FXCM Active trader price lag & slippage


Just to point out here the price lag we can face & the slippage if we execute on there prices.

This is related to top product: Active trader group Web from FXCM.

See the attached images. This compares RAW price feed Trade station 2 supposed to be the same to RAW price feed under active trader WEB. Both platforms are from FXCM with higher Active trader web under google chrome & lower Trader station 2.

Notice the price gap. According to FXCM this happens on CPU spikes. I would point if you are anot aware you will be face a big slippage as you will be executed at different price feed as you see wrong price feed.

For FXCM currently this bug is not worth generating an automatic audit & automaticly warn all customers ( this is not done until now!). You have to complain to get an audit & expect some refund.

Regarding this issue FXCM is not assuming it’s part of the mistake as the mess is related to platform they developped & launched.

I will post more infos later.

PS: Please baby pips :smiley: don’t change this thread title I got thread title changed on another big forex forum where they removed FXCM name from the title!!

Update: since my first posts on forum FXCM identified me & Jason reported my name to Active trader team. He said they would get in touch with me to fix this. I agreed for that but said will keep updating on forum. GOT same day they got in touch kicked out of Active trader platform. ATG Web account closed & under TS 2 moved to normal spread.

Hope this help

wow gbp/usd 9pip thats crazy.

Just wonder your post says “CPU spikes”, and this could be very true. What are your computer specs? How many programs are you running when the stations are open? Have you done a complete virus scan of your system.

This will let you know if its your computer. Have you tried having 2 computers side by side, computer A with tradestation, computer b with WEBtrader, then switch it, comoputer B with tradestation, and computer a with tradestation…

If you do the two computers side by side, and both test you still see what you showed, then its safe to say its a FXCM issue, if you don’t see the issue in both tests then its safe to say its a CPU issue like they are telling you.

I tested on dual core. & Even on another bigger station. See this screenshot no virus & nothing else crazy

If you want to see I posted a video on youtuble hilarous how this can get crazy. It’s not an issue for 2s.

**** removed youtube link as moderator asked to **** Sticking to rules.

Notice I’m not using a pentim 1 :smiley:

Will update later as FXCM kicked me out due to such posts.

Hope it helps

Dear FX13,

I understand this has already been explained for you on another forum, but to address yours and anyone else’s concerns:

Some traders using FXCM’s Active Trader platform have received what appears as lagging prices. When using the FXCM Active Trader platform, prices are pushed to the client whereas Trading Station II pulls data from FXCM. Adjusting to the speed of one’s internet connection, traders using FXCM’s Active Trader platform must have connections strong enough to receive the large amount of data sent, including market depth (level II quoting). It is this point where an issue has been found for some traders.

Additionally, in researching issues with specific traders on the platform, we have found that charting data and/or running multiple programs running on client’s computer may be responsible for increasing the CPU (performance) of one’s computer to levels that reach maximum levels. Maxing out the CPU has resulted in the price stream updates to become delayed. What is important to note is that trade confirmation streams continue to work at 100% capacity in these situations. Hence, if a trader buys EURUSD, the fill continues to take place at the current market price.

To use an example, suppose the market price is actually at 45 but the active trader platform on the clients computer displays a price of 40. The order will be filled at the market price. In these situations one time adjustments have been given to traders with explanations of what has taken place. FXCM’s TSII also offers the same pricing model (commission based) and is the best option for traders who have experienced such an event.

Finally, the FXCM Active Trader price feed and the TSII price feed are indeed two separate feeds. Traders with non performance issues may still see a slight discrepancy in price due to this reason. Also note, that while internet connection plays a large role in this, the inefficiency (we believe) of the charting data for those using charts on the Active Trader platform may increase the chance of such pricing delays. For this reason we are working to change the algorithm of the charting this weekend. If we feel this will not effectively produce better results we will remove the charting completely until we find a more efficient way to stream tick data.

We will also be added a list of computer and internet connection specifications required to run the active trader platform. If you have any questions or have been affected by this issue please contact us by emailing <activetrader@fxcm.com>. Alternatively you may dial our direct line by calling 808-234-8789 (702970).

Brandon Mulvihill
VP FX Sales
Active Trader Group

Dear sir,

Issue still not fixed as I posted screenshots showing it & video yesterday. It can still happen.

The only effective measure you took now is shut me down of Active trader group only to silence me up…

Currently all you are doing is trying to silence me up & say this issue is minor, reminds me of a big automotive issue we got last year.

Have a nice day.


