new to trading, I’m somewhat puzzled by the almost total lack of discussion and possible implications of events, regulation,taxation,limitations or consolidation of currencies to 2-4 only by the upcoming G-20, state of all currencies, in particular the majors. I’ve been looking, but possibly not in right places. Answers from any newbies or maybe from experienced traders that might be directed this way?:confused: Hate to lose this opportunity.

I keep a watch on some of these things and post material if it seems important.

But most readers here just rubbish me.

Still, that is their problem, not mine. :smiley:

Do you seriously think sovereign nations are going to give up their own currencies. The more pertinent question is whether the Euro currency or even Zone will survive this meltdown

thats true, even some EU countries refused to use Euro when it was introduced because they knew of the implications and their currency had higher value.

Currencies will always be traded as long as there will be the concept of sovereignty-and that implies the retail trading will exist as long as trade dynamics will exist between two nations. But that does not mean there will be no effect on the majors, as one poster stated, EZ and Euro could be in risk of dis-integration if things get well beyond the current mess.

I wonder what you people would say if I stated that the currencies of the world are due to become a one world currency (based on carbon trading and the energy standard) and this is going to happen sooner rather than later. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I definitely believe this to be true, even though at this present time all the facts say no.

A whole lot of unforeseen factors are suddenly going to come together to bring this one world currency about.

Recession is only one dimension Tymen, there are a million other dimensions. Do you ever see US and Russia coming together to have one currency. or for that matter, India and Pakistan agreeing to have one standard currency.

I could see North America (Mex,US and the Canadians) having one standard Dollar (chances of which are pretty slim too) but a single world currency is far fetched.

Yes, at this time it does not seem possible at all.

But I have secret information that powerful forces are at work to change all this.
It will happen very quickly and in our lifetime.
I would not be surprised if this happens within the next 5-10 years.

So how exactly do you see this coming about?

In the long run, I think you’re right Tymen, but only on a scale of maybe 50-100 years.

Look at the Euro Zone to begin to understand what a tedious and drawn out process this would be. UK, Denmark and my own country have not been persuaded to join the zone yet.
Not until the globe becomes much more intertwined than it already is, will this idea be at all possible.

One world currency won’t be around for a long time. I think it’s safe to say that we can all enjoy FX trading for many years more.

Through the coming of the new world order that your presidents are talking so much about.
I would like to say more, but the Admin usually deletes it.

There is a great video I would like to put on here but I fear that it plus any further material I post will be deleted by the Admin.
They have done that before thus shutting down the discussion.

I may try posting a sample video hyperlink if you really want to see something but its at my own risk of deletion.

It would be nice if you are correct.
That indeed means we can keep trading!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But the info I have suggests a very short timetable.

As I said, I risk immediate deletion on any sensitive postings but I will keep everyone up to date with any solid material that comes my way.
I have access to quite a bit of sensitive info!!

The next step we must watch out for is what Israel is going to do with Iran.

They have a rather small window in which to attack and detroy Iran’s nuclear ambitions before Russia installs the S-300 defense systems which will make an attack by Israel very difficult.

Also watch out for those new radio transmitter drivers licences they are now giving out in America.
They are called “enhanced licences” but they do more than just display your drivers license!!

Your points are intresting one’s and should be investigated so any info send would be great.
My view is that there are forces at play who which to create a world currency, however i think they will abandon all paper currencies and go for electronic money… money which you cant touch which is a very dangerous prospect to me.

LOL, cmon tymen are you serious? Have you forgotton to take your little blue pill today.

You have secret information that powerful forces are at work to change all this?

Can’t be all that covert and secret if you know about it?

One world currency = nonsense, not going to happen any time soon, let alone in this century.

O noes…end of times…mark of the beast…the sky is falling…

get a grip people we are not going to see this in our lifetime… so way are you worrying about it.

The craziest idea I’m watching for right now is the potential hyperinflation of the USD. This isn’t that ridiculous of a notion considering the massive American debt. Other countries won’t keep pouring their money into US Debt, especially if the USA consumerism gravy train comes to a halt at recession station.

It’s beyond me to predict what would happen after that. And like I said, I’m just keeping this in the back of head, I’m not trading on these beliefs just yet. The good thing about tracking these “black swan” events is that as long as you understand that it IS possible, you will be at a large advantage over the traders who aren’t even considering it!

Well, without support of their number 1 fanboys - The US of A, it’s unlikely that Israel will do anything at all about Iran. Obama seems to be more dovish than hawkish when it comes to Iran, so that support might be lacking, huh?

The US were apparently to stupid (Junior Bush was anyway, surprise surprise) to learn anything from Vietnam, but the joint disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan may make them think twice before they decide it’s a clever idea to attack Iran (a much stronger adversary) as well.

Not to mention that an attack on Iran could conceivably cause Russian military intervention, so I believe that the good old terror balance will keep any aggression beneath the radar, so to speak.

Israel has dragged its reputation further in the dirt with their latest “genocide light” in the Gaza strip, and would most likely find no support whatsoever in the global community for any attacks on Iran.

Not to mention what Iran could do to **** up oil supplies if they wanted to… That alone could well be reason enough to use soft diplomacy.

So… no, I can’t see any world currency emerging from the middle east.

Feel free to risk that deletion, cause I’d love to see what that secret info might be :confused:

Nothing crazy about that idea Akeakamai, that’s exactly what I’m expecting. I sincerely hope it won’t happen, but I can’t even see how it can be avoided. The US and the UK are both printing money, which can only ever lead to one thing.

If the mortgage defaults are bad now, imagine what they’d be like with 15% interest rates.



anyways… there will never be unified world currency we rely on being apart to much.

The person who started this thread did not say where he/she read that the G-20 might be considering a new world currency regime. But, it sounds very much like an article I read about four months ago. Here’s a link:

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