Gilas Trading Journal

Yaaay! :slight_smile: Good job Gilas! :smiley: I hope your wins continue. :blush:

Thank you @ria_rose. Hope I learn some discipline.

You’re my #tradinggoalz :clap:

Nice job on the recovery :+1:

Sounds like you’re well aware of what you have to work on! That’s great!

But it doesn’t make it easier. I’ve learned that as well!

I think the mental aspect of trading is so underrated and underappreciated by the majority of retail traders.

I went back to the account that I had blown trading options and I went through every losing trade. If I had a simple rule of getting out at x percent loss I would have been in great shape.

But that calm analysis in the trenches is very difficult to do.

I started mental Jiu-Jitsu with myself always finding an excuse to stay in a losing trade. If I finally got out I would be doubling down to make it back quickly.

I think for me it has to be more like Tai chi than jiu jitsu. Slow and deliberate.

Good luck with the head games!! Sounds like you’re on the right track!


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couldn t have said it better

Add your account to myfxbook. The link from first posts doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

Turned $9600 in Dec to $14K by mid Dec, then spiralled out of control AGAIN to $6K T_T T_T
Took a long vacation.

Resumed trading on Jan 3, have made $7700 since and account is back up to $14K+. Net profit of almost $4800. Pulling out $5K by tomorrow to pay debts and bills, and have a bit of money for myself. That was something I should have done back in Dec in hindsight. Should stop trying also to compound gains until I am comfortable with the amounts I’m trading, then plan an increase in capital incrementally.

On a happier note, according to my broker’s analytics, my account is net positive $206 since I started it in April 2019 :smiley:

that is something to be proud of, well done.

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Thank you for the encouragement. 2019 was quite a challenging year. Hopefully 2020 will be much better, maybe perhaps this is the year I achieve consistency fingers crossed


Pulling out profits today and restarting with $9600 again. Would be nice to have some money for living expenses for a while.

Lost $229 yesterday but that’s fine. I think as long as I stop having days when I lose over $1K I’ll be fine. Should be able to bounce back from $100-500 loss days.

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Still alive and kicking bro. Just keep having several rough patches, far too frequently.

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Data I’ll try to be aware of next week (GMT +8, my local time)

Monday - US Holiday
3pm German PPI

11am BoJ Interest Rate Decision
530pm GBP Earnings
6pm German ZEW Econ Conditions
930pm CAD Mftg Sales
955pm US Redbook
1120pm NZD GlobalDairy Price

730am Westpac Consumer Sentiment
530pm UK Retail Sales
930pm CAD CPI
10pm US Home Sales
11pm CAD Interest Rate Decision

830pm AUD employment
1045pm ECB Rate Decision

Midnight Crude Inventories
545am NZD CPI
6am AUD Mftg, Services PMIs
730am JPY CPI, PMIs
430pm German Mftg
5pm EUR PMIs
530pm UK PMIs
930pm CAD Retail Sales
1045pm US PMIs

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I’m so happy to see you’re still at it @Gilas! :blush: 2020 will definitely be our year. :blush: Good luck to us!

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Thanks. Last year was a very tough year. Hoping 2020 is kinder to us!

Just made $190 going long DAX for once. Am currently long Brent crude.

ended yesterday with +$252. Shorted DAX during the US session, it kept going up and I kept adding until I was 0.30 lots short. Thankfully it fell three hours earlier and was able to get out with +$795 :slight_smile:

+$1048 for the week so far, 10.48%. (fxblue shows $800+ but that doesn’t factor in interest my broker charged me for holding overnight)

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What a recovery :+1:

Here’s to 2020 the year of plenty!


Thanks! Made $1100 yesterday and $400 today. At around $1700+ for the week, 17%. It takes a lot of time and effort but it is slowly paying off.

Broker app says I’m up net $2K since I started the account last April 2019. Hope it keeps going up this year and I don’t run into any blowouts again.

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I looked through your myfxbook, and your strategy is risky. You put more trades on when it’s moving against you and then take out profit once it turns back around. Clearly you’ve had some success, but I think the times that it doesn’t turn around is the reason you’ve blown up so much. You have huge trades on something moving the wrong way and don’t want to close with a loss and it just gets worse.

I tried the same thing and blew my account, twice. I really hope you do well, but I can see big losses in the future too with your strategy

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Thanks for you concern. if you’ll notice, I have already blown up several times before. About 13 times looking at the chart of my P/L above. 3 of those were really painful.

I have implemented a few changes to my trading which have been working well, and this month thus far I have not had any large losses. At this point I know I am still in a precarious position.

Cheers mate.