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What kind of spread will there be on the majors on the upcoming MT5 stp accounts, you have the two options FIXED and FLOATING, thanks in advance.

Dear Mrquickbuy,

The spreads on the MT5 (Fixed and Floating) will be exactly the same as on the MT4, plus there will be a possibility to have raw spreads + commission. You can find out more on our spreads here.

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FxPro Team

Thank-you for answering, will there be re-quotes on MT5 and are there re-quotes on your c-trader? Also what is the minimum position size, in increments of 0.00010 10k or 0.00001 1k? thanks.

Dear MrQuickbuy,

Thank you for your questions.

MT5 supports both types of execution, Instant and Market. Under Instant execution there are requotes (as per MT4) while at Market there are no requotes (cTrader).

Regarding minimum position size, it is yet to be determined. I will let you know in due course once it is finalised.

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I use see Ctrader, just downloaded the MT4 version, CFD’s are all on MT4 and not on cTrader. Quite interested in the MT5 to avoid requotes. Also why do you requote on MT4, doesn’t matter much to me at this stage but why? I presume you guys run a dealing desk that prefers to requote.

Let me know. Also when will the MT5 be released?

MT5 is great but the one big drawback is you can only go one way on a pair.


You could only go long EUR/USD for eg, you couldnt short the EUR/USD if you already have a long EUR/USD position open.

Dear Emeraldorc,

The are re-quotes on MT4 because of the model of execution of the platform, which is Instant Execution, whereas the cTrader is Market Execution.

As far as the Dealing Desk is concerned, we operate under a No Dealing Desk environment, where all of the trades are processed automatically.

Hi, im on your MT4 demo at the moment, are your pending orders oco one-cancels-the other, because i had a sell-stop activated and the buy stop deleted itself? Thanks.

Dear Mrquickbuy,

Our pending orders are not OCO (One cancels the other). Your buy stop could not have been deleted if the sell stop was activated.

If you would like to further investigate your issue, please send me your demo account number by PM, and we will look into it.

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FxPro Team

No its okay, if it was a real account then i would like you to investigate but seeing it is only a demo i wouldnt want to waste your time. I wonder why it did delete itself then if you dont do oco…strange.

Dear Mrquickbuy,

It is strange, therefore we wanted to investigate the issue to make sure that technically everything is ok.

Do let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Kind regards,

FxPro Team

ok i have sent you a pm

I have just read your email so you can ignore my last pm to you. I did not realize the candlesticks are only the bid, therefore when i looked at the high on a particular candle i thought that was the highest price reached. Thanks for your reply. I must add tho that i didnt delete the buy-stop on usd/cad you can see it was deleted 3 seconds after the news came out my take-profit on my sell-stop was activated 2 seconds after the news and the buy deleted itself pretty much at the same time. This was some kind of technical fault somewhere.

Thank you for your feedback.

Please let me know if it happens again, so we can investigate it further from our side.

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FxPro Team

What happened did you get your money back? was it a technical fault by fxpro or did you get the bid/ask mixed up or something? just interested because im thinking of going with this broker.

My demo account platform is not working properly, the one-click trading has disappeared on all pairs except for usd/chf, any idea why?