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It’s the start of a brand new year (and a new decade!), and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

As we welcome the beginning of 2020, it’s time to hear about how YOUR trading journeys began. Whether you stumbled upon it while surfing the web or a friend introduced you to it, tell us your story!

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How did you discover forex trading?

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You might be far ahead in your trading journey, or still finding your way around. Wherever you are, we’re excited to hear from you. After all, they say the beginning is the most important part of the work. Good luck!

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I join and I hope that, if I win, I can change the $25 or $50 with the Babypips t-shirt :rofl:

I discovered Forex Trading in 2007 through an advertisement from eToro.
Back then, eToro was only regulated in Cyprus and had a very funny graphic that simulated a “race” when you invested in currencies.
I then discovered Babypips, went through university and started to be serious about trading.
Almost 13 years, but I still don’t have a Babypips t-shirt :sob:


For me everything started in 2012 in a hot summer …was working in a chemistry lab at that time and it was a damn hot that day …while i was testing some stuff one of my work mates stand next to me and asked if i had ever heard of Binary options or a thing like trading … i said i heard about it but never really understand or done that …he showe me his notebook with a EurUsd Chart on it and some BB and told me all i need to do is hit the sell button when this bars hit the upper band and hit the buy Button when the bars hit the lower band … sounds easy or ?!
that was the time and the exact moment when i fell in love with the market insert romantic music

edit: i want that Baby Pips Shirt too ^^ just in case :wink:



Saw it a NYC bus ad of this financial seminar at the Jacob K Javits center back in 2012.
I went there and the speaker was speaking on not being tethered to money and the possibility of financial freedom comes when you’re not looking at money in such a way. Anywho I overheard a person speaking about Oanda and I decided to google them and try to figure out what was it. A little snooping around I end up running into the words “forex” and scoured the internet some more and I ran into babypips. The rest is history as they would say.


I actually came across this website, believe it or not!

And I’m happy I did.


i Had the same issue with a group of traders
They really are A pushy scamming bunch


I had always been interested in trading and traded stocks quite successfully on the ASX for a number of years. Then the GFC arrived and at the time I was very heavily leveraged into mining stocks and when the GFC hit I got smashed. $30,000 of profits gone!!!.

That killed my account and my trading. But the fickled finger of fate is a wonderful thing and chance meeting of a work colleague who had a girlfriend in South America who was a Forex Trader, introduced me into the world of FX.

I was instantly hooked and I opened a demo account and soon found out that yes you could make money but it was not easy. The first broker I used put me onto BabyPips as a way to learn and so after years of studying practicing I managed to get back to trading.

I don’t trade stocks. Just FX Futures and Options and I cannot thank that work colleague and his girlfriend enough for giving me my trading life back.




First of all thanks to Babypips admin for this giveaway :kissing_heart:

Well, I started my Forex Trading Journey in 2019 when I was wondering for some market for getting the best profit with minimum capital. For this purpose, just search out market trends and google it. After a couple of weeks, I found links for the Currency exchange of FX Market from news sites. Simply, find out basic knowledge about the Forex market and how it can helpful to complete my dreams.

After that I found one of the best Forex broker and start my Forex career with them. Boost my trading skills
and start using demo account. Learn from failure and move on! Always keep in mind… Golden rule for successful trader is KEEP Patience !!!


i started a few years back ont he reccommendation of a friend who was earning wway more than me but still in a full time job (not fx related). one day i asked how he was making so much success, and he showed me his charts. at first i was baffled but then took the time to learn and teach myself and here we are. not a millionaire but making profits nonethless, and above all, i enjoy trading in my free time. it keeps the noggin tickicng to stay in the loop with the financial sector too


patience is key!! i didnt at first realise the trading psychology importance in this life haha proably the hardest thing for me to this day, to keep emotions under control


Started looking at the power of compound interest - what a shock! :laughing: - Then read Day Trading for Dummies, got interested in volume studies, read Anna Coulings books, Doubled my account trading options. YaY! Lost all but $7 trading options, Booooo.

Took a break, realized I needed an instrument that had a low entry bar, forex was it and the journey began.



I have entered into Forex trading when I was looking where to invest my money but to get reasonable returns.

I have tested stock market and money funds but none of them were good enough. I wanted something I can control and not to wait for the whole year to earn small peace of money.

Then I have seen an ad with Forex and from there I my journey started. I have found Forex blog, which today is not active, and started to read and read.

I have downloaded Metatrader 4 and practiced all what I have read. Even I did not know what I am doing I will sucked into trading because of technical tools and because all depends on me. If I am good in trading I will earn money.