Just an update got this email from FXCM yesterday ( check attached image too):

I fully appreciate your support and I appreciate your attempt to offer valuable feedback. However, at this time you are creating more harm than good as your statements are not factual. If you wish to continue testing the product I suggest you do it in a demo environment. Additionally to simplify the process we are putting your account on the normal price structure for an account your size, “retail spreads”.

Please continue to ask questions as they come.

VP FX Sales
Active Trader…

( Notice I removed personal email/ information from quote & email).

I said before I had a small account there. I would not even qualify for active trader condition. I was in fact invited gracefully by FXCM to test ATG. I added some funds there to get it working. So I was not filling balance requirement neither volume. It was not a problem until I raised last issues.

Also I got yesterday a call from FXCM product manager he was very upset that I’m sending stuff to forums. I was supposed to send all feedback to support. Any FXCM customer know how their support can kick you back when you raise unusual issues, it was the case I sent first the lag issue to support & they denied any problems before I got moved to FXCM Trade station 2.

He said over the phone that he will closed the ATG Web account ( no more funds there), I said no why you will close it as this move is only to kick me out & shut down comments? I even agreed to post him my questions first & I did. I even shut down a video I prepared on youtube to show him first. I even had a screenshot that show CPU noit spiking while active trader platform had problems. In return he asked either I put in 15k$ to fill minimum deposit requirement or he will shut the account. I refused of course will never EVER trader under that web platform after what I got.

Second move from FXCM was against the Raw feed under tradestation 2 account, it was moved to standard accounts spread so I can no longer compare neither post screenshots.

So FXCM priority is shutting the noise about this story. What I expected in a perfect world would

  1. FXCM apoligies for the mistake ( they issue a statement let’s say that’s done)
  2. inform all customers for the issue ( not done until today)
  3. Run automatic audit & automaticly fix any losses that a trader had due to this lag/ slippage issue.

That’s for me assuming it. Not putting again the burden on traders & try thru Public relation to unwind the storm. I even was accused over the phone that I’m doing this for my self. I have big sens of ethic & I work from time to time for a local news paper here. I never gained friends like that neither inflated my ego! Even it harmed me as I lost business, all I seeked was the truth.

There are also another issue there is not ONLY ONE RAW price feed within FXCM. that’s crazy as this is supposed the main price feed. For FXCM it’s not an ISSUE. Did you ever heared that they had more than a RAW price feed. Seem the second Raw feed under Trade station 2 better but they are not the same. Really strage will post later a video about it to show the difference.

Aslo you can watch here price lag in action ( recorded yesterday after FXCM said will fix the issue over the week end!):

******** removing you tube here too ******* sticking to rules

Issue seem related to CPU spikes but not to charts ( as I never run charts ), Issue will remain after cpu spike as you can check in screen shot.

PS: I got identified here as I made the mistake to sign my post using name here for 5 min & Jason got the infos. I removed it too late.

PS2: No guys they didn’t respond to my 500k$ settlement offer :D.

Hope it helps

Dear BabyPips Community,

I would like to provide one final statement regarding the issue at hand. Our goal in helping anyone through the forums is to help with any problems that you are encountering, and find the quickest means to correct the issue. This is regardless of whether it is due to a technical issue on FXCM’s side or something specific to how the platform is operating on your own computer. To everyone on the forum who has encountered a problem while trading and allowed us to help rectify the situation, I thank you.

There is one last statement I would like to address.

PS: I got identified here as I made the mistake to sign my post using name here for 5 min & Jason got the infos. I removed it too late.

PS2: No guys they didn’t respond to my 500k$ settlement offer

In dealing with the situation at hand, FX13 is correct in that the only reason we were able to get in touch to discuss the technical issue occurring with the web platform on his computer was due to a mistake in him posting his name on the original post which he then removed. Therefore I question his true intentions regarding this situation and whether he truly wants us to investigate the problem occurring with his setup to help solve the problem. Until then, FX13 is welcome to use a demo account we provided in order to provide feedback and help us troubleshoot what he is experiencing.

While we cannot go into details regarding any clients account due to our privacy policy, we will work in good faith to make sure the community knows any important information when a problem does appear. Please feel free to review what we have identified from the handful of traders that have contacted us and worked with us to troubleshoot the problem FXCM Statement.

Kind Regards,



Why doesnt fxcm just sort out the issue if your aware of it, then just get the feed from the same place.

all your likely to get is things like this across forums, giving you bad press,

An outfit the size of FXCM im sure it wouldnt take long to sort it out.

