🚨 GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT: Which social media platform do you use the most?

I have learned a lot with babypips :blush:

I use Facebook because it gives varieties of useful information I need, it’s a cool social place to be

Aww thank you guys so much for the giveaway! :blush: I have learned so much from babypips, really appreciate what you’re doing to help out us newbies :blush:

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I think having a giveaway is a great idea. Super exciting!
I personally use Facebook the most and 99% of the people I know in real life are on there, so that probably has to do with it being my favorite. Also like to watch Tiktok when I have a spare minute, there’s definitely some great info there if you follow the right people.


This opportunity gives way to new traders a chance to open Live account and graduate from demo trading. I hope to be among the called few selected as winners.

I’ve used facebook a lot, but recently I see more “suggestions” (read - ads) than content from my network :slight_smile:
So for now it’s YouTube, where I mostly watch either forex or baduk related videos.

Oooohh! :open_mouth: Already a week in and I just saw this now?!?! Glad I didn’t miss this. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. :slight_smile: I catch myself using Titktok a lot lately. The short bite-sized videos are just so entertaining that I don’t notice that I’ve been on it for hours. :sweat_smile:

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Facebook by far

Youtube and Twitter. Nothing much else. FB only once in a while to catch up with friends.

My go to spot most of the time would be Youtube…lol but @ the
risk of sucking up to the Babypips Team I would say that I
frequent this Platform the most.
P.S…ignore the couple days late reply ppl…oh n gud luck guys… :wink:

Youtube and Instagram for me.

I am new to the platform, but congratulations because it is very simple and intuitive, whether for a person like me who speaks Spanish, it has been easy for me to handle it even if it is in another language.

Having more social networks available helps me to be able to relate and have a broader point of view about what people think or think about a certain topic.

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Hi and welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is so true. more info in a short time, but actually it takes more and more time without even noticing, but the information is mostly useful so I don’t mind.


I used to to use FB too, but too many “sponsored” Ads and paid courses started showing up. So using it less now.


I don’t use any social media. I can’t think why I should.

I use Youtube daily but never contribute there.

I use Facebook more, because i feel comfortable using it.

I really like giveaway. Nice to be part of this. Hopefully I will be selected.

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My phone is old so tik tok wont work on it but I dont mind. Instagram, Twitter and facebook are a no no because I value my privacy. The winner is youtube where I watch videos to garner information with a bias towards anything Forex these days.

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I prefer Twitter because there are a lot of communities in twitter. Like you can meet up with people who have the same goal as you, y’all can pair up and rub minds

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