Going offshore to escape the CFTC

i suppose so… but if citibank robs me, i know who they are and they can be apprehended, because they are registered and regulated.

if prosperity4x.com robs me, i dont have a clue who those people are and when they run away with TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF BITCOINS there is no recourse because we do not know who they are… they can just take the money and move to an island…

oh whoops, they already live on an island.

oh my, you are funny.

a) i have been programming metatrader since metatrader was released in 2005(16 years ago)

b) i have been programming computers since 1983(38 years ago)

yeah, mind boggling.

dude only one forex regulated broker ceo have been detain that rob customers and that’s PFGBEST the rest got away with it and one was told to leave the USA and that was FXCM

when i study traders psychology, i find it much more interesting to study those that are less intelligent.

i appreciate your being my labrat.

and you are stuck on the word DUDE :v:

You can’t even keep your lies straight Paula. You’re very first post…

Been trading for a few months - Community / Introduce Yourself - BabyPips.com Forex Trading Forum

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anytime that you want to talk programming, just let me know.

i entered the forum and i chose not to walk in and identify myself as a veteran programmer.

do you have a problem with that, cryptosurf?

Right, because that’s something only sane and rational people would do.

You outed your inexperience in your very first post. It was also glaringly obvious when you entered this thread with trading veterans.

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i have been coding since 1983, my first programming language was atari basic on an atari 400.

i wrote basic code for about six months, and then i learned to write atari assembler, but it was too cryptic and not portable to other machines.

in 1991, i purchased my first C language IDE, the Microsoft QuickC for DOS, and i have been coding C ever since.

my preference is to write C on a linux box using GCC at the shell, but i can also use GCC on a windows box that is available as part of the codeblocks IDE.

i am experienced with interfacing with quite a few different API’s…

i have written extensive code in C for the dialogic telephony boards… in 1992, i plugged 16 telephone lines and eight telephones into a 286 pc clone and i fully automated an eight station outbound telemarketing room. My code processed the status of all sixteen telco lines and all eight telephones approx one thousand times per second.

I have written assembler code on a pic chip clone to interface with the USDIGITAL A2T tilt sensor.


i have written assembler code on a pic chip clone to interface with standard RC servos.

i am intimately familiar with the programming of servos.


I used to enjoy developing custom websites in C language using a linux box. I have written such code in C that is as large as 25,000 lines long.

I enjoy the arduino line of controllers.


I have been writing metatrader 4 code since metatrader was first released back around 2005.

I have been working on the development of a trading bot since may of 2004.

You can’t even keep your lies straight Paula. Your very first post…

Been trading for a few months - Community / Introduce Yourself - BabyPips.com Forex Trading Forum

So you’re either a liar or a fraud.

Which is it?

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he is on vacation right now.

  1. the basic indicators do not work, period.

  2. backtesting is a delusion that fools beginners.

Here’s some required reading for you…

Refco CEO Pleads Guilty To Massive Fraud | Courthouse News Service

MF Global Investors Settle Fraud Claims for $29M - CFO

PFGBest CEO Russell Wasendorf Sr. arrested, admits to 20-year fraud in suicide note: FBI | Financial Post

Broker Alert: FXCM fined and ordered to leave U.S. market by CFTC (forexfraud.com)

Why exactly should we trust US regulated brokers?


I was going to respond with something more meaningful until it became very clear who we were dealing with. Sigh. Just seems to sneak through the cracks like a cockroach.

Makes me wonder if he googled usernames to find this thread. I know that I and some others use different names on FF, but not everyone.


Interesting info someone mentioned to me on another forum that Crypto Rocket allows U.S clients again. I messaged live chat and they confirmed as well. I still use my old account with them from time to time and always been reliable for me.


good to hear :+1:

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What exactly you didn`t understand?

In response to the 3 points:

  1. The CFTC regulated brokers in the US offer zero protection of forex funds. Your account is not protected whatsoever. They actually prohibit protection of clients funds. They pull every platform trick in the book, as they are all market makers who benefit on a traders losses
  2. Due to the high leverage offered, I only need 5% of the margin offshore as I do with a regulated US broker to EXECUTE THE SAME EXACT TRADE. Therefore, if they do run with my money, I am still liquid with 95% of my capital in tact. US broker goes belly up, I lose it all.
  3. Due to points 1 and 2 , there is simply no reason TO NOT USE AN OFFSHORE BROKER as opposed to the regulated, scams offered in the US

scam brokers according to you, we post offshore brokers in this thread and then we do our DD.

The due diligence method I use has never failed me, and it is too deep for you to comprehend

tradecode When you read this review and the response from the broker, do you think this is a scam? if not what you think