The big issue here is “I’m of bad faith”. But when FXCM shut down accounts & kick me out of ATG so kindly. Why they did that?

FXCM is only caring about reputation & I’m told I’m misleading people about them. So an easy setup is kick me out of platform.

You offer of course demo Jason, But only on web platform & not on TS2. Also if I would make any comment about a demo feed. I bet 100$ that I will get usual statement: Demo feed can have issue and live it’s different :D.

What would cost you keeping that accounts open? [B][U]But the problem is my bad faith not the BUG.[/U][/B]

Hope it helps

If you know then why fxcm not sholve the issue

I dont know the full story as to why your getting lag, perhaps it is simply a piot and they need to iron out the issues,

I`m not trying to make excuses for them, from what i understand about retail brokers fxcm is one of the bigger ones.

If you want a demo where the demo is identicle to the live try Oanda, ive sent a number of traders to them and they are all happy trading.



Despite FXCM reaction when they kicked me out of Active trader as retaliation.

He are my final point:

  1. [B]Active trader is really very intersting as you have low spread [U]BUT[/U] under trade station 2 [/B]. ATG web platform seem have some issue with CPU spikes that can get price lags. I think that must traders should move under Trade station 2 as it will resist any CPU spike.

  2. We had intersting infos here as FXCM said [B]Active trader would be even avaible on MT4[/B], would like to see that.

  3. [B]Hope FXCM will get more transparent about different price feeds avaible[/B]. This is an opportunity to make some PR about this & gain traders trust.

  4. Hope FXCM will adresse proactivly any minor issue & leanr some lessons here.

  5. Retaliation is the most idiot move I ever SAW. FXCM got very low on this.

I tried to remain fair on this issue & I tried to provide feedback despite last moves.

Hope that FXCM will make more informations avaible about the platform like price feeds.

Hope this helps

I won’t be using them after reading these kinds of threads…

Jason Rogers, If this is the case with FXCM how are we suposed to know what the market price is when your platform shows a different price ?

Yep same here, its not just on here and Forex Factory. There are bad reviews of them everywhere on the net

I know, I have been looking… I was going to go with them until I started researching…

Then this one, different price feeds depending on the software of theirs you use, and to bat they are not always accurate… No thanks.

Oanda is great according to reviews, but their charting sucks!!!

Hi guys,

To be fair t[U][B]his affect mainly Active trader WEB platform[/B][/U]. Not micro neither Standard accounts. This is another product called active trader.

Regarding how to know that you have a price lag. I had emailed support with screen shots showing price lag against Dukascopy price feed. Got from them a lesson how they don’t have same liquidity providers & FX market is not centralised. I understand support is always facing some idiot questions/ issue but they should digg more.


Still, if they have problems like this with their active trader account i would not want to be with them at all.

Hi Dan,

I appreciate your posts, and our comments regarding this matter are also located on the thread for you to view.

When any technical issue occurs, we will actively seek to fix the problem. In this particular case, the problem when it occurs is specific to a traders computer environment. FXCM cannot see that a traders rates are not updating in real time in line with the FX Trading Station II. I welcome you to register for an active trader demo account and compare to your own FX Trading Station II demo to see for yourself.

For those traders that have experienced this, we have been working one on one to troubleshoot what is happening because the problem is not happening for all traders. If it were, there would be more than 1 trader posting about this on the forum out of thousands on the active trader platform. That’s why at the very beginning of our conversations via twitter I asked to contact me directly so we could begin this process.

Unfortunately, if a trader is unwilling to get in touch with us to help with that troubleshooting, we’re basically left to guess what may be happening with their setup. A handful of other traders have contacted us directly with information and we have been working one on one with them where it has been occurring, and I will have more details to share once the final cause is identified.

As mentioned in my first statement, any trader experiencing this will have their trades adjusted and we recommend moving over to the FX Trading Station II until we know exactly what in the computer environment is causing this so we can fix it.

You can take a look through all of the threads in FXCM’s broker aid section and see for yourself that we have been very open in wanting to help traders with any problems they encounter, but this also involves traders cooperating with us in providing information so they can be helped. As you can read from earlier posts, the only way we were able to reach out to FX13 was after he “accidentally posted his name”. When troubleshooting a problem not affecting everyone but only a handful of clients, we need to be able to investigate what is specific to that trader which means speaking with them directly and reviewing how that account is setup.

Please feel free to post any additional questions.