Does anyone has heard about Funding talent program? They fund you to trade. I came cross this on instagram.

Funny you should ask. I’m going to be researching into different prop funds for a challenge.

I had a look at this company. Its rubbish. So apparently after you get 100k account you will get 10% of your monthly profits and upto 5k goes into another ‘funded’ account. So if you make 10k, you get 1k and then 5k into the other account and the rest they keep. Doesnt sound right to me. Then you can trade the ‘funded’ account but they take 25% of that too. I don’t think they’re a proper company, maybe an affiliate partner to I’m staying away for now.

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I blogged about my experience on two different funding programs. My experience is it seems they set up the environment so that you are more likely to lose. After all, you pay them money first.


Thanks. Whats the link to your blog?

If you’re talking about the blog on your profile then you havent blogged about any funding programs. You just keep saying ‘more about it later’. Its a bit annoying 'cos I read the posts thinking you had something to add. If its on another blog then please just copy and paste it here, I’m not going through another blog again. Sorry no offence intended.

You’re right, thank you. I forgot to post it. I’m so very new at this and I appreciate any feedback.

Here is the link to my personal blog, thanks.

I stumbled into here looking for someone who had actually used the company. But you clearly don’t understand their program so lets compare Prop firms.
Most firms, atleast when they started you had to pay a startup fee plus a monthly fee of around $125. You don’t make a dime until you pass all their tests and not break ANY of their trading rules. They have they own broker platform, max lot size, start you out trading for peanuts, and have fixed leverage.Plus they tell you what you can and can not trade. And you have to trade for 3 months min., making nothing but still paying THEM !
With Funding Talent you get a choice of brokers to use, using that brokers demo account, including Hugosway which I love. They have an only 5% daily drawdown rule that you can’t hit. but other then that you’re pretty much on your own. You pay a 1 time fee plus a monthly fee which you can have taken out of your profits.
How it works: Yes, you start out with 2 accounts.
The 10% account gets paid directly to your PayPal every 14 day. 10% ? Let’s do some math. I’m currently doing $60K a month in my Demo .But maybe you’re not as good as me so let’s use $30K. That’s $3000 a month, paid to you, while you’re in their testing phase.
The other acct: As I said , other prop firms are going to make you trade over time to prove you can be conconsistent, use good risky management, so they know you’re not a flash in the pan, Again, all while paying you nothing ! So, The reason F.T. only puts $5k into your other acct per month is to force this trading over time upon you. I believe once this acct reaches $15,000 you get your $100K account. THEN ! They pay you 90% of the profits ! That’s unheard of ! If it takes you 6 months to get to $15k you’re still getting paid over in the 10% account. And just because you made the $5k for the month don’t stop trading. You can still increase your 10%. If you can make $100K in a month that’s still $10K in your pocket. And NO, they are not profiting off your trades. Would you take the trades of a Demo trader ?
You can Trade everything your Broker offers too.
The other 2 Prop firms That look not quite as good to me are FTMO 80% payout; and Top Step Trader 75% payout, Futures or FX not both.


Hey, thanks for the info on funding talent. I’m going to try the 25K demo account and report back to you guys. The max I can lose is $155. It is well worth a look.

So far looks legit. I like the fact that there are a lot of rules. Lends more credibility.


But you’re already a full time trader Steve. Says so in your profile. Don’t you need at least a 25K account to trade under CFTC regulations in the US of A

So why would you then go to a prop firm and share your profits :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Hi Steve,
I’ll be signing up by Monday. I hope you checked out the Agressive plans. It’s a much better deal. Your “10% account” becomes a 20% account". BUT you that 20% goes back into the other account, BUT that helps you get to your $3750 for the $25K or $15K for the $100K account. AND once you get your LIVE account you can still trade your demo account at the same time.
I don’t know what the split is for a regular acct but for the $25K aggressive acct it’s 75/25. And for the 100K acct it’s 90%/10% split ! If you think you are good I can’t see why you wouldn’t go with this option.

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Okay, here’s an update from an email I just received that might keep me from signing up with these people.
For example, if a trade is open and runs -$2000 but closes in $100 profit, you still will have had a daily loss of -$2000.
So ! Even if you close a trade profitable, the profit from THAT trade had better be bigger then the drawdown. That’s crazy !
Here’s the full conversation:

Hello, Other programs are kind of funny about losses. And I’m reading the max loss amounts So I just want to be clear.
Some programs , you could be up 10K for the day and have a loss of $1000. In Their program you still have had lost a $1000 and now your Max Floating P&L is only $4000. Not here ?
Also , if you’re up $10,000 for the day, why isn’t your floating Loss amount now $15,000 ? Would give a trader more wiggle room
Some insight into our drawdown guidelines;

An example using the 100K Classic model demo account which has a 5% maximum daily drawdown. You start the day with a balance of $107,000 on your account; your daily loss is $5000 for that day. If you close profits in the morning of $1000, you now have $6000 to lose for the day. This resets back to $5000 at midnight no matter what the balance of your account.

Losses do not include only closed trades. We look at running losses as well. For example, if a trade is open and runs -$2000 but closes in $100 profit, you still will have had a daily loss of -$2000.

This makes no sense at all. Maybe you’ve emailed them to clarify but this is not how i read it.

So 100k account, we’ll use the returns you said you can make. you make 30%, 30k every month.

