Fxp1_ TRADING Journal/Analysis

Hello everyone, thought I may aswell post something for you all.

Keepy my eye on EURAUD, USDCAD, USDCHF and USDJPY pairs this week.

I have everything marked out and expecting an entry in the coming days.

Technical analysis, momentum, divergences, Support and Resistance - it’s vital to have an arsenal of different tools, strategies etc.

ONLY 1 pic per post just now so you’ll find the rest below.

Thanks for reading


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I don’t have any bias towards any of my pairs, just wait to see what the market does



don’t expect this to be a finely organised trading journal :joy:

I’ll post my charts start of the week, the pairs I’m watching.

Then once I’ve entered a trade, I’ll post again, telling why I have entered, exited, SL and TP.

Till I enter a trade, take it easy folks and speak soon :+1:

Great! Bookmarked/subscribed to your thread!

EDIT: Ok it’s called “Watching” Not bookmarking apparently.

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Yayyy! :slight_smile: Good luck with this trading journal @_fxp1! :smiley: Will definitely drop by every now and then to read more about how you’re doing! :blush:

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Missed USDCAD trade but spotted an excellent opportunity on EURUSD.

Will post again at end of the day ( 10pm gmt)

SL is moved 2 pips above entry.


Thanks purtle :+1:

How’s your trading going?

Thanks ria_rose :+1: do you have a journal, what stage of your trading career are you at?

Speak soon

Locked in profit, off to make dinner now.

Check in later with you all :+1:

SL was hit, needed to lock in some pips. Better safe than sorry.

I’ll check charts tonight for another opportunity.

These have been quick fire posts, i will take some time at the weekend to go further into things.

Thanks for reading so far everybody.

I also have a trading journal! I update mine after they’re closed though. When I have more time I’ll probably do “live” updates like you!

Here’s the link to mine: Purple Turtle’s 10-Week $300 FX Trading Challenge (Live Trading)

Yup. Mine also got hit just earlier but diff pair: AUD/USD. Nice moves on the Aussie today!

Yeah the Aussie flew.

Just entered a buy on USDCAD, hoping the expected poor fundamentals coming up this week for CAD to skyrocket this pair.

Tight SL incase not.

I’ll check out your journal once I get myself settled into bed :joy:

Oh man did you get stopped out on this one?