 1 month.



I joined the Free and VIP channel of these gentlemen: George Hudson AND Danny Sommerhalder and asking for information on the operations, I noticed that they were rude although I paid $ 30 through BITCOIN, pointing out that their operations were losers, they blocked me. They are cursed scammers to report to the competent authorities. Don’t be fooled 99% of the screens they send are fake to make you want to buy. They also have 165 000 members of the free channel, in the VIP only 300. Members can be bought with money. Damned scammers I hope you die

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this is what he get for scamming … he get exposed… act as professional trade he just provide fake signal copy from other channel and misleading new channel member to believe that is a profitable true signal … but the real thing is once you subscribe he will block your from the channel . he will also offering scam investment package to misleading and with the intention to scam who ever fall for the fake scam investment. most of his subscriber is bought via Instagram ads. let exposed this fucker !!!

Here below is his lates scam offering a bullshiting software

Hello, good day to you all🤑🤑
Over the last three months, many subscribers have asked me to sell our copy-trade software
After much deliberation, my team and I have decided to give out the software for $70 to the next 100 people(after that, the price goes up)
With the software, our best trades get automatically opened on your trading account and whenever we take profit, you do too.

What you get with the software;
4 - 7 of our best trades daily🔥
Approximately 94% accuracy💯
+150 pips guaranteed daily😍

This software is available on all devices✅✅✅

Send us a text if you want it👇👇👇👇👇


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So yesterday I did send this George 100€ and he said that he gonna make my portfolio. This morning woke up - no answers no portfolio no money. That’s kind a good morning that I “like”. So I did took my other phone and did write this to him- this was our conversation and when he did notice who is writing to him he started to delete all messages and in the end blocked my other number. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PEACE OF S…T

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This is the same case happened to me too.

George Hudson & Danny Somerhalder Is a Fraud and SCAMMER

@Georgehudson (SCAMMER)
@the_fx_signals (SCAMMER)

Now he is offering this SCAMMING auto trading software

Do not fall or send any money to this fucker

I was also scammed by these monsters, they are a big network of criminals. I joined the VIP group for forex signals and to my surprise the signals are garbage 1. They are about 5 pips or more late 2. The majority dont work they just hit a stop loss, which is big anyway, their stop losses are huge minimum 50 pips 3. At the end of the day he claims 1000 pips achieved when you got only 15-30 pips the rest was a loss 4. You are blocked from commenting in the group 5. Surprisingly 20-30 fools like me join the group daily

After they advertised their EA for signals i was asked to pay USD100 via Skrill (when i subscribed to the group i paid via PayPal) and after sending proof of payment i was blocked till now.
I reported them to Skrill and they said it was my fault to be scammed they will do nothing about it i accepted their terms and conditions that when i send money its final and nothing will happen to the scammers.
I reported to Telegram by emails about the fraudulent groups George Hudson run and all my messages were ignored.
So please people stay away from these untouchable criminals they are protected and nothing will ever happen to them, you are the one who lose your hard earned money.
By the way they run several groups on Telegram with different names. If you want to see they are the same people controlling more than 10 “free forex signal groups” send a message to the admin asking which forex broker they recommend, they will send you the same link with the same code so that when you make money they get a commission from the broker, thats how you will know its the same person controlling 20 groups with different names.

How did you find out about them as I had never heard the name till this thread?
I contacted them on telegram lol, obvious scams!

I feel so stupid. Got scammed around $2k promising weekly returns on investments binary and FX. NEVER EVER send money to a stranger on telegram.

Name: @fxbinarylord
admin: Gab

I hope i’m just saving other people from falling into his trap.
He’s Nigerian and will talk nicely until he never responds.