GBP/JPY Technical Analysis

There are 2 wave count possibility for next week market. Is either Bullish Reversal or Bearish Continuation. After some consideration from my technical analysis, I still prefer for Bullish Reversal because :-

  1. Upper Trendline already been taken (breakout).
  2. Strong support at 210.18 (false breakout)
  3. Some sort of inverted “Head & Shoulder” pattern can be seen (in blue rectangle)
  4. BSTS signal more bias towards Bullish trend.
  5. Confirmation upon major upper trendline breakout later (still has not been taken yet)

But there is also a strong potential for Bearish Continuation trend. So watch closely those critical line before making any decission. Just make sure before making any entry, there is a strong signal from BSTS for that particular trend. Good lucks.

200 SMA head up
support red line was head up
RSI double bottom

another support idea
we had overbought, the price pullback red line (support) and didnot even break

sunday trade setup (b/c vol slow so i only take small profit)
long limit 210.50
sl 209.50
pt 211.00

just another idea how analysis

Market preferable in Bullish bias as long the price moving upwards following inside the bullish trendline channel. But just be carefull for reversal bearish trend since there is also a possibility that the price is making a “Double Top”. Watch closely the thick yellow support trendline before making any entry. Preferable Bullish Continuation.

wow… that is a wild chart… haha

I see GBPJPY topping out here for the day at 212.75 and making its way back to 212.00… i would look for support there…

well, the pair made its way lower to 212.10 since my last post, but found buyers to push it back up. It looks like risk appetites are back in the market. Look for the pair to make its way back up to 213.00 where it may find resistance.

At the moment there are 2 possibility which is either Bullish Continiuation or Bearish Reversal. For the Bearish Reversal idea I presumed the price will go down to perform wave a and then go up to complete wave b before going downwards again in making wave c. The establish of “Head & Shoulder” pattern and the resistance of the unbreakable short critical point later will boilster this idea. Otherwise we might see a Bullish Continuation to complete wave c (white colour).



Well, if you understand the chart I posted, you wont asking like this.

Price has made a little breakout but maybe its just a False Breakout. I still prefer for Bearish Reversal idea and looking for a “Double Top” and “Head & Shoulder” to be perform later. A lower trend breakout will boilster this point of view. Otherwise we shall see Bullish Continuation trend. Tips : wait for a good BSTS signal before making a short entry.

well i dont wanna make u feel bad, make u should make a decision clearly…

no MAYBE, no emotion invole


You have to have a doctorate in rocket science to read that effing chart, dude!!

1 hour charts
line break out method
box method
3 pivots method
abc, 123, 12345 method
patterns candles method
fibonacci retracement method

THAT are i see what you used to predict the trend…what else i miss ?

I’m looking for a big “Double Top” (blue rectangle) to be establish later. I’m still prefer for Bearish Reversal trend to be happen later. Watch closely the short critical line. As long the short critical line has not been taken, Bearish Reversal speculation would still be valid. A strong breakout to the lower trendline will boilster this point of view. Otherwise we shall see a Bullish Continuation later. Preferable - Bearish Reversal.

Well, in forex, there are always an alternate count you need to consider. Eventhough how good you are in forecast, you never can be 100% sure what will going to happen later in the market. Don’t worry about what I feels, nothing can harm my feeling especially in this small matters. To be honest, why don’t you post your chart so we always can change an idea from individual perspective of whats going to be happen later in market.


great u are so straight
i used OBV + 20,50,200 sma

2 candles break below the trend line, so the trend is over so it is sideway, bull, bear ? dont know
but the OBV still strong so i prefer sideway

AND ALSO STEP BACK TO 4HRS CHARTS, I SEE A 50,200SMA SUPPORT (STRONG) plus the bull trend just start at 4hrs
i prefer strong bull AT 4HRS charts

step to smaller timeframe trade sideway strategy

Market already show a very strong Bearish Reversal. I believed the price in the process of making wave c downtrend and a “Double Top” can be considered to be establised but how far it will go, we still need to wait and see any signal from BSTS later. A breakout to the lowest trendline would boilster this bearish reversal speculation. Preferable Bearish Reversal.

Nice chart dude. Good luck in your trading

The price already reached my TP at the moment. Either there will be a Bearish Continuation or a bullish retrace to fibo 50%, we need to wait and see. From my point of view, I believed the price should retrace back to maybe fibo 50% to perform a “Head & Shoulder” pattern before another Bearish Continuation to complete wave c. Or there are a Bearish Continuation until FE 100% before the price start to retrace back. Its a very high risk if you make a long entry at the moment. Watch the lowest trendline and the DT bearish channel trendline. As long as the price going down following the Bearish Channel Trendline, the Bearish Reversal speculation would still be valid. Wait for a good signal from BSTS before making any entry.

I believed the price will make a retracement again to perform a “Head & Shoulder” pattern before start to DT again to complete wave c. Or another count is there will be a Bearish Continuation to complete wave c (a b c in white). Unless the price break the upper DT trendline, the Bearish Reversal speculation would still be valid. Preferable - A Retracement before another Bearish Continuation

At the moment, the market in Bearish Continuation preferable until FE100% and there is no signal yet for any reversal (correction).

I believed the market in correction phase (retracement) to complete wave b (yellow) and further later will going down again to complete wave c. As long as the price not breaking the short critical line, a Bearish Continuation would still be valid. Otherwise, a Bullish Reversal idea came cross to my mind (alt count a b c in white). Watch carefully the trendlines and those critical points before making any decission. Wait for a good signal from BSTS before making any entry.