🚨 Giveaway Alert: Have you seen BabyPips.com’s School of Crypto yet?! [CLOSED]

In case you’ve been too busy eating pumpkin-spiced everything,

BabyPips.com’s brand new course, the School of Crypto, is finally out!

What better way to celebrate this milestone than with a giveaway, right? And a super easy one at that!

For this giveaway, we just wanna know…

Have you visited BabyPips.com’s School of Crypto yet?!

If you haven’t, well, now’s the BEST TIME because we have a giveaway for you to do just THAT!

To join this SUPER EASY giveaway, all you have to do is…

  1. Check out BabyPips.com’s awesome SCHOOL OF CRYPTO HERE.
  2. Click the Yes button in the poll question below. This is so we know to include you in the giveaway pool of entries!
  3. Write at least 3 posts within the giveaway period. No, not 3 of the same exact post - we’re not looking for spammers! (For the newbies, you can write 3 posts anywhere in the forums. You can even introduce yourself in this thread!)
  4. Have an avatar. Yes ladies and gents, you gotta have a profile picture! You don’t need to use your actual photo - you can pick ANY photo other than the default letter that all anons get.

If you also let us know your thoughts on our new School of Crypto, you automatically get additional entries!

Piece of cake, am I right?

But here’s the awesome part! Depending on what your user Trust Level is (check out Pipstradamus’s write up 15 on this one), your prize amount changes! Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1 TL3 (“Regular”) winner will win US20
  • 1 TL2 (“Member”) winner will win USD15
  • 1 TL1 (“Basic User”) winners will win USD10
  • 1 TL0 (“New User”) winners will win USD5

The winners will be selected randomly from the pool of posts created within the giveaway time frame. So the more posts you have, the more chances of winning!

The giveaway period starts today November 11, 2022, and ends on November 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM, EST.

We will announce the winners on this thread on November 19, 2022 so stay tuned!

*The prize will be in a Bitcoin, PayPal or Amazon.com e-gift card format, which means we’ll have to ask for the winners’ corresponding crypto wallet address/ email address. Failure to respond with your email addresses within 7 days will result in disqualification and selection of new winners.

Go ahead and click on that ‘Yes’ button below!

Have you visited BabyPips.com’s School of Crypto yet?!
  • Yes, definitely!
  • I haven’t, but I’ll check it out real soon!

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Good luck!


WOW! Timing couldn’t be more perfect. A Crypto course came out in a time the crypto world is in a bit of “frenzy”… Amazing stuff.

As soon as I saw the post went there. Thought I’ll just read the Introduction. It was so interesting, so Continued to bitcoin part & took the quiz too.

Beautiful, Simple and anyone can understand, If studied carefully don’t know how many people this course will save in the future in terms of avoiding FOMO.

Thank you each and everyone on the TEAM for gifting us this amazing course and the Giveaway too. It’s Wonderful to be a part of a community people are ready and willing to share the spirit of their knowledge FREELY for that I am So grateful.


Btw. :heart: Toshi Moshi that’s a nice touch.



Hiya @Penelopip

I was looking for authentic Crypto material, yeay!

Tnx and best of luck


This is a Highly accurate statement. Last week the crypto world was super volatile and looks like it’s still now over.

Thank you Babypips for publishing a very timely course like this. I started going through the introduction and I liked this statement very much " cryptocurrencies provide some degree of privacy ."

I’ve seen people say that “You can’t track the transactions when you use crypto”, the truth is it’s a bit harder but it can be done. So year, key words “Some degree of…” is spot on.

Thank you for the course, hope to go through it and increase my crypto knowledge which hopefully will lead me to make informed decisions.


I can tell you from now that I have no intention of doing any trading in cryptocurrencies anytime soon but with prizes on the line the least I can do is have a look at the course. I have enough challenges what with U/J, E/U, and G/U, lol.
Good luck to all who choose to go down that path though. I suspect that if/when it starts to go up it will take off like a rocket as everyone and their cat will be trying to jump on the train early.


Babypips team did it again. You had/have the bestest Forex guide there ever was/ is. and now you have the bestest Crypto guide there ever was/ is. Unreal. Thank You!

I intend to get the full benefit of it.


I sure hope this will happen in * checks watch* maybe tomorrow? lol


It took me a while before I realized that there was an added feature, but I checked it out as soon as I did! :sweat_smile: It’s been a while since I won one of these giveaways. Maybe 8th time’s the charm. :joy: :pray:


Wow I spend a good deal of time on Babypips daily and it’s strange that I didn’t check this new course. As soon as I read the first 2 lines I instantly clicked on “Learn Crypto” to explore the course. Cryptocurrency is something that I have a hard time getting my head around but I’m very hopeful this time and I think I will learn about it as easily as I learned about forex concepts.

Who else has already enrolled for this course?


I went there the first time I saw it. Didn’t realize a giveaway started. That’s awesome.

I agree with the above members that mentioned it’s the very best time for a Crypto course. Going from basics is the best way to chart these waters. Last week with FTX “issue” things were hectic. How the market moved was scary.

So going from basics understanding the market from ground floor is certainly a smart way to sail.

As always Thank you for providing the best for your community Babypis team, Great Job!


That’s great. For right now, forex keeps me busy enough. haha


It sure can get confusing really fast! Great there’s a course here!


Babypips doing Babypips things, yet another COMPLETE course! Thank you Team! you guys are truly uniquely special. Love it!!!

Awwww… I love that mascot too. Really a nice touch!


I only read the first post so far and I already know more than I knew about the basics of Crypto. To be honest I’ve never read the Bitcoin Whitepaper, because of this I found it and started reading it.

Very eager to know what to come. Even though we know about cryptocurrency It’s just knowledge taken from everywhere, never had a proper education, the basics, Learn Crypto tab provides that. Thank U!


What an Awesome opportunity in my first day at BabyPips! :grinning: I joined today and currently simultaneously looking at the contents of Forex and Crypto School.

Whoever is responsible for these course deserve a HUMANGOUS Thank you!


I literally jumped at the email introducing the school of crypto. I’m so grateful they decided to do this.


Another great project by Babypips. Just like forex lack of knowledge and discipline seem to hurt a lot of people when it comes to Crypto. Those who follow this course won’t have that problem.

Thank You!

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Brilliant. Just Brilliant. Just saw it today and went there right away. I really enjoyed how lessons were organized in School of Pipsology and here you followed a similar format it’s very clear in sectionwise.

Nice Job guys!

@Nick1864 Wow. You already took a quiz too. Have you continued? Good Luck!


How Exiting, the second post that is suggested to me is a giveaway. I joined today and enjoying the Crypto course. and a giveaway to kickoff too. Noice!