It was 2008/2009. Long ime ago. :slight_smile:

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Well I was always interesting in financial market, I a for enter the game you mush have a lot a for then I discovered that in retail trading you need a small cap and margin your account with leverage I lost about 3K in forex comod and Index as well in the last year now I’m looking forward to learn and re enter again

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Thank you guys for organizing this giveaway!

I discovered forex trading around 10 years ago when I was still under-aged and I noticed a friend posting on Facebook that he was earning money via forex and posting screenshots of large amounts of money in his bank account.

Coming from a poor family background, I decided to search around and see how I can get started on this and starting making my big bucks but was initially deterred because most brokers require you to be at least 21 years old in order to have a trading account.

I came across babypips when I was around 20 and saw that there was an educational course with a progression meter that tells you how much you have learned and the best part? IT IS FREE.

I decided to make full use of the information provided and I even prepared a fresh A4 sized book to take notes on trading time frames, chart patterns, fibonacci ratios, fundamental and technical analysis, harmonic chart patterns and many more. I actually filled the entire book up.

My friend motivated me to begin this journey but babypips was the place where I truly got started on forex and I will never forget that. When I have friends who ask me how I self-learn trading now, babypips is the first place I ask them to search for.

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I was brought into the Forex arena by my brother about a year ago. He was more into fundamentals. I had a hunger for more. My curiosity led me to some YouTube channels. One of them made a reference to Babypips and well, here I am. Almost done with the school of pipsology!

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Hi all,
Back in 2016, just after graduating senior year of high school, one of my classmates showed me robinhood, the app to trade stocks. He said his roommate traded stocks and made a lot of money. I was never really aware of making money through the comfort of your own home, just buying and selling shares in random companies. So I decided to start also, with $100 and made it to $200 in 2 days, without reading charts or anything, because I didn’t know what they were. I was just buying and selling without any reasoning. I realized I could make it big, so I invested more and eventually had $20 left. Thought to myself that it’s all a scam. Deleted the app.

1 year later, already in college, getting my accounting degree, my neighbor catches me washing my car and hands me a flyer for an event, “do you know about foreign exchange”? I said no, and he said that it’s kind of like stocks and you can make a lot of money trading it. When I asked him how much he made, he replied $5k a month, and I was intrigued. I showed it to my mother, and she said not to fall for scams, so I left it aside.

A couple of months later, I was operating my parents’ business by the beach and I saw that same neighbor with his friends. He came up to me and told me go to an event happening the next Thursday. Hating the conditions of the business and the small money it made, I decided to go to the event. Later, it turned out, that this event is a network marketing company with a forex incline (aka IML). I was never interested in becoming a recruiter for someone else’s business, so I joined for the sole purpose of learning to trade. Spending more time with my neighbor, he never made $5k a month, more like negative $300 a month. Annoyed at the whole purpose of that company, I left and started to develop my own strategy that would work for me. However I am forever grateful to him for introducing me to forex.

Let’s get these profits!


I discovered trading through my dad in 2008, in august. I can tell you i went real after a few weeks of demo and trading gbpjpy made me lose my shirt every 3 days. I remember i had to deposit cash at my bank, and every 3 days i went there seeing the same lady as my advisor. A what a shame when she knew i was losing money every 3 days for 3 weeks haah.
It was a good memory, thank you forex :slight_smile:

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i was introduced to forex by my cousin back in 2014!
We were chatting that day and randomly he asked me if i knew about forex?!
then i said yes…it is an exchange of foreign currency to another, then he said do you know you can trade and make money out of it in the comfort of your home…then i said are you being serious?? that is not possible, only Banks can do that!!
Then he said okay fine, go search on youtube and see what people are doing worldwide trading forex…
i did not have WIFI in my place back then so i had to wait and do it the next day at school…using school Wifi.
The day came and i searched on youtube all i could about forex and i could not believe my eyes…i was moved by it and i said, this is what i want to do!
From there on wards i never stopped researching and asking about it…

At the time i could not afford to join any available forex institute or join any Mentor or forex Guru…hah!! I was so driven and wanted to learn how to trade, so i went on google to search where i can learn how to trade and gather all knowledge required for one to be a good trader for free…then i came across BABYPIPS…
from there the rest was history…am now a full time trader…using DEMAND AND SUPPLY as my strategy.
THANKS TO YOU BABYPIPS and my Cousin for introducing me to this forex world.

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Well I’ve always wanted to make money online, so I read about shares downloaded the trading up. Clueless was I that trading was a bit more than just predicting highs and lows. So I stopped two years later I met up with a friend that told me about trading and baby pips and gave me a pdf on the basics to read that’s where I was actually introduced to trading and what it’s about… Lol

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