Month 1
10% to you and 5k to your real account
3k paid

Month 2
10% to you and 5k to real account
3k paid (total 6k), 10k in real account

Month 3
10% to you and 5k to your real account
3k paid.(total.9k) and now 15k in real.account

Now 75/25% split, if aggressive you get 90/10%.
The demo is still max 5% per month.

Month 4
3k paid and 5k to real account also real.account 30% is 4500. Let’s say you get 100% of that.
So 12k paid, plus 4500. total; 16500 month 4.

On top of that 12 days trading per month, 3 days per week and the big one: trading has to be ‘consistent’.

Month 1; 30k made but 0 paid
Month 2 30k made but 0 paid
Month 3: 30k made, 20k paid
Month 4: 30k made, 20k.paid
Total 40k

Huge difference in pay. Also I said month 1 and 2. If you complete in 10 days each challenge. You are finished in 1 month. No monthly subscription.

To anyone looking to go with funding talent, make sure you do your due diligence. I dont recommend it. I stick to my opinion as per my post above back in april. The rest is up to you. Best of luck.


1st; If you read all my post you will see I hadn’t joined yet. I have since and got my login info today. I was also referring to my demo acct I was trading before signing up.
Next; You’re confusing the 2 types of acct.
If you have an Aggressive acct, you get paid 20% not 10%. But, that 20% goes into qualifying sooner for your LIVE acct, in as little as 30 days. There’s NO limit to how much you can make with that 20%.
(I’m going to talk about the Aggressive accounts because I think it’s foolish NOT to go that route.)
Next: Say you made $10K your first 14 day, They’ll add $2000 to your acct. Then the next 14 days you make another $10K . Your acct balance is now $120,000. They will add another $4000 to your acct. With their $5k you’re now at $11K and almost to your $15K need to get a live acct.
Next: Once you have a Live acct you can still trade your Demo acct. Possible profit > 110 %
If you should decide to withdrawal all your money and leave, you can still trade your Demo acct for 20% .
If you should break the 10% rule you can buy back in without losing your profits. The 5% daily drawdown does not apply to floating P&L with the Aggressive.
One last thing : I chose Hugosway. Their Server is in Ann Arbor Michigan and I’m in Ohio. Time to server . As little as 38ms. Time to server for FTMO over 130ms . This important when scalping.
I’m not saying FTMO is bad, but I will say I sent in a lot of emails and they never did understand my question. They also copy your trades thru their platform instead of your trades going straight to the broker. Made worry about more delays when scalping. I also think the rules are less strick at Funding Talent.

But financially it doesnt make sense. You are only making 20% of your profit on the demo and 90% on a smaller account.

If you can achieve these returns then:
30% on your 15k will be 4500.
30% on 100k will be 30k where you get 20% (6k).
So 10.5k a month for 30% return.

In ftmo
30k made, 20k paid. Simple. Straight to your account.

Isnt it better to get 70% of your profits and then opening your own real account rather than wait for 15k. That 15k isnt even yours too.

Yeah I agree, the other points seem much better though. Also the topping up of your account sounds great. But the rule you need to be consistent worried me. Will be interesting to see @steveepperson and hear from his experience.

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Whats the appeal over FundingTalent compared with FTMO? Doesnt FTMO offer the best deal?

Trader forex , Either I’m not awake yet or your missing something. And it looks like you are saying, you are trading $15K in your Live acct. This is not true. You’re not growing your Live acct to $100,000. It’s kind of goofy how it’s worded, when they say $5k a month goes toward your Live Acct.
$5K a month turns into $100K once you hit $15K. Thus, 30% profit on $100k = $30K times 90% = $27,000
plus what ever you made by still trading your demo acct.
What makes Funding Talent popular for some people is , if they don’t get in a hurry , and use the standard account, they can actually collect a paycheck every 14 day, even if it’s just something.
Lets say all you have is $500. And you make $20% in a month.
In a normal Broker acct that equals $100. With Funding Talent that would be $2000 ! Plus you’re working your way toward becoming a fully funded traded and receiving a 75/25 split. (90/10 for Aggressive accts.)
So say, first month $2000 profit. Next month, BOOM , you blow your acct up. You’re still ahead $1500. Minus $250 for last months Data, because you were still trading; $1250 . Buy back in for $400 puts you at $850. Still better then $100.
Sometimes it helps to look at the worse case.

@Vstar44870 so basically.

If ive applied for the 100k aggressive account, how long will it take to be trading that full account if im making, say 10% per month on average?

Hard to say for sure because of Compounding every 14 days. But we’ll say 5% every 14 days.
Day 14 $5000 is added to your live acct. ( 5% of $100,000)
Day 28 another 5% has been made plus you had already made 5% , so $10,000 will be added to your Live acct.
You have already hit the $15,000 needed to get your LIVE acct, even with out their $5K per month.
I believe on day 30 you recieve your Live acct.
There’s been people hit the $15K in one day ! But they had to have been trading huge lots, thus have to keep trading the same lots or close to it , to be compliaint to the Constistency rule. They are looking for Traders, not gamblers. No , say , 10 lot trades to get you there and 0.01 lot trades the rest of the month. They want people with a working strategy.
You can also check out the owner on YouTube > Jessica Forex

Yeah i noticed she reviewed her own company on Trustpilot aswell :rofl:

Might still be